4 Jul 2018

So this evening, we filmed ourselves a little. Id been horny all day and had made it known to C via text as we'd had visiters all day. Once they had all departed and we'd cleaned up after our bbq i decided to have a shower and ready myself for whatever we got up to later. But, C decided she didnt want to wait and informed me that she wanted to meet me in the shower. Feeling that it sounded pefect and the way forward, i also decided to film us.

So i went into the  bathroom, set the phone on the side and prepared it. I got in the shower and scrubbed myself up, stroking my cock a little extra, to be prepared;) I pressed "record" on my phone and banged on the bathroom wall, a signal for my C to join me. She came in and imediatly looked me up and down, glaring at my wet, semi-hardened cock.

She took hold of it and began to stroke the length, hardening me in no time. I leaned down released one, then both breasts from under the summery dress C was wearing. I played with her nipples and while i did so, she took me into her mouth, gently at first but building pace as we carried on.

Undressing her top half, she slid my dick between her tits and proceded to wank my shaft up and down. Stopping to lick and suck some more on my cock, C decided it was time join me in the shower.  Admiring my fiance's naked form, i caressed her body as the warm water cascaded over her, soaking her skin. C grinned, knowing what the sight of her all wet was doing to me. She knelt on the floor of the bathtub and, sucking my cock, she pleasured me harder this time and for longer. Before long i wanted "in". So i stood her up and turned her around and slid myself into her from behind, fucking her hard. Unfortunatly, our bathroom is rather small so we got out, meaning to go carry it on elsewhere but I took hold of C, turned her around and bent her over the tub, ramming my shaft into her again, this time grabbing a handfull of hair and pulling on it while i did so. We fucked like this for a while, C groaning with my cock filling her up and me thoroughly enjoying the sight of C's wet skin, the sounds she was making and the feel of her pussy, tightening around my dick as i fucked into her. And all in front of the still filming phone;) We went to the bedroom to watch our little porn film, which horned us up more. But the next bit is another story;p........