Written by MartinHall

17 Jun 2015

Before I go further down the road of my cuckold journey, I thought I might give you a little more background to explain how it all began.

In part one I told you of my girlfriend snogging another boy. Well, Julie and I stayed together a while but I admit I took every opportunity to try and get her to expose herself to other men with limited success. She was a flirty girl and had a great body so she was never short of admirers. We went to Pontins for our first holiday together and being young and away from home meant we had plenty of nookie.

We got to our chalet at the end of one night and I made sure the curtains were not quite shut – I was hoping that people would peep through as they walked past – there is something about a light being on and the curtains being open that brings out the voyeur in most of us I think.

Julie was lying on the bed naked with her walkman on and her eyes closed (from memory probably listening to a Dr Hook album). A few times I could hear and see people stop outside the window and peer in to see a naked Julie lying on the bed. I cannot tell you how excited I was, especially as I could hear some of the comments being made about my lovely girlfriends body. Phrases like “look at the tits on that” and “fuck me she’s horny” made me rock hard.

I ended up sitting under the window listening to these comments with my rock hard dick in my hand – I couldn’t understand how I was so horny as other men were leching over Julie, but I was.

A couple of guys, probably on the way back from the bar made the usual comments and started knocking on the window to attract Julie’s attention. She heard nothing over her Walkman while I was sitting under the window listening to everything and wanking. Then, horror of horrors – he tried the door and in that instance I realised I had not locked it !

Pure panic set in as I stood in an attempt to make it look like I was there all along, while being terrified. The man walked in, saw me and mumbled an apology, “sorry mate, wrong room”. His friend found this hilarious but then, on seeing me naked with a very shrivelled cock said to me “for fucks sake mate, if that’s all you’re packing you won’t have her for long, those tits were made for soapy tit wanks”. They then walked away laughing while I locked the door and headed for the bathroom - quickly.

I felt so guilty and stupid and I was lucky that Julie was oblivious to it all. Trouble is, I spent the rest of the night wanking myself silly while Julie slept, imagining her being taken by the two guys who had suddenly become super studs on my head.

I kept the above to myself for over thirty years until I met Julie again through Facebook when I admitted the whole thing to her.

Knowing what I know now, I feel sure that Julie would have played the game from the start and I would have become a cuckold many, many years ago. Instead my confusion, guilt and jealousy had us splitting up a few months later, something I often regret as she was so sexual that we would have had a great cuckold relationship.

Next time I will tell you about my exhibitionist girlfriend Annie.