Written by lee sands

11 Jun 2016

If you have read my previous post, Wife at the wedding, you will remember the story of my wife getting some extra marital cock from a guy who attended the wedding called Stuart. I had confessed to her that l had watched the whole episode from the shadows and seeing her getting fucked had turned me on tremendously. Since then we have talked about it and l teased her all the time about it and it always led to some great sex. My wife is 35 with a fantastic figure and 36d tits. Since the wedding her sex drive has went through the roof, she always wants to watch porn before sex and likes me to tease her about men we know that would like to do what we see in the porn films to her. She cant walk past an Ann Summers shop without going in and adding more sexy underwear to her collection. Now, Stuart lives close to relatives of my wife and I would always tell her to call in with him and invite him down to our house to see what would happen when they are sober. She always said she would, especially when she was feeling extra horny. This carried on for a few months and it got to the stage when I thought she was just saying this to keep me happy. Then one evening she came home from visiting and told me that she had done it, she had called in an invited him down.

l asked her if anything had happened, she said not really, but she has asked him if he remembered what had happened at the wedding. He told her that he did and couldn't stop thinking about it, he told her she was a very beautiful woman and could have any man she wanted. She told that I had seen it all and it had turned me on no end. He said if he came to our house he didn't want any trouble. She assured him l was ok with it and not angry at all. They exchanged phone numbers and they parted with a big kiss. After that, they texted each other on a number of occasions, until they became quite comfortable with each other. Finally she received a text on the Friday afternoon saying he would call down the following night if that was ok, and he asked if l would be there. She told him l would probably be there but not to worry it would be fine. About 7.00pm on the Saturday evening she got a call from Stuart to say he couldn't find our house. l took the phone off her and told Stuart we would meet him at a spot we both knew. So me and my wife set off in the car to meet Stuart. When we met him l got out of the car went over to Stuart, shook his hand and told him it was good to see him again. I told him that my wife would take him out to our house and l would go to the off licence and get us a few drinks. He said he wouldn't be drinking because he would have to drive home, l replied you can stay the night and sleep in the spare room. He smiled and then I knew that we were both thinking the same thing. So off we went, me to the carry out, and Stuart and the missus off to our house. I took my time, so they could have some time together alone. When l arrived home they were sitting in the living room chatting away like best friends. My wife then called me upstairs and asked me how we were going to do this. l told her, don't worry l have it all worked out, just you put on something sexy and come down and get us a few drinks. She came downstairs about 10 minutes later with a dressing gown on and the sweet sell of her favourite perfume filling the air. She got us a couple of beers and vodka chaser to ease the nerves. After about an hour of small talk. l hit the play button on the dvd player and on came a porn film, which l had set up earlier on, it was Ben Dover Hot Spice Girls[ you should watch it if you ever get the chance]. It was a scene of a girl getting spit roasted by 2 guys, Stuart went quiet and, by the bulge in his trousers was clearly enjoying it, as was my wife. l told him that we had watched this before and had pretended that the girl in the movie was my wife, and the 2 guys was me and him. We watched on and then it was time to top up our drinks. My wife went into the kitchen, filled up our glasses, and returned. She handed Stuart his drink, and while doing so. the belt on her dressing gown flew open, revealing a white lacy almost see-through thong and a white lacy peak-a-boo bra with holes revealing her rock hard nipples. Stuarts mouth flew open. ;WOW; he gasped. I'm going out for a breath of fresh air l,ll be back in 10 minutes l told them. So out l went and crept around the front garden, stood back, and watched through the living room window. Stuart joined my wife on the settee and they were kissing passionately, his fingers teasing at her nipples. Then me moved his hand down to the inside of her leg and started to move up to her pussy. When his hand reached its destination, l could see my wife opening her legs and Stuart started to rub her pussy through her panties. l moved closer to the window and l could see a damp patch starting to appear on the gusset of her knickers. She moved her hand across to his cock and started to rub it through his trousers, eventually starting to wank it even with his trousers on. Then she dropped to her knees, undid his zip, and started to suck on his rock hard cock. l watched, as she flicked her tongue around the end of his dick, then running her tongue up and down the end of his shaft before starting to suck his balls. Time for me to go in l thought. I walked back into the living room, having fun l asked. Stuart just smiled, closed his eyes, lay back enjoying my wife working his cock. My wife gave a mischiefious laugh and continued to suck Stuarts cock, working her hand up and down his shaft faster and faster. By now l was ready to explode and moved round behind her, undid my trousers and slipped my cock into her from behind. Her pussy was on fire, l had never felt it so wet as l plunged deeper and deeper inside her. As l fucked her she moaned with pleasure, licking Stuarts balls and wanking his cock at the same time. I pulled out and she immediately jumped up and sat on top of Stuart and eased his cock into her. She fucked him like crazy before he shot his load inside her, turned around and started to suck my pussy juice covered cock until I shot my load all over her tits. Party over, we had a couple more drinks and went to bed, Stuart in the spare bedroom. l woke up about 4 in the morning to find my wife missing. l slipped over to the spare bedroom, peaked in, and there was my wife and Stuart totally naked in the 69 postion. Him licking away at her juicy pussy, and her sucking on his cock like she hadn't been serviced in months. l just smiled and left them to it, happy days.