Written by Hh 4x

31 May 2013

As I told you last time we had managed to get Brian round out house and for the first time in my wife's life she experienced another man, we had crossed the line of no return we never looked at it like that or thought about it in fact what had happen had not really been planned in any detail we had not put any thought into what my part maybe or could be

I had called a taxi to get Brian home he had just left, my wife Debs was still upstairs in bed I let Brian out as I closed the door I wonder what would happen next had we made the biggest mistake of our lives after seeing my wife engaged in sex with him I was pretty sure in my mind it not be a one off experience

I had never seen her like that I am sorry to say our sexlife is nothing like that what he gave her, its been the missionary position for us for years now she just lay there it dawned on me have I really ever satisfied her properly on the way upstairs this was in my mind and things like her climax she normally achieve that with her fingers as I do it, it has been a very long time since I got her to cum and maybe she faked that you can never tell women do that sort of thing I guess also the medication I am on has not helped I do struggle to get an erection a lot of the time the worrying thing as well Brian was well endowed compared to me did his size play a part in her enjoyment she had struggled to accommodate him at first she never been used or tried anything or anyone bigger than me as far as I know it was amazing how quickly she had become used to it

I was still so aroused by what I had witnessed I felt like I was at bursting point as I got in the bedroom Debs still lay much as I had left her she was staring at the ceiling deep in thought, I stripped and got on the bed with her she not said anything till then as I lay down she asked if I was alright I told her I was she said you not upset or hurt

I said no not at all with that she flung her arms round my neck and kissed me she told me she loved me as if reassuring me we had a cuddle she found my hard dick she giggled and said I don't really have to ask if you like watching do I she was now very gently wanking me my hand moved to her crotch she took a breath as I touch it her clitoris seemed swollen her pussy lips were wet and slimy the viginal opening was disstorted and gapping hell he stretch her inside was mess of slimy cum still making its way out she had two loads in a short time and that Brian must be a very heavy cummer so there be a lot of it my fingers slipped inside it felt loose and puffy after a minute or so she stopped me saying I am a bit tender in there

She pushed me on my back taken my cock in her mouth the rear times this had happened she sucks me then finish me by hand I was so worked up after a few minutes I warned her I was near she didn't stop my god this be a first I soon felt it I started to cum she stayed on it milking the last drop out of me I was really surprised she swallowed the lot she never ever done that before ever in fact it was the first time I had ever been sucked right off

Debs wanted a shower after that she was all sweaty she came back all fresh we hugged and fell asleep, I awake before her in the morning and got up she came down about ten in a dressing gown I would say she looked a bit sheepish we both knew in the cold light of day we have to discuss things as we both knew things had gone to far now

Debs seemed a bit stiff she said her back ached I smiled and said in a joking way how's your pussy that broke the ice getting thing off on a lighter footing she said don't ask adding sore and tender inside we both laughed she said its not funny

We got thing off to a good start but there was some serious talking to be done she was concerned about me my feelings I assured I was okay with what had happened we both said we need to honest with each other I put the question to her are you going to see Brain again she replied do YOU want me to I thought and said yes I think so why not she then admitted she like to we spoke about lots of thing and in a way set some rules there was to be no emotional involvement if that happened we walk away and there be no going behind my back no meeting on the sly ever we be completely honest with each other

As we talked I asked what it was like for her at first she didn't want to say I had to tell her we are being honest with each other okay she said you were watching and you know he's a lot bigger than you and I never had anything near that big before I will tell you Brian is a getting on for seven inches some thing like three inches longer than me and a lot bigger girth two or three inches round it I would say a fear size compared to me

She when on to say without being to rude she was gagging for it, it was a build up over the past two weeks and when he went into her my Christ I didn't expect it to be like that he had to force his way in it hurt it was like I was being forced apart I don't know how much he got in me I tried to tell him to stop it scared me a bit and it was painful he trusted quite hard next oh god he was so deep then again I sure he almost touch my cervix I am sure he did touch it when he fucked me I will tell you but please I not trying to upset you but it gave a feeling a sensation I have never had before it felt like he was touching every part of me internally my climax was intense I had more than one I became multiply orgasmic I asked it was his size that did it she admitted it was I didn't say so but I felt a little humiliated or is lacking when she told me that

