Written by Alanboy

8 Jan 2017

I have resubmitted this story because I wrote it really badly when I initially submitted it. I think it is really erotic and I hope you enjoy it now that it is properly written. I may even show it to my wife depending on the feedback.

This is the first story I have submitted- it is about a fantasy coming true and being exceeded!

I am so fortunate to be married to a stunningly beautiful, sexy woman. She is in her md 40's but easily passes for 10 years younger. She has a fantastic figure - size 8/10 with 30D breasts and a pretty yet sexy face.

I am really lucky and know it, but after being married for a long time it can be nice to hae a bit of variety to keep things exciting. So, although my wife is gorgeous and sexy I do find vintage underwear [for her, not me!] a real turn on. I have bought her some retro ubderwear over the years - she tends to wear ir once then it gets left in her underwear drawer.

Anyway, last weekend she went out clubbng with her friend who is a few years younger and really attractive as well. My wife arranged to get changed at her friends then travel by train to to a club in a nearby city.

I said I would pick her up a the station as she would be back late. She said it would be too late and she would stay overnight at her friends. I said I would be happy to pick her up - am I glad I did!

While she was out I checked her underwear drawer and fond tat my favourite set of underwear that i had previously tried to get her to wear [white girdle, genune vintage stockings and leopard print retro knickers]were mssg!

I had previously told her [while having sex] that my biggest fantasy was to pick her up after a night out and when drivng home find out she was wearing stockings. This would turn me so much that i would go into the footwell, spread her legs, push my head up inside her skirt, then pull her pants to the side to reveal her pussy which i would lick till she came. This really semed to turn her on even though she doesnt usuually enjoy fantasing too much.

So.....I thought there wa s a slight chance of something sexy happning, but I suspected she wouldnt wear such sexy underwear on a night ot - as I can barely get her to wear it in the house!

When picked her up a the station she was wearng a shortish white dress and had nylons on - I couldnt tell if they were ordinary tights or stockings....

On the drive home I put my hand on her thigh and started to run my hand up between her legs - I soon found out she was wearing stockings! immediately fond my penis starting to twinge. I told her that was such a turn on - I couldnt believe she was wearing stockings - her dress rode up a bit and I could see her stocking tops.

This was too god to be true - so I tried to slide my hand further up between her legs. But she resisted, keeping her legs tight together because she was worried I would crash the car. I said I wanted to know what kind of knckers she was wearing - hoping it was sexy retro ones. Suddenly my hand managed to slip right up between her legs and I couldn't beleive it - my fingers touched her bare pussy - my wife had been out clubbing wearing a girdle, stockings and no knickers!

She immediately looked over at me - worried about what I would think or do - that was why she tried to stop me putting my hand between her legs.

I said I was so turned on [by now my cock was starting to strain!] and I sensed her relaxing - her legs opend slightly allowing me to caress her pussy. I told her I couldnt believe what she had done - it turned me on so much I told her she was so sexy and that I bet [because she had been up dancing] that someone must have known she was wearing stockings and did this turn her on. She said the only way you would know she was wearing stockings was if you lay on the ground and looked up her legs. I said it must have made you feel sexy being a at a club wearing stockings and no knickers. she said it didnt - she only wore it because she didnt have tights that colour and the girdle was slipping below the dress. She didnt wear knickers because they interfered with he girdle!

I asked her is she had felt vulnerable not wearing knickers - she said she didnt because the girdle came as far down as knickers would.

This was too good to be true - my fantasy surpassed! so I parked the car in a small dark car park - but only 100 yards from the main road. I thought i mght be able to masturbate her till she came. When we parked we kissed and I caressed her a bit harder - she was getting wetter and wetter -by now she had pushed her bottom right to the front of her seat, allowing her to spread her legs wider because her skirt was rucked around her waist. Her left foot was up on the dashboard and her pussy was totally exposed - encouraging my fingers to explore deeper.

She started to wank me - i had to get her to stop because i was so turned on and was worried I would come. So I put my head down between her legs and lapped at her pussy. She pulled my head up and wound her seat fully down at the back saying she wanted me to fuck her. I was nervous because we were so close to the road - but she got my to sit/lie below he on her chair with her on top on and I started to fuck her from behnd - after she had rubbed her clit up and down my erect penis!

I told her I had never known her to be so horny and turned on - she said it was becase she knew how much i lusted after her.

I was so turned on I knew I wouldnt last long and I came quickly, too quickly and I was annoyed with myself. I had only managed a few strokes. My wife said I wasn't being allowed to stop till I made her come. So i lay below her and used my fungers on her clit - her foot on the dashboard, eyes closed, legs spread wide and pussy open and exposed while i fingered her hard.

Eventually she came, I have never heard her come so loudly. We kissed and I realised how lucky I am

That is exactly how it happened. They is as much as I know about the night. What do you think about what happened.