Written by Hh 4x

30 May 2013

As I told you our little game had move up a notch I can see now it would progres in that direction eventually I had started something and there be no way of stopping it if it went any further that was my one only chance of stopping it was then but I didn't

All that is easy to say with hindsight but its quite different at the time

On the way home that night Debs was consumed with guilt I think ashamed of what she had done, you could say okay she gave a hand job no big deal really but to her it was I would say that was the only other cock she had touched apart from mind at the time

The thing that really changed it was me with my medical problem I can and do struggle with my erections and my poor wife has put up with that for almost a year a of frustrations over that

That night by the time we got home I was like a raging bull it had been months or longer since I had got so aroused I had to fuck her and I did in our living room on the sofa I don't thing she could of stopped me if she wanted to there was no foreplay at all and I have to say I never known her so wet when I went into her that night also she climaxed very quickly not just once but twice its quite rare she ever have one she usually has to stimulate herself with her fingers at the same time to make it happen

Once we had sex it was like a calm came over us my anger had gone and her guilt had disappeared when we did get to bed we cuddled up telling each other how much we loved each other, it was next day Debs wanted to talk about it she started off saying she was really sorry it had happened she got carried away in the heat of the moment she was very worried about me was I hurt or upset I told the truth no I was turned on so much I couldn't believe it I was shocked when I got to that doorway and saw her with his dick in your hand wanking him I said Christ he had a big one she smiled and said you did get a good look you stopped and stared I said yes he told me to F-off as well she added you did just stand there looking

I told Debs what really worried me was the fact I lost you and couldn't find her outside

She said yes I can understand that but I was fine I have got to know Brian he is not a complete stranger now I thought no you have wanked him off that is really getting to know someone very well we both laughed

The conversation we were having was a changing factor I wouldn't say Debs has never a prude I would say more consecutive with sex and talking about it but now she was talking quite openly about it the other change I had not noticed then was she would flirt with men something she never done the other thing I had noticed was the way she had started to dress when we went out to play our game the skirt or dress was a little shorter the top a little more revealing it was summer time we were going out and I commented she had tigh's on it was hot that evening she smiled and lifted her dress she had stockings on I did approve as I love stockings

So little things changed getting back to this Brian she explained she seen him three times before that night as I knew and she said she really liked him he made her laugh a lot he was naughty and suggestive but not in a crude way and what a dancer

I said be honest you do really fancy him at first she was coy about it in the end she said yes this lead on to how did it happen last night, my wife began to be a little defensive then I pushed her a bit she said if you are sure you want to know she said well I guess it stated on the dancefloor he rubbed himself against me and got an erection it felt really sexy also as you said large, well back at the table you saw we had a kiss he a good kisser really good he had before tried to get a hand up my skirt and I have always stopped him but this time I don't it felt right he played with me outside my knickers we had another sexy dance he had a real stiff on this time I didn't know what to do I was as horny as hell I didn't know how much you had seen or what you may do

We got back and sat down we had another song which you must of seen his hand up my skirt this time he got in my knickers I had no control over it I climaxed on his fingers he really know what he is doing he took me threw it, it was wonderful and as you know it was late you had gone so we went outside you weren't there I expected to see you Brian got me in that doorway we were snogging and he got his cock out the first I knew was he put my hand on it oh my god it felt huge warm and stiff my finger just about went round it I was rubbing it as we kissed he whispered bend over and I will fuck you I just couldn't there not outside the truth is I did want him to sorry but you asked for the truth

Things had got a bit out of hand he wanted me to wank him off we were there some time before you came along I was wanking him with both hands at first there was still some sticking out pasted my hand when you came along he was near cumming I was doing it quite fast you stopped as I got him off did you see him shoot it went all over that door there was gallons of it I did see him cum you are right there was loads of it you know the rest

The next big question is where do we go from here over the next few days we talked a lot

It was obvious to me my wife wanted shagging she need to to get laided the problem was not by me her experience had added to her frustration I am sure she wasn't admitting it

So after a lot of soul searching I put it straight to her I said you want Brian to screw you don't you I was surprised she didn't hesitate and said yes she then started crying

and asking about me what it may do to us and so on we talked all about that I convinced her I was fine with that as long as it was only sex and no involvement apart from that by the weekend a sort of agreement was come to it was going to be Brian's lucky day but how and when where stumbling blocks

The plan I came up with was we go to the club only this time I would drive and not have a drink Debs would meet Brian and somehow ask him to come home with her if he agreed she give me the nodded I go and get the car so I am out side when they come out she was unsure but was going to try it

So the night came we did as we said an hour later I saw he looking at me and gave me a very plain nodded my guts felt tight as went and got in the car I pulled up as they came out Debs opened the car door Brian looked stunned to see me anyway they got in I leaned back holding out my hand and said hello Brian I am Harry Debs husband the poor guy seemed in shock on the way he must of thought about thing he said you are always in the club when Debs is there I said yes and you are the guy from last week in the doorway I said yes he then said so what is it what are you after I not gay I said well hope not Debs want to take it further and that can't happen outside can it we thought it be more private at home he seem to settle down then

