Written by treecreeper

31 Aug 2013

My wife loves getting a different cock in her lovely shaved cunt. Last night I was given a fabulous treat. We were late home from our work and ate a quick meal and she went to change. Her lover had been in touch and asked if she wanted to go out that night as his wife had gone with the kids to a family party some miles away for the weekend with everything very much last minute. I learned quickly as she ran the bath that he intended to take her away for the night. I mentioned that it all seemed as if a film script was being played out in my mind.

She asked if I minded her going to him overnight and I said I would love her to have his cock for the night as long as she wanted his spunk flooding her cunt and enjoyed his fucking then that was my happiness completed. I did also mention that she should take the camera for recording her enjoyment for me to peruse later.

Her bath was warm and luxurious and when she got out she called me upstairs to help choose the clothes she wanted me to let her wear for him. I knew she had recently bought some as yet unworn bra and thong, but I also suggested we sort out a suspender belt to go with the stockings I had bought her a few months previously which she had not used as yet as she had been waiting for a special occasion.

Her phone went off and he was telling her he had booked a rather nice hotel in a village near York and he was feeling very randy. When she told me where they were going she had a gleam in her eyes and I knew she was in for a lot of cock that night.

She had around an hour before he was picking her up. She asked me to strip naked and wank. I did as she asked and lay on the bed as she sorted her clothes, trying a few bits on, showing me exactly what her lover was going to see. Her beautiful cunt being puffed up excitedly I knew she was on a high.

My mind was racing, images of a cock in her cunt, spunk, licking, sucking, all in a maze of images I had witnessed her doing with a whole host of lovers down the years, a kaleidoscope of sex, maybe this weekend as a climax to them all, but secretly knowing it was really just an addition to the myriad memories.

He arrived and she was ready, I had been sucked off before he arrived and I was cool, knowing he was going to be screwing her for a good part of the night.

Her experience over the next few hours was relayed back via mobile pictures, but to see not one but two cocks satisfying her was a revelation she revealed on her return. Who it was and how it unfurled will be explained in the next part. I will get back as soon as poss with wife like this part two