Written by Nesoon

26 Feb 2013

Although my wife and I are in our sixties, our sex life has not been all that brilliant during the past ten years and thought my wife moving into the second bedroom brought the curtain down on any form of personal contact with her. Over the years she has put on a few pounds which has affected her figure, but was still attractive which on many occassions she said she was not. However a recent event and passing comment has changed her attitude and actions within our marriage.

Our son recently celebrated his thirty first brithday, and asked us if one of his friends who we knew could stay with us during the weekend period as he had split up from his wife and needed a party to cheer him up. In the early hours of the morning when the party ended my son delivered him to our house and left us to it. My wife made him a cup of coffee and during the course of the conversation he told us that his wife had left him devastated and then he broke down in tears. My wife then sat beside him and put her arm around his waist to comfort him and rested his head on her chest. He then blurted out that he was always msde to wear a condom when fucking his wife and never felt a total man, he then left and went to bed leaving my wife and I shocked and sorry for him.

At breakfast the following morning before he was up, my wife indicated that having given some thought to this young mans situation she wanted to help him to get over his break up and give him some comfort.which she was going to do with or without my approval. She then went upstairs to shower and change While she was doing this, our visitor came down for breakfast wearing his boxer shorts and nothing else, I made him some coffee and we then went into the front room to watch some television.

We were soon joined by my wife who sat next to him on the sofa wearing one of my shirts and very little else, she then leaned forward kissed him and asked, would you like to fuck me, his response was to undo the shirt buttons exposing her hugh tits which I found watch as her hand pulled down his shorts revealing his stiff cock which had not seen any action for some considerable time. As my wife cupped his balls in one hand she pushed his head down with the other towards her now open legs and begged him to go down on her cunt and open her up ready for his throbbing cock.

After a short period my wife changed positions and took his cock into her mouth as he sighed in the pleasure and comfort that my wife was giving him, as he was fucking her mouth he turned to me and said your wife is fucking amasing for sixty years of age and that this was his very first blow job. My wife then got up and positioned herself on the sofa with her head on my lap and opened her legs to receive his cock. He seemed to hesitate for a moment and asked by my wife if he was going to fuck her, replied he had no condoms to which I replied "fuck her bearback lad" and enjoy.

As he approached my wifes hot open cunt I could see the head of his cock at its entrace, naked and twitching, as he entered her they both groaned with pleasure, my wifes as she was being entered by a rampant cock, and his as he felt the warmth of my wifes pussy against his naked bell end. As he drove further into her, she clasped her legs aound his waist in anticipation of his creampie. and I could see that his thrustings into my wife were gaining pace as my wife was shouting out for him to shoot his load deep inside her and that next time to bring along one of his mates so that she could suck him off in her bed as he fucked her doggy style. We both heard him grunt with pleasure as he went into my wife upto his bollocks and I saw the cheeks of his arse tighten as he unleashed his