12 Jun 2018

So after a light trip to the wilderness last nite, me and C decided on some porn to heighten our mood, selected a faily long ffm threesome vid and sat comfortable to enjoy. It wasnt long before C was half lay on the sofa, ass over the footrest and my face buried between her legs;) Still excited from our brief stint outside, she was just the right sort of moist, warm and ready for my tongue to go to work down there. After a while we took the excitment upstairs, C lay on the bed while i grabbed "the lead"(a leaded remote vibe), inserted inside her pussy and got straight back to work, sucking on her clit, licking all around and generally give my C a good seeing to;) i stopped after awhile and slid my hardened cock inside, just a little, just enough to tease before diving right back in, this time paying slight attention elsewhere too. I licked my way down from her clit to her forbidden zone, circling the area with my fingertip as i licked straight back up, sucking on her lips on the way, ensuring no part of my sex godess felt untouched. After repeating this many times, I slipped just one finger into her pussy, and rested it on the vibe, nestled between the vibe and her gspot. This seemed to work cause she came almost instantly, moaning and writhing around until she pushed me away, and laying back to enjoy the sensation id just provided.

She turned round, ass in the air and i slammed my cock inside her, but after awhile C decided she wanted a ride and told me so.

I lounged on our bed, dick gleaming with her juices in the low light.  Straddling me, C faced the room, sat down and after a couple seconds, fucked. Me. Senseless! She rode my cock perfectly while i grabbed her tits from behind. I could feel every muscle in side her, each stroke feeling devine until i exploded into her. In true C style, she didnt stop there, tighteng her pussy around my dick, refusing to let my cum leave her body. We quickly went to sleep after, me dreaming of all the wonderfully dirty things were getting up to recently;)