Written by Craig

11 Apr 2018

I am Craig and my wife’s is Amanda. We can be labelled as swingers and we love the life. We were together for 10 years as a couple before we got game enough to try it and our only regret is that we waited so long.

We tried various ways of meeting like minded people and were mostly happy with our success. But now like to only meet with couples we know and trust and have settled to only swap with those. We both hate condoms and so do our friends so all our fun these days is bareback. What we both personally enjoy is swapping with another couple and sharing the same bed or room and getting to watch each other in action with someone else. We get to do it this way but not too often as most of our friends like to split up and take the others partner to another room which is ok with us too.

What I am saying is that I like to see my wife in action being fucked and she likes very much to watch me in action with another lady. Also I have told her repeatedly that I would be ok if she wanted to go off alone with another male but she won’t. She wants to do what we do as a couple.

Anyway I am not really telling you about our swapping fun but what else we love to do. My wife likes to pose and I like to take photos of her. We have quite a collection and we share lots of them with our friends often when we meet for a swap. My wife is always buying outfits, boots and flimsy apparel to enhance our bedroom snap collection.

Some of these are action shots are with me suppling my cock etc, so sometimes we need a trusted photographer. For this we always turn to a good male friend who single. He dates women but no one regular and seems happy enough. He really likes Amanda and usually says that he would never find someone perfect like her. He has never fucked her and she won’t allow it. She has told him all he has to do is get into a relationship and join our swap group and she will gladly fuck him. But he chooses to go no further and take up the offer.

But I will clarify that she never leaves him hard and frustrated. So when we have finished with the camera she will usually give him a happy ending. That is usually a hand job or if she really wants to she will suck his cock and let him cum in her mouth. She really loves to suck cock, always has and she likes to swallow.

Just recently, like 2 weeks ago we were having a photo shoot with our cameraman friend. We were having fun in our lounge room using the couch when we decided to take things to the bedroom. During the transition, Amanda and I discussed a happy ending for our friend. This whole thing had already gone much further than I could have hoped, and we were having fun. Still I wasn’t sure Amanda would take things much further, but she eagerly nodded her head when I suggested a good finish for him. I thought maybe she’d give him a especially good hand job, or an extra special head job but she had other ideas.

We started on the bed with Amanda on her back and with each one of us to a side. I got the still shots while he captured the video. It was amazingly hot as usual. She alternated sucking each of us. I reached between her legs, she was so wet. At this point, the fun, the foreplay and the teasing had us all pretty well worked up!

From my perspective, all I could think about is how great it would be watching him slide inside her. I think our friend was thinking similar thoughts. And at this point, we all knew he was going to get a happy ending, somehow!

Then I asked our cameraman friend to get a few close ups of Amanda and I fucking. So he grabbed the camera and got snapping. I told him we’d then switch places for a photo or two. Ok, I’ll admit it, I really wanted to see him between her legs. It’s my dream!

Amanda was really getting into our frantic fuck, that’s not new it’s just what she does. My cock was stroking in and out of her and she was groaning. I could tell she was very close to cumming so I pulled out. She looked at me with a puzzled face as she wanted to cum. She wanted it bad. I then asked our friend to move in between her legs and hold them wide open. This was the moment that would make or break the situation. I grabbed the camera from him and started snapping shots like crazy, meanwhile he is hovering right above her pussy. Amanda just took him in her hands and stroked him as I took more photos. She then teasingly rubbed the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips. His willpower was amazing and I’m surprised he didn’t simply plunge inside her right then. He certainly could have, she would have welcomed it, but he was letting her make all the first moves.

And yes, I’ll admit it, my mind was spinning and I was dying to see him enjoy her. I also then had the thought of getting Amanda on all fours so I helped her spin around so that her arse was presented to our friend. I gave him the camera back to get some great pictures. As soon as I did Amanda devoured me. He was right behind her with his cock touching her arse cheeks and I was buried in her throat.

Then, it happened. As she was sucking me, posing with our friend behind her, she reached between her legs, and rubbed the head of his cock against her lips, gently smearing his dribbling cock against her pussy. She then lined up his cock, and pressed back on him. A moan escaped her lips, which were still wrapped around my cock. I enjoyed the look of happy surprise on my friend’s face as she gently pressed against him, working his cock gradually inside her.

