3 Aug 2018

This true account of a sexual adventure took place some time ago when Sue and I were in our early forties. We had periods of sexual experimentation in various locations and situations, on this occasion a trip to the new forest.

At the time we were both in good shape running and exercising regularly. I’m Matt just under 6ft, fairly well built from playing lots of sport with a good 8 inches when hard. Sue about 5ft 8in 36c and a nice figure. We had sex most days usually instigated by me, there were periods however when Sue used to get really horny and be up for experimentation.

On the occasion in question she had agreed to a trip to the countryside to take some outdoor lingerie shots for my collection. It was a warm day so she wore a light dress, no bra, and no knickers and as usual shaven. She had a bag with a number of outfits to pose in.

It took about 40 minutes to drive down to the New Forest from our home. Sue was well up for the adventure and hitched up her skirt in the car and played with her clit part of the way. By the time we had arrived she was quite wet. We parked the car gathered our things, a picnic the camera gear and the outfits and set off to find a secluded spot.

There is enough tall bracken in certain parts of the forest where you can be secluded if you know where to look. We found a spot near a low tree, laid out a blanket and sorted out our stuff. Sue was keen to get on with things and went a short distance away out of sight to change. She reappeared wearing a one piece playsuit cut high on the leg and see through enough to clearly see her erect nipples. Sue posed and I clicked away, getting harder and harder with every shot. I was only wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt so my erection was clearly visible.

Sue once again had her fingers in her pussy and had eased her tits out of the outfit and was pulling at her nipples. I was a bit nervous as we could have been discovered and I found myself continually checking for intruders. Sue decided to change into another outfit and disappeared to get changed. She reappeared wearing a bra and pantie set. The panties were also of the high leg variety and she had pulled the gusset up between her pussy lips. The bra was a quarter cup that supported her 36C boobs and showed her nipples.

I once again clicked away although this time I had thrown caution to the wind and stripped off completely. Sue removed her knickers and gestured me over and to put the camera down it was obvious we were going to move to the purpose of our trip namely a good fuck in the open.

I put the camera down with the rest of our gear and moved over to Sue who immediately started sucking my cock whilst I stood up (secretly checking we weren’t being watched). Sue lost the bra so we were now both naked and she asked me to go down her, something I love doing since she started shaving. I eagerly lapped at her soaking pussy savouring every mouthful of love juice, occasionally stopping to kiss Sue and share the taste.

Sue was now well in control of the situation and told me to lie on my back so that she could mount me. It’s a position I love as I can feast on those gorgeous tits. She started bucking wildly and soon had a massive orgasm. To be honest I was amazed I had lasted this long, I think the fear of being discovered kept my mind occupied and subdued sexually although still rock hard.

After Sue had recovered slightly it was my turn to be in control. I walked her over to the nearby low tree and made her lean forward with her hands on the tree trunk so that I could enter her from behind with us both standing. We fucked like this for a short while and then were surprised as we noticed a couple walking nearby. They looked about the same age as us, who knows maybe they were off to do the same as us. We didn’t think they had seen us which was a surprise as they were only about 50 mtrs away, anyway they didn’t seem to have noticed and walked away into the nearby woods.

We giggled like little kids but neither of us had diminished our ardour in fact it seemed to spur Sue on being nearly caught. She resumed the position against the tree and I mounted her again. Her pussy was so wet my cock wasn’t getting a lot of resistance so I slipped out of her pussy and nuzzled the tip of my cock against her bum hole. Sue looked at me and smiled, we didn’t do anal often but when we did it was always special. My juice covered cock slipped in with great ease and it wasn’t long before I was fully home and pumping away whilst Sue had her fingers in her pussy.

I slipped out of her arse and moved Sue onto her knees and put my cock which had just come out of her arse to her mouth. She sucked away tasting her juices from her arse and pussy and then asked me to put it back in. I re-entered her knowing that I could not hold on much longer. I fucked Sue’s arse for a few more strokes and then withdrew to shoot my load over her back. Before I could do so Sue quickly dropped to her knees and took the full load in her mouth.

We collapsed exhausted; truth was we had only been there about an hour. We became aware of our situation as we recovered. Here we were in the middle of the countryside and could have been discovered, luckily we weren’t. We kissed, cleaned ourselves up, and packed our stuff away ready to make our way to the car and home for no doubt a repeat of the afternoon session.

As we were walking back along the path we noticed some movement in the woods about 75 meters to the left and forward of us. We watched for a while and it was no mistake there was the couple we had seen earlier having sex with the women riding the man and obviously in the throws of an orgasm. We got as close as we could without being discovered and watched a while. Sue was playing with her now sensitive nipples while she watched them changing positions, he eventually came all over her back after fucking doggy style. They collapsed and like us then realised where they were looking around to see if they had been discovered. They noticed us watching with Sue playing with her nipples and me with a raging hard on. We waved which seemed in hindsight a terribly English thing to do and calmly left to go back to the car.

As you can guess we fucked ourselves silly when we got home. We have been back to the same location many times to see if the other couple were there but alas a meet has never taken place.