Written by happy MMF

20 Feb 2016

It was just supposed to be a weekend away in a hotel,I had no idea it would end with my wife taking a massive cock from a chap she used to know whilst I watched.

It started so normal, just a weekend away shopping , this time in the city of Norwich. The afternoon was spent shopping and having an early meal, we had planned to go out and after getting ready my wife who is 38 very slim with enhanced 32 ee's came out wearing a new dress which she had ordered online it was short but extremely low , called a deep plunge dress very revealing to say the least.

We had a few drinks in a few pubs where I couldn't help people looking at me wife to be fair her boobs looked amazing the more men looked I was proud but also turned on, on the third pub we went to she said hello to a chap who seemed very happy to see her he was with a couple of his mates they were leaving as we entered the pub he told his mates he would catch up! I went to the bar and left them talking not expecting him to be still there on my return but he was he seemed friendly enough and introduced himself.

I asked how they knew each other and they looked slightly embarrassed he said work and my wife then added that they used to see each other, then the penny dropped when she mentioned his name , it was an ex she was with before me, all I knew is that they were with each other for 12 weeks and she had told me that he had the biggest cock she had ever seen and they had a dirty time.

We all chatted and they were both getting more drunk by the moment and started to get a bit touchy and the more flirty my wife got the more I got turned on....... The conversation got dirty and we all started talking about sex and he mentioned about when he had sex outside with my wife and nearly got caught in a car park, he said I hope you don't mind me saying that and I said no not at all I actually like it ...with that my wife went to the toilet where she started to text me and I text back "I think we should invite him back " and she said "if you want but you have got to ask him" so I did.

We had mentioned a MMF before but that was it , He was initially shocked then seemed to be well up for it and couldn't keep his hands of my wife on her return and she was touching us both we got a bit of unwanted eye contact from people figuring out what we were up to- I went to the toilet 20 mins later and on my return I paused at the bar and could see them really rubbing and touching each other and then he grabbed her they began to kiss so we soon went back to the hotel.

As soon as we were in the lift he started kissing her, we had spoke about a threesome before but never agreed to any rules and now it was almost to late, I took over once in the room where I kissed her and groppped her I then went to get my camera where we swapped again this time he pulled her dress up and started to play with her pussy I took some great pics and realised she had undone his jeans and was wanking him off which turned me on like never before and the pics are great of that scene I started kissing her again but she couldn't leave his cock alone we then pulled her dress off and both started on her I licked her when she sucked him off we then changed positions and he licked her when I kissed her and I could taste his cock that had been in her mouth we both took it in turns and I ended up coming early and the layer and watched for 30 mins and listened to there dirty talk ... It's been a couple of weeks now and I still wank off about it every day ...... What a night can't believe what a turn on it was and how I don't feel jealous is that normal ??