It was a perfect dream come true for me, seeing his hands on her hips as she thrust back on him. He had dropped the camera on the bed. I grabbed it and took some shots. I did my best clicking away as Amanda mouthed my cock. Our friend was finally fucking my wife and I was loving the view. I was watching her grind back on him and she was really into it. Amanda was very vocal and really loud. In fact, she was so worked up it was hard for her to keep me in her mouth as she shuddered from his every thrust. It was so obvious she was really enjoying the way he felt inside her. Once she started climaxing, it went on and on. I bet our friend could not believe his luck that he was finally fucking her.

After several minutes of fucking him and sucking me, Amanda just let me fall out of her mouth so she could focus and concentrate on the fucking from our friend. I didn’t mind, it was perfect. I wanted him to enjoy her fully, and for her to really get off on it. I can be patient, and I knew I’d get my turn.

Free from multi-tasking with me, it allowed her to rock her hips in a way that made the tip of his cock hit her cervix and our friend was big enough to do it. I do this to her and both our friend and I are similar size. That’s why both our cocks in the photos we take look good. We are not into any humiliation crap, just raw enjoyable sex.

After another couple of minutes and more orgasms from Amanda, I could tell our friend was close to climaxing. He asked her where she wanted it, “inside her or on her”. Her only answer was to press back on him harder. He moaned the moment he started to explode inside her and god it was so hot. Knowing he was cumming inside my wife as he shuddered with those final thrusts. I knew he was emptying his balls completely!

When our friend stopped thrusting into Amanda, he sat back. Amanda looked over to me. She looked very looked satisfied. She gave a very devilish smile. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of gift he had left her. I moved around the bed and I wasn’t disappointed. He moved aside and I’m sure he wasn’t either. Of course it’s a guy thing to see this and men are visual creatures. This was awesome!

It’s not the first time I have seen this but it is one of the hottest things is to watch another guy’s cum drip out of her. What made this so good and so glad that it happened was because it was with our friend. When we are swapping with other couples I am usually busy with the other lady so truthfully it’s not something I get to see very often. So I wanted to enjoy it fully when I could.

It was now my turn and I wasted no time reclaiming her. I got her to lie on her back. She was slow to move as she was spent from the passion and frantic orgasms given by our friend. But I climbed onto the bed, gently spread her legs, and set about reclaiming her. This was so incredibly hot. I slid inside her, and she was still soaked with his cum. She was loose, wet, and very aroused and it felt absolutely amazing. I could feel his cum squelching out of her as I filled her with my length.

Please don’t feel bad for her because she started to move with me and soon she was into it again. She had renewed energy. Soon she was ready to cum again. As she did she screamed “fuck me, fuck me more”. This cum went on and on and that pushed me over the edge and I poured my load into her.

Our friend had picked up the camera and managed to get more still shots. He’s great at getting the right angles, close-ups, etc. We are sure and often tell him that if he ever quits his day job, he’s got skills to do porn!

We then all collapsed on the bed and rested a while. Amanda then said she was going to go to the bathroom to clean up. But as she moved she rolled over and took his still sticky cock in her mouth and gave him a suck and generally cleaned his cock and balls. She probably spent a minute or so doing it and once his cock started to react and stiffen again she stopped. Then she did the same to me. It was just a bit of a tease for her although she does do it to me quite often. She says she likes the taste.

I got up and made some drinks and when Amanda returned we all went down sat in the lounge naked and talked. She was quite a while in the bathroom as she said she had to sit for a while to let all the cum run out of her. We all laughed when she said that. Our friend thanked both of us over and over for letting him finally fuck Amanda. She was quick to add that it was a once off and if he wanted her again then he had to provide a partner for me.

Then just as she sat there she reached for more tissues on the coffee table and wiped her pussy again. She said she could feel more cum running out of her. My mind raced as the cum had to be mixed together from both our friend and me. She offered to taste it as she has said before we taste different.

We then loaded our photos and video on the computer and had a look at our work. When our friend left, Amanda and I had a shower together. We fucked again after that. It was slow and very loving. It had been a excellent afternoon and one to remember.

I know she really wanted to have him and it was her way of raising the stakes so hopefully he will get things in place and finds the right lady so it happens again. Here’s hoping.