Once we got home that was a bit tense and awkward for a few moments I got us all a drink we all talked he asked if we did this much I told him no its the very first time ever its weird we all know exactly what he was there for but no said it he was now getting relaxed about the situation and so more importantly was my wife

Now we had not talked about my role in this or involvement if any so I said okay I give two some time together and got up and went into the kitchen I left it an half an hour then went up the hall to the lounge door which was still half open what a sight was in front of me both on the sofa Brian's trousers round his knees my sucking on a very sizable cock her blouse open both tits out of her bra her skirt was up to her waist legs open as he tried to finger her her panties lay on the floor

I walked in they didn't notice me at first when they did Brian jumped a bit I said you are fine don't worry about me in fact you be a lot more comfortable upstairs it wa Debs that said are you really sure about that with a big smile I replied with a yes I am

So off they went upstairs I gave them a few minutes and went up by the time I got to our bedroom they were both naked my wife was sitting on our bed sucking Brian's manhood I think he was getting tad over excited he stopped her he mover her up the bed and got between her legs when he parted them I got a glimpse of how wet she was he then went down on her and her expression she was in heaven a minute or two later her head was going from side to side she gripped the sheet her body lifted as she gasped she held there her body shook she gasped a few times the dropped down that was some climax she had

He then got himself between her legs it was now me holding my breath as I watched his dick it looked scary it was longer than mine by a good bit and more that twice the girth I would say there was quite a few large veins bulging quite dark ones he pulled the foreskin right back it had a mushroom shaped head which looked quite dark almost purple

He got himself lined up my mouth felt dry the reality hit me it had gone to far for me to stop it now the first push didn't go in it slipped up the next he held it down and found its mark and Christ did my wife know it she only took the bell end and she cried out she never been used to anything like that

I watched as he pushed more disappeared at first slowly and gently Debs was shrugging to accommodate it he had about half inside her now about my limit I guess he was now going places I had never been the lower half of his cock was wider it any thing this time it was more a thrust Debs was biting her lip already with that trust her mouth came open I heard her say OH MY GOD please please you are too big it was to late she reserved another thrust she almost screamed he was now close to being ball deep inside her two more jecks which she cried out with each one he was up to the makers name my wife was impaled on his meat god knows where it all went inside her

He lay on top of her for a while without moving all I could hear was her little moans and gasps as he drew back I heard her groan I guess about half came out I was surprised at how stretch her pussy lips looked they got pulled back with it he paused a second then drove himself back in her to a huge gasp from her this time his thrust forced her thighs as far apart as they would go and he lifted himself up on his arms and arched his back in to her body he made sure she took his full length that time

I could never imagine I would ever witness this he started to fuck her at first she just lay there under him taken it crying out a lot as he bottomed out she was muttering things

I couldn't understand and gasping a lot I was a little surprised by how fast she seemed to get used to the extra size she soon had her knees up and was holding them then with a little help from him she had her legs over her head holding her ankles given him full access to her body I heard her start to cum she panted and gasped crying out YES YES he didn't miss a beat she was beside herself he keep going then her feet came down on the bed she tried to buck with him she was screaming MY GOd over and over again she arched up

under him this was not one climax but multiple ones the noise she made was defining almost no one could keep that pace up she was still ached when he cum and by god did we know it my mind went back to last week when I saw her wank him off how far his spunk shot and how much there was now he was flooding my wife with that fertile sperm most likely he was that deep inside her her womb as well and her verginal canal they both collapsed on the bed cover in sweat breathless still locked together by his meat

It took them both a time to recover they lay still like that then he rolled off her his dick now quite limp it still looked big it was cover in his spunk and her juice my wife lay there legs still wide apart her pussy seemed to gape open still a trickle of sperm running out I had got so hard it hurt there a stranded embarrassed moment or two for us we got over that I got them a drink as I came back in the room there a very strong stench of sex I sat on the bed with them a bit unreal I was dressed they were naked my wife hugged me kissed me and whispered I love you I really do love you darling we talked quit normally considering what had happened Brian was saying he guess in the car what we wanted to happen it wa about half an hour later his cock sured I looked at Debs she smiled she got hold of it it was limp but swelling as she licked it all over as if cleaning it as it grew to a full erection I got off the bed as he urged her to get on top of it I wa very close as she straddled him the only way she could get it in was to kneel on on leg and put her other foot on the bed when she did that it slipped in her she was then on both knees riding him I shocked how she fucked herself on him she really went for it she couldn't keep it going even with his bucking under her in the end he got her on her hands and knees and fucked like that he went quite a long time as he cum once he is young and fit as well Debs told me afterward she had multiple orgasmes each time he fucked her Brian shot his second load inside my wife that night after a rest I called him a taxi and he went