Written by Like2Watch

22 Jan 2017

There's no denying that Julie, my wife of almost 20 years, likes to fuck. In fact, as much as she loves to fuck with me, she likes it best when every few months she is held, taken, and pounded hard by a young black cock. It makes her feel like it isn’t her fault she's being unfaithful when her black lover pinions her arms behind her while she's on her chest and knees being pounded from the rear. All through it she's moaning, "No, don't do this to me! … You shouldn't, I'm married! … Don't make be unfaithful to my husband," and other admonitions for him to stop. Of course, he didn't stop since I'm sat in a chair not five feet from them, watching her fuck him back with great passion as I slowly wank my cock, but not enough to come as I want to save it for when I fuck her after he comes in her. I love to experience the fabulous feeling of fucking through her black lover's cum when I'm getting 'sloppy seconds'.

Her noises increased until she screamed out her climax. He continued pounding her with his cock deeply imbedded in her wet and swollen pussy. He slowed to let her come down a bit, then pounded her hard and deep until she climaxed again, He repeated this two or three more times, then I watched his bum cheeks clench several times as he finally came in her, filling her with his spunk. Still playing her role as the wife being violated against her will, she bemoaned her fate.

He withdrew his cock and quickly got off the bed. I just as quickly took his place kneeling behind my wife and, as I plunged my cock into her cum filled pussy, I noticed a rivulet of his cum was dripping down the inside of her upper thigh. That heightened my already intense horniness as I shoved my cock inside and felt that exquisite feeling of plunging into that swamp of another man's cum in my wife's pussy. I was so intensely aroused; I rapidly fucked her to my own come. I spurted my cum up her to add to his, and immediately felt a rush of slimy liquid run out around my cock. I continued pumping into her to prolong my own passion. As I withdrew my cock to et off the bed, I saw more cum run down the inside of her thighs, and I wished I could have plunged back inside, but my hardness was undone and I would have to wait to have her again.

Prior to this he had initially fucked her missionary, but had held off coming. When I brought him up to our bedroom, she was already naked and blindfolded, with her wrists and ankles loosely tied to the four corners of the bed. The length of the ankle ties was long enough for her to raise her knees halfway, so when we came into the room, she had her half bent legs together on the mattress facing us so he couldn't see her cunt.

Playing his role as he stripped naked, he told her how he was going to take her against her will and ravish her with his cock until she willingly begged him to make her come. As he described in detail how he was going to take her, she whimpered and begged him not to violate her. When he was naked and knelt on the bed at her feet, he pulled her knees apart to expose her cunt. Knowing he was now going to fuck her, she cried out, "No! Noo! Don't do this!" When he lowered his hips and she felt him moving the huge head of his cock against her entrance, she wailed, "Don't! Not in my husband's bed! Nooo!"

With that he plunged his thick 8 inches into her pre-lubricated pussy. Her body tensed with the suddenness of his penetration. Her head flew back as she shut her eyes tightly and her mouth grimaced with what looked like pain (I'm sure she did feel some actual discomfort in her pussy from the suddenness of his penetration, no matter how much personal lubricant she had she put up there during her preparations for his visit). She wailed out, "Noo! Nooo!," then moaned as he fucked her hard and deep, increasing his speed even more when he felt her catch up with him until, in less than a couple of minutes, she screamed out her climax. She involuntarily jerked her hips hard up into him as the waves of orgasm rolled over her. He fucked her hard and ceased only when it was obvious she was finished.

After he and I then untied her wrists and ankles, she assumed the position described at the beginning of this post, keeping her blindfold on as it enhances her passion if she can not see, but only hears and feels, what is happening. When he and I had finished taking her from the rear, we let her collapse onto the mattress on her stomach and rest awhile. Her black lover then visited the en-suite and I returned to my nearby chair to watch the next session.

When he returned, his cock was already half hard again. He stared at her lying there on her stomach with her legs partly spread and wanked his cock to a full erection, then got on the bed kneeling between her legs. She felt his movement and said to him, "Haven't you done enough to me already, making me violate my marriage vows and taking me against my will?" "No," he quickly replied, "You look so delicious lying there with my cum dripping out of your married pussy, I want you again." He was not role playing - I could tell he really was full of lust at the sight of her and wanted her again.

He nudged her legs further apart as he moved up between them, then lowered his hips as he spread her bum cheeks apart with his thumbs, exposing her pussy. I realized my wife's role playing was also ended as I saw her push her hips upward when he thrust two fingers inside her pussy and finger fucked her. His fingers made a squishing sound as they rapidly moved inside her cum filled cavern. Within a few seconds, she started to moan passionately, then cried out, "Fuck me with your cock. Make me come with your cock in me!" He quickly withdrew his fingers and shoved his cock up her, then proceeded to fuck her vigorously, holding his upper body above her with his arms.

I started to wank my half hard cock again as it was so erotic to see him lustfully take her in the prone position. His knees were spread wide outside her legs, so I moved over a bit until I was directly behind him and could clearly see his cock thrusting into her pussy. The whole area surrounding her entrance was smeared with cum and more was being squished out around his cock at each inward thrust. She had pulled her arms in under her chest from the intensity of the fucking she was receiving, so her head and shoulders were raised a bit. She started to moan louder as his thrusting pushed her closer to another climax.

Hearing her moans becoming more intense, he increased the speed of his fucking and she soon began gasping passionately. Her gasps soon became deeper and closer together, and I realized she was on the brink of coming. He also sensed it and teasingly asked, "Do you want to come again?" She immediately cried out, "Yes. Oh, yes! Fuck me harder and make me come!!" He pounded her unmercifully for a few seconds until she screamed out yet another intense orgasm. This one made her bum bounce off the mattress into his violently thrusting hips.

Her orgasm made him come with animal-like grunts, and I watched his bum cheeks clench several times as he spunked her for the second time. Some of his cum again squished back out around the shaft of his plunging cock. I was so taken by the sight and the sounds of my wife loudly coming, I wanked my cock too intensely and I was suddenly coming with them. It was too late to stop and I felt helpless as my cum spilled out onto the carpet below. So much for getting another 'sloppy seconds' after he was finished with her.

He stayed all night, the three of us sharing our big marital bed. Not much sleep was had as he and I would awake at different times to fuck my wife. She used up almost a whole bottle of personal lubrication by morning, when all of us finally had had enough. After he left early in the morning, she and I slept until almost noon. We hugged and cuddled as we talked about what had happened.

That was one of our early experiences inviting a young black man into our bed for a role playing threesome, and we had many more as the years passed.