21 Jul 2015

Jonno and I have a very good sex life and like to be adventurous. So this night was a great one for us.

We have recently got into naturist swimming and had gone out on Saturday night to have a nice pub dinner and then go swimming.

The meal was lovely and we were just in time to join the end of the queue to go into the pool. As we undressed in the changing rooms we noticed that it was very busy and as we entered the pool area it was very active, people swimming, in the sauna and jacousi.

We walked slowly into the pool which was a little cool, but I love the feel of the water sweeping across my body. We swam a few lengths until Jonno started to brush up against me feeling my boobs as he swam next to me. We made our way to the side of the pool and stood casually checking that we weren't being watched by the life guards being a bit frisky. To my surprise Jonno had lowered himself into the water behind me and slowly ran his hand down my bottom and in between my legs and than started fingering me. I tried not to show any pleasure on my face or let out any squeals of delight. As I lost my grip on the floor I turned round to Jonno telling me to feel his cock. He was getting hard . . .

We moved around the pool trying not to draw anyone's attention to us and managed to get a corner in the deep end after Jonno had rubbed his hardening coat up against my arse several times and caressed my boobs whist moving around the pool. As I half floated in the water in front of him Jonno pulled me back and managed to slide his solid cock Into me. The thrust of the water made me move so I moved towards the steps to hold on so that he could slip back in. It was so difficult to not make a noise and look casual as some people started to look over at us.

After a couple of minutes we decided to get out and went to get a shower. As Jonno lathered himself up I couldn't resist rubbing his cock again as I pressed myself up against him. We went into a cubicle smiling as I knew what was coming. We dried off a little before we kissed, groped each other and then I sat on the bench and started sucking his cock hard again. Jonno took photos as he became harder and harder, he gestured me to turn round so I put one leg up on the bench and bent over ready for him to fuck my pussy. It tuned me on having to keep quiet and as he shot his first load over my arse I smiled in delight. We got dressed and left the leisure centre as if nothing had happened.

As we got in the car Jonno said lets get a drink then I'm going to lick your pussy. The though of it made me wet again and I hurriedly got our drinks from the drive through and took us up to the woods near by.

As soon as the car stopped I removed my shorts ( I didn't bother putting my knickers or bra back on after swimming ) and got into the back of the car. Jonno teased my clit with his tongue and tongue fucked me, tweaking my nipples until we got interrupted by another car. I laid on the back seat thinking about the pool and how horny I was feeling now. When the car went Jonno carried on licking me until I orgasmed, a huge surge overcome me and I was all tingly and really wet. Jonno knelt over me and started fucking me again, teasing my clit with his bell end before sliding into me. I pressed my feet against the roof of the car pushing him deep and it wasn't long before he cum over my pussy.

I'm lucky that my man can go again straight away and as I sat up and moved out of the car I could start wanking his cock again. It was seconds before he turned me round and bent me over the back seat to fuck me doggy style, the feeling of his cock inside me when I have just cum is amazing and I screamed out with pleasure. As a third lot of cum landed on my arse I groaned and sighed, standing up to kiss him. Jonno said 'don't let my cock go down', and to my delight he let me wank him for a while while he finger fucked me a little until he fucked me again , half stood up against the car. My pussy was throbbing and I could feel myself going to cum again. Jonno finished and emptied another load over me. I was on the brink of cumming again and as I turned round to kiss him Jonno told me to lie down as he was going to lick me out again.

As I felt his tongue and lips on my pussy I knew I wasn't going to last long!!!! The sight of headlights made Jonno stand up and he casually leaned against the car as a man took his dog out of the car and took it into the woods. We waited a few minutes as we could hear and see the dog but didn't know where the owner was. I stayed laid down and after a while Jonno just casually sat in the back, still watching the dog but placing his hand on my lips. He didn't even look down as he slide his fingers into me, fingering me deep. I was right I didn't last long and I squirted up his hand.

I managed to get dressed in the car before stepping out and sitting in the front just in time for the dog walker to come over to the car to see what was happening. He should have been 10 minutes earlier!