By late afternoon it had come round to when would be the next time we had him over he had left a phone number I suggested Debs call him she did they had a long chat she was smiling all the time when it ended my wife looking very happy she said eight o-clock I was tad surprised he be that keen I did wonder if he got what he wanted and that be it Debs was like a little girl on her first date saying what should I wear Iv not got long to get ready I told her to calm down you have hours I had to go and get a take away she had no time to get tea by seven she had showered in a dressing gown do her makeup I was up with her then she panic telling me to change the bed she done her nails so I mad the bed up afresh there was no doubt she be using it tonight

It was when she was getting dressed she took the dressing gown off in a way that was a new thing to be naked like that even with me I couldn't help but notice her nipples they where quite stiff a sigh she aroused, at the time she not got much really sexy underwear she got a bra on she pick one dress then another she ended up with a hotter neck one funny she never worn it saying its to reveling the bra had to go I tell you she looked one hell of a sexy woman in it you could make out her nipples she was then looking for some knickers it was me that said why bother with a grin she said okay all was need was hold up stockings and heels she looked gorgeous

By then it was seven thirty I got her a vodka a stiff one my wife relaxed after that

It was a bit after eight a cab stopped and Brian came to the door Debs made me go and let him in when in our front room she jumped up and kissed him that gives me a strange feeling in our house and still do and holding hands they sat on the sofa the atmosphere as a lot different from the previous night we where all more comfortable with each other

We all knew what was going to happen I got us all a drink a top up for my wife this time I stayed there with them it didn't take long for then to get to grips with each other they didn't take a lot of notice of me it was snogging and petting we all knew the main event would be taken place in our bedroom I could see Brian was horny as hell by the bulge in his trousers he did get Debs dress untied so she was topless I had never seen her nipples that stiff before it was her that suggested to Brian he should take her upstairs I thought yes you really want some more cock

Debs walked by me holding his hand she looked at with a big smile I have to admit she looked happy not a hint of doubt I think that was when I realized this will become the norm before long she will not stop wanting other men and cock I gave them a couple of minuets and followed when I got there my wife's dress was on the floor Brian was half undressed jest in his pants and socks, my wife knelt down and tugged them down his cock hit her in the face he liked that she got it by her cheek looking up at him before taken it in her mouth it looked like she was paying homage to it

He let her suck for a time he then moved her over to the bed and told her to bend over she did legs apart he then turned her a little to face me he was behind her he adjusted himself a bit bending his knees to get lined up he looked my way and smiled as he got hold of her hips then he thrust straightening his legs good job she had both hands on the bed the force lifted her body as she screamed out he had impaled himself inside my wife in one huge thrust he fucked her for a few minuets like that making her cry out all the time he then slowed down to a almost stop

He waved me over telling me to get it out and her to suck me we both complied she got my cock in her mouth he than started to fuck not hard she had to hold me to keep her balance as he got faster I could tell she was going to climax I had to push into her mouth to balance I was getting very near with his banging her my cock was almost in her throat as I shot my lot it made her gag a little but she took it

I had to move back he then went for it my wife's tits swung like flags in the wind she dropped down he pulled her back by her heir he was still pulling on her heir as he came

We where now seeing another side to Brian when it was over they lay on the bed it wasn't long he told her to suck his cock I know his younger than us but my god it didn't take to long before he was stiff this time he took her on her back legs over his shoulders he soon got up in his toes holding himself with his arms my wife was pined to the bed he fucked for ages I could see he was getting very near jest before he cum he pulled out very fast getting on top of her his cock in her face he wanked himself telling her to open her mouth he called a bitch as he shot he waved his cock some wen in her mouth some over her face and in her heir loads of it he was grinning all the time

I was shocked by what happened next I was told to come over and kiss my wife and thane her for given him a good fuck the weird thing I did I even licked a little sperm off her face that really pleased him the shocking thing I didn't mind it as much as I thought I would Brain the lay beside her he used his finger to wipe his spunk into her mouth my wife swallows it all

I now can see he was only using her and me he then wanted to go there was no loving kisses jest call me the strange thing my wife liked it