Written by angelac

27 Aug 2008

The three of us planned to go to swingers club one Friday evening. I had bought new underwear. A very pretty and sheer green and pink bra and pant set which was unusual for me as I don’t normally wear pants but I hadn’t visited the club before and had had difficulty in finding out what was appropriate wear and didn’t want to feel too exposed too soon.

We met up with Andy and he was his usual self.

As soon as we in the taxi his hands were on me wanting to know what I was wearing underneath. We were nearly there but at the last moment Andy suggested not going to the club but a threesome at home and after a bit of dithering we all agreed it sounded a good idea.

So we headed home. As soon as the door was closed and the curtains drawn My Man was instructing me to get undressed and I was soon down to my just my new underwear and high heels.

Andy’s wasted no time. His hands were soon cupping my breasts and squeezing my hard nipples between his strong fingers. He really seems to appreciate their GG proportions.

As I handed drinks around they both touched me. Nipping my nipples and stroking my thighs. I could see that they both were hard and wondered which cock I would get to touch and suck first.

Sucking cock is one of my greatest pleasures. The thought of feeling hard flesh filing my mouth always turns me on.

I was so excited knowing that before the evening was over I would have both those beautiful big hard cocks in my mouth and it was inevitable that as I sucked one I would get fucked by the other.

Andy took off my underwear as My Man watched him handling me, then as Andy went for his drink I lay on the settee across My Man and started to stroke his hardness through his jeans as he played with my tits and reached down between my legs to explore my hot wet pussy with his probing fingers

As my excitement grew I released his huge erection into my hand and then turned to take him into my greedy mouth.

As Andy watched he undressed. Once he was naked My Man pushed me away and as I sat up Andy stood above me with his hard cock pointed at my face then he put his hand on my head and guided my head towards his shiny tip.

As I started to lick him he asked me an intimate question. I can’t remember what is was now but teasingly I said it was too personal and it was none of his business. At which he laughed and said why shouldn’t I tell him as I got his prick in my mouth and he was going to fuck me later.

I knew my man was watching me sucking hard on his friend’s cock as he undressed beside us.

Andy moved away and once again I went down on my man to fill my mouth with his cock as once more he nipped and poked me with his ever demanding fingers.

While my mouth was full of his cock My Man asked Andy if he used chat rooms. Andy said not as he didn’t use computers much. I took a rest from sucking and joined in the conversation explaining to Andy how much he was missing out on and so we decided to let him see for himself by getting the lap top out and setting it up on the dining table.

I pulled 2 chairs together and started to log on. Andy pulled me on to his knee so he could play with me as I typed.

I could feel his hard cock pressing against my back as I wriggled against him.

I went into SH and straight to one of the chat rooms then I left Andy to amuse himself as I went back to my man. As they talked about the site I took his cock back into my mouth.

Andy seemed fascinated by the site and eventually found a webcam of a couple fucking. He turned the screen so we could watch too but I was more interested in doing than watching so I straddled my man and guided him into my ready wet cunt.

I slide up and down his on his prick as he bit and nipped my breasts to the sound of another woman moaning with pleasure as her man did her.

Every time he bit me my muscles went into spasm around his steel like erection so the biting became more frequent and harder taking me to new heights of pleasure.

When I came he increased his efforts. Nipping and biting me more and more, just as I like it as On and on I bounced until we tired slightly and I noticed that they both needed their drinks replenishing so after making sure he was finished with me for now I slipped off him to fetch drinks and when I returned went back to sit on Andy’s knee so he could have his turn at touching and squeezing my swollen breasts and exploring the hot wet place between my open legs

I put my hand behind me to encircle his hard cock and as he used one hand to give pleasure to my breasts he used the fingers of his other hand to tease my clit and finger fuck my welcoming cunt.

Harder and harder he sank his fingers into my flesh as I pressed my tits forward into his hand.

And deeper and deeper went the fingers of his other hand as I wanked him and squirmed about in his lap.

