Written by lonely larry

14 Jul 2018

Monday this week my wife Elizabeth had a bit of a surprise. Her lover rang her out of the blue and asked if she was free for lunch or something more interesting. She phoned me and I said I would be home and she added that she might bring him back to our place but was expecting our daughter to call. I suggested I went and told her I was calling with some plans for her garden which was ready for an immediate revamp. We agreed to be prepared and when I rang her she said she needed to go into town to sort some insurance out with a broker so could not make that day. This left me with the happy situation that if they did come back to our house, there was no danger of being caught in an embarrassing situation.

Around two pm Elizabeth arrived home and said her lover was on his way. He was there a few minutes later. Taking coffee in the sun we chatted a while and then she invited him to have a look at the new bedroom. I knew what that meant and gathered the cups to give me a reason to busy myself while she took him upstairs. The bedroom door closed so I knew what was going on. My phone advised me of a call and I got a steady stream of nine pictures from him, starting with her short skirt missing, then her on her knees cock sucking, followed by the same but showing her bum while her head was off picture, then one showing her tits hanging and her face beyond the picture frame but also giving his cock some attention, then one with cock firmly in mouth. Next was a shot of her reclining on the bed with just her panties on and her nipples showing her involvement as she awaited him removing her panties. My next joy was seeing her naked cunt ready for inspection, and then him holding his cock against her lips followed by his inside her. I admired his tenacity in giving me the pleasure of seeing her pleasured. A little later I heard her visit the bathroom and saw her return naked to the bedroom containing her naked lover who had successfully fucked her and deposited a nice load of spunk inside her.

Half an hour later they came down again, Elizabeth naked carrying her clothes and with a smile on her face that i knew was there for the day. Then she told me he had invited her away from Friday to Sunday. His wife had been sent on a course at the last minute and as it could mean promotion, she was obliged to go so he was borrowing a mate's cottage for the weekend and he had invited my wife to keep his bed warm. She asked if she could go and I agreed, knowing they had wanted some longer time together for a few years but it had never happened.

They left yesterday and took the Canon camera with them for higher quality pictures and in the knowledge that there was no phone signal where they were going. I was frustrated last night but there is tonight and tomorrow to go so I am sure I will have plenty of sexy stories for her to relate on her return. meanwhile i am wanking myself to oblivion.