Written by BoldBilly

13 Oct 2010

I worked in a store in London & had often flirted with a married woman but had never taken it any further,,,,,that was until her last day. She asked me to out that night for a farewell meal & drink which sounded like a good idea to me. There were about 10 of us at the bar & this woman, Joan was her name, came onto me strong, touching me at every chance she got. She was a good looking woman, nice size tit’s, slim body aged about 55. As the night went on she became more & more brazen & whilst we were sat down eating she reached under the table & started rubbing my thigh. I reciprocated and as I touched her she opened her legs just enough for me to run my hand under her skirt & rub the inside of her thigh, as I got higher I felt her bare skin above her stockings. As I touched her she pushed her breasts against my arm & for the first time I felt her hand on my hardening cock.

As the night was coming to an end I offered to walk her to the train station to which she readily agreed. As we left the restaurant she said we should walk through the park as it would be quicker, who was I to argue. As we walked she held my arm, all the time pressing her breasts into me, I moved my arm round her shoulder and reached down to touch them as I did I felt her shiver so I asked if she was warm enough to which she replied that she was getting warmer all the time. As we walked next to the lake in the park we sat on a park bench & she leant over kissing me hard on the lips pushing her tongue into my mouth. She told me that she had wanted to do that for a long time. I kissed her & started to undo the buttons on her jacket, pushing my hand inside & touching those magnificent breasts, they felt soft under her blouse & bra, her nipples were hardening as I touched them. I pushed my hand under the back of her blouse & undid her bra releasing her breasts. She undid the top few buttons of her blouse so that I could lick & squeeze her breasts & nipples. As I did she stared to whisper how much she had wanted this to happen before, she then reached down & started to rub my now rock hard cock through my jeans.

I ran my hand up inside her skirt and touched her pussy through her soaking wet panties, I pulled them to one side & started to rub her wet cunt, all the time she was squeezing my cock through my pants, as her breathing became faster she undid my zip releasing my cock before leaning forward & taking it in her mouth, I pushed a finger into her cunt making her gasp & she started to suck me harder. She knew how to use her mouth licking & sucking on my cock. I had to tell her to stop or I would soon cum. As I continued to finger fuck her wet cunt she whispered that it had been a long time since a man had touched her there, as her husband had gone of sex. I knelt in front of her & started to lick my way up her inner thigh to her cunt hole, as my tongue touched her clit she came, I said that she must be gagging for a good hard cock inside her to have cum so fast. She told me to fuck her ,,,she needed to feel a cock inside her wet cunt.

I turned her round & after removing her panties rubbed my hard cock against her cunt lips, she started to push back on me, trying to get me inside her but I continued to tease her, She was begging me to fuck her calling me a cunt teasing bastard. I pushed forward & in one go was soon buried deep inside her. Her head went back as I started to ride her ,,,,first long slow strokes ,,,,,then hard ones, forcing my cock right in up to my balls. I continued to fuck her & it wasn’t long before she had another orgasm this time soaking my balls & thighs. She was now begging me to shoot my load inside her cunt ,,,,telling me she needed to feel my hot cum squirting inside her, I started to fuck her harder & it wasn’t long until I shot deep inside her her waiting cunt , this pushed her over the edge & as she cum for a third time she became very vocal ,,shouting & screaming as each squirt of my cum hit her womb.

We sat there kissing & holding each other never wanting the night to end but we knew we had to make a move. We sorted ourselves out & walked on through the park. We exchanged phone numbers & have met a couple of times since. Once in a hotel ,,that was one hell of a night, but that’s another story.

Hope you enjoy this & maybe ill write about our hotel meeting soon.