All the time I was conscious of and excited by knowing that my man was watching me pleasing his friend

Then I went back to My Man so Andy could watch.

I wriggled up next him, took his rock hard cock into my hand, stroked him and quickly took his cunty flesh back into my mouth with renewed enthusiasm.

His fingers were deep inside me as he rubbed hard on my clit with his thumb I was soon coming again and keen for more hard cock in my cunt.

Then he told me to go and blow Andy.

I crawled over towards him on all fours.

He turned towards me to show me his bulging cock ready and waiting for my mouth.

I licked him and ran my tongue across his slit before opening my mouth to enclose his shiny swollen end in my wet lips and suck him in wetting him with my watering mouth.

My Man knelt behind me.

He told me to open my legs further as he opened me up with his fingers, eased his cock between my swollen lips and with one quick push filled my cunt with his hot hard flesh.

As I went up and down on Andy My Man started to slap my buttocks and push deeper and deeper into me.

As my sucking became more urgent Andy put his hand on my head and pushed me further down onto his cock

Then he asked if I liked being roasted, if it is what I dream about. When I nodded he held my head more firmly and thrust himself even further into my mouth almost choking me on his big demanding prick.

My Man was fucking me so hard I was nearly leaving the floor.

To keep me still he sank his fingers deep into the hot pink flesh of my buttocks holding me firmly so I could not move away from his hard deep thrusting but still occasionally spanking me making my flesh sting.

They were soon in a rhythm both going into me at the same time so I got the full force of their hard penetration

Both relentlessly fucking me; filling me with their hard demanding flesh; taking me with the full force of their maleness.

I could feel my watering mouth and cunt wetting their balls as they excited me more and more.

On and on they went taking their pleasure in my voluptuous body

Trapping me between them as my tits bounced about beneath me

I knew there would be more of this because I was sure Andy wouldn’t be satisfied with just my mouth.

He would want to do my cunt as well before the evening was over.

Then as if by agreement they both withdrew from me and my man suggested that we should have something to eat so I left them to entertain themselves with whatever they could find on the lap top as I pottered about in my apron preparing food as my juices ran onto my thighs.

We ate and drank for a while but it wasn’t long before my man was touching me again making sure I was wet and really for more cock.

He turned me on my back and pulled my nipples hard, stretching them as if he wanted to show them off.

My cunt and mouth were both desperate for more fucking.

I rolled onto the floor, knelt in front of My Man, took his beautiful hard hard prick in my hand and for a while ran my fingers up and down it. Marvelling at its size and hard smoothness. Then I licked it; greedily covered his tip with my lips and slowly very slowly sucked him into my mouth again.

I knelt up and spread my legs inviting Andy into my cunt. As soon as he entered me I clamped my muscles hard around him. As he started to move in and out of me I started to come

As he took me I grasped him tightly with my well exercised muscles but all the time sucking hard on my Man.

He held my head closer and complained that I was not taking him deep enough into my throat so I moved the angle of my head to accommodate him better until I was choking on him.

Then he held my head firmly directing me up and down; fucking my mouth.

Once more I was trapped between them as they push their cocks into me.

I felt Andy’s strokes becoming more and more urgent until I felt him shudder and empty himself into me with several even deeper thrusts.

As Andy moved away my Man pushed me away, stood up and pulled me to my feet.

He moved behind me, pushed my head down then entered me so forcefully I had to steady myself.

Then he started to take me where Andy had just done me.

He went in so deep and up so high I had to stand on my toes.

I know this is one of his favourite ways of having me. With my head down low so he can do me as deeply as possible and see my tits swinging free in front of me.

I lost count of how many times I came around him but when I felt him swell even more and he held me still to satisfy himself and as I felt him bursting into me my muscles once more went into spasm around him to made sure I sucked out every single drop out until we both calmed and were finished

It was late. Andy had to go but we agreed that we must get together again very soon.