8 Feb 2016

So I wrote my first story about Marc wanting me to get fucked whilst I was away as I posted the story a day or two back, I just wanted to share what's happened in the past couple of hours. Last night I went out for a drink with a male friend that Marc knows, he knew I was going out with him and kept texting me telling me to fuck this guy he knew what I was like after a few drinks. I get so horny and I'll do whatever Marc told me to do or should I say who... so we went to a few bars and was well on our way to being drunk and I knew what I had to do to please Marc so I told my friend that we should go back to his, he was totally up for it because he's always been asking me to go back to his. So we had one more drink and went back to his flat it didn't take long for him to have his hands all over me but there was one thing I needed to do. I needed to call Marc so he could listen to his little slut getting her pussy fucked. So I called him and put my phone on the side face down so he could listen to us. It made it so much better knowing he was at home with a hard cock waiting for me. So me and my friend went to his room and he threw me down on the bed taking my clothes off me and lick my soaking wet pussy. I came for him on his tongue and he couldn't get enough. Making sure I was moaning loud enough so Marc could hear me. I wanted his rock hard cock in my mouth so I told him to stop licking me and for him to lie down and I put him in my mouth making sure I got his whole cock in my mouth hitting the back of my throat and making me gag. Then licking the lip of his cock teasing him I thought he was going to spunk before I got him in my pussy. Making sure that he was ready for it I  got him to put his hole cock in my mouth again gagging and spit going all over him. He had to tell me to stop. As he was laying down already I got on top of him and fucked him the sound of his cock slamming into my soaking wet pussy was so sexy. I knew marc could hear it all. I had enough of him fucking my pussy so I told him to put his cock in my arse. I've had anal sex with Marc and it's blown my mind. So as I've done it with Marc I got on my hands and knees prepared myself for his cock, he pushed it in slowly at first until I pushed back into him and he fucked my arse slowly until I told him what to do. I told him to go faster and deeper and he did exactly that and he filled my ass with spunk. I got up and put the phone down, I showered and went back to Marc and he ready and waiting for me as soon as I walked in and he grabbed me licking my pussy clean tasting where y friend had just been and he fucked my ass that was filled with spunk. He then filled my ass with his spunk as he was spanking my ass repeatedly