Written by SWdelight

7 Apr 2011

I was giving a reply to a story on here about the chap who wore underwear in the woods and ended being spit-roasted by other men. As I wrote, I realised it was a story to share as something that had happened to me some years ago. hence this submission.

I would not consider myself homosexual, gay or wahtever the phrase is now, however:....

While taking a stroll through some woods with my wife who enjoyed the company of men, I once or twice watched such an event as previously described. That is men using another man for spending themselves in, spit-roasting, cock-sucking.

Having discovered this going on, the wife left to make her way back to the vehicle as she didn't have any interest but I stayed and while not wanting to join in semi-enjoyed the spectacle.

As I watched the guy entertaining with his fourth cock, a bloke appeard alongside me and groped my trousers. I, reluctantly but hypnotically, let him unzip me and he went down to engulf my throbbing cock in his mouth after a stroking me a few times.

No time at all, I came and he swallowed all and drained me dry, cleaned me up and kept me in his mouth while he rolled me around his tongue, almost absent-mindedly, for a few minutes until I started to harden again. Guiltily, I dragged myself away five or so minutes later as he was likely to make me cum again.

Now, the point. I was not bi and still am not, despite a couple of forays, but while I felt guilty about another man sucking my cock, I enjoyed the practice and his unhesitating willingness to swallow all I gave him.

I walked back to join my wife and found her the centre of attention between 3 blokes she had bumped into so to speak. They had removed her dress leaving her naked and she was stood being frigged and groped by them, in stockings and suspenders only.

As I approached, one of the blokes spotted me and came over saying, "Push off! She's a goer and we don't want anybody upsetting her so do us a favour and stay away!"

We were relatively new to this and I was amazed the wife was so keen to have other men do what they liked to her. I was gob-smacked but kept my mouth shut and, standing semi-behind a tree watched my wife being made ready for these blokes.

She played the part of a sow very well and I like to see her doing it. Down gobbling one while the other made up the spit-roast by filling her cunt from the rear, her favourite position, another groped her swinging tits and skimmed her clitoris while he waited his turn for a vacant slot.

Others came along and stopped to watch, some wanking at the sight of my wife in such a lascivious mood and so happy at doing what ever these men wanted her.

A hand pressed my trousers and I found the previous guy who had received a mouthful from me, was lowering my zip and dropped down in front of me to gobble my freshly released cock. I was reluctant but so turned on, couldn't help more than let him get on with it.

I watched my wife gobbling and being mounted by each of the three until they were spent. A few other blokes moved in when they stopped but she would only let them feel her fanny and ass and wank them.

In the meantime, I emptied my second load into the mouth of the guy who wanted seconds. He cleaned me up and sucked me dry again.

The wife saw this and was not best pleased but didn't bitch too much as she knows I give her plenty of freedom to have other blokes when they take her fancy. She likes me to watch her perform and see other men do what they want with her.

It's a shame condoms are essential now, 20 odd years ago there was little risk and watching the wife being penetrated as the guys took it in turns grunting as they emptied themselves into her mouth or fanny, was wonderfully turn on stuff.

All that jus running from her fanny was great to see and slipping in to it felt so good with sloppy seconds and thirds ensuring minimum friction for me to spend myself amongst.

Glad she didn't often get me to clean up after though. I always knew when she was going to insist on me 'making her mine again' as she called it.

She wouldn't let me cum straight away, this kept me turned on enough to lick away the mess that she had allowed the guys to leave in her body before she made me leave mine there too.

Anyway, a mouth over your cock is a mouth over your cock, in the right circumstances I've found. But, a woman's mouth is much preferable to me.