25 Jun 2017

My wife Sue and myself both enjoyed sex and had a lot of good times in bed but it was only ever the two of us. Like most men I fantasised about having someone join us but never dared voice this fantasy. We were friendly with a couple called Helen and James who lived nearby and we had occasional dinner parties with them. The wine flowed freely and the evenings were always a great success but nothing untoward ever happened.

Sue and Helen were very friendly with each other and would frequently pop round to each other’s houses for a chat. One day Helen came to our place and sat next to Sue on the settee with me sitting opposite. We all chatted away then Sue suggested I went to the kitchen to get a bottle of white wine from the cooler and two glasses. I returned to the lounge and noticed that the girls were now sitting closer together. We sipped our wine then Helen turned to Sue and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Sue smiled at me and then Helen learnt forward and this time gave Sue a longer kiss. When they broke apart Sue smiled again then Helen learnt forward a third time and this time it was obvious that the kiss had developed into something much more passionate. Sue was looking over Helen’s shoulder straight into my eyes. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable about the situation but managed to give Sue a nervous smile, while wondering what was going on.

That smile from me was taken as a go ahead because Sue now returned Helen’s kisses with enthusiasm and they put their arms around each other and snogged for a good 5 minutes. They then broke the kiss and both sat back with a smile at me and got one back from myself. They then stated snogging again but this time I could see hands groping tits and the next time they parted I could see that somehow Sue had opened Helen’s blouse and pushed her bra up to release both tits. Helen sat back on the settee and made no attempt to cover herself. ”Darling, are you OK with this?” asked Sue to which I mumbled an “of course, no problem” Sue then learned forward and to my amazement took one of Helen’s nipples into her mouth and sucked on it. Helen lay back on the settee and her legs parted and Sue’s hand slipped up under Helen’s skirt and was obviously feeling Helen’s pussy. Helen was obviously getting very excited and while looking straight at me she pushed Sue’s head down and opened her legs wide. Sue took the hint and sliding to the floor got between Helen’s legs and putting her head under her skirt she started to lick on her pussy. Helen slowly raised her skirt to show me that she was not wearing panties and that Sue’s tongue was buried deep in her pussy.

I had no idea Sue had any lesbian leanings but this was so exciting I didn’t care. I had a raging hard-on and thought what the hell, enjoy the show and talk about it later. Then Sue got up and walked over to me, bent down and gave me a long lingering kiss before squeezing my very hard cock and going back to Helen. This time it was Helen’s turn to lick Sue’s pussy, who also was not wearing panties but I had noticed that she rarely did wear them in recent weeks. At the same time Helen pulled her jumper off over hear head to show she was braless and she stated playing with her own nipples while smiling at me. However, my morning of surprises was not over yet because suddenly James walked into the lounge. I expected a scene of panic but instead Sue looked up at him and nodded. James then unzipped himself and standing next to the settee offered Sue his cock to her mouth.

Without taking her eyes off me she started sucking him and I realised he was also watching me intently. Seeing that I was not about to explode with anger he reached down and lifted his wife’s skirt up over her back, exposing her naked bottom. Help yourself he said, join in the fun. I could not resist the temptation and dropping my trousers I went down on my knees and thrust my hard cock straight into Helen’s soaking cunt. This was obviously what they had all been waiting for because there were sighs of relief then a giggle or two then everyone was laughing too much to carry on fucking. "Thank goodness" said Sue, "We were not sure how you would react but I have been having 3’some sex with Helen and James for some weeks now and we really wanted you to join us but I was not sure how you would feel about it. Now I see we need not have worried*

We continued to play for the rest of the morning and met at least twice a week as a 4’some. Sue and Helen also met by themselves for a little girl on girl play when we guys are at work. Sadly, Sue is no longer with us and although I still meet with Helen and James about once a month it would be wonderful to have a regular partner.