Written by hornykentgirl

31 Oct 2011

I'm a girl who get's up very early in the mornings, so does my partner, but what am I to do with that free time alone before I have to go to work? Lay in bed a bit longer? Do some housework? Fine for some but not me. I like to get outdoors and get fucked! Lucky for me I have a friend who shares my passion for the great outdoors. A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with my fuck buddy about how we'd both love to get someone else involved. We have talked about it for a long time but never got round to arranging it. It wasn't something I'd ever done before but loved the idea of it! Getting wet just at the thought, I decided to go in a chat room on a swinging website to see who I could find to join us. It didn't take me long to find a man who was more than happy to play with us early in the morning and we arranged to meet a couple of days later. The day before I found myself fantasizing about what would happen, the thought of having two cocks to play with was making me so horny, I couldn't concentrate on anything. The next morning, in the darkness, I got into the car, my pussy quivering in anticipation. I drove to pick up my fuck buddy then on to the dogging place where we were going to meet the other guy. We pulled in to the place and didn't waste any time, we started kissing and he began pulling my clothes off and moving his hands all over my body, playing with my ample breasts. It wasn't long before a car pulled up alongside us and a man got out and came over to the car. I opened the window and he didn't say much just started kissing me while I was playing with my friends hard cock. I was fingering my pussy with my other hand while the stranger took one of my nipples in his mouth. It felt amazing to have so much happening at once. I was getting more and more horny so I opened the car door and laid across the seats so I could suck my fuck buddy's cock while the other guy licked my pussy and slid his fingers deep into my arse. He was teasing my clit with his tongue and I was so desperate to be fucked by now that I got hold of my vibrator and fucked my pussy with it hard and fast while I felt the strangers tongue penetrating my arse hole and my friend's cock pushing deeper and deeper into my mouth. I could feel so much pleasure building inside me and it wasn't long before it erupted in a massive orgasm. I cried out as it shook through my body. I still needed to be fucked by a cock so I got out of the car, completely naked, except for high black heels, stockings and my skirt hitched up around my waist. I got on to the car bonnet and my fuck buddy slid his cock into me and even though I was still shaking from cumming so hard it felt so good to have his cock inside me. While I was getting fucked I had the other man's hard cock in my hand and he started playing with my tits. I've always wanted to know what it's like to have a cock in my mouth while being fucked from behind so that's what we moved on to next. I bent over and took the strangers cock in my mouth while my friend moved in behind me, I could feel his hard cock against my arse cheek and I felt for his cock with my other hand and guided it into my wet pussy. He started fucking me hard - I loved what they were doing to me and it felt so good to finally get spit roasted. I love having cum all over my body and I knew the other guy was about to cum so I stopped sucking his cock and got back on the bonnet of the car where I laid with my legs wide open and got them both to cum all over my pussy and tits. The stranger then thanked us, got back in his car and drove off. Leaving me dripping with cum, a massive smile on my face and wanting it all to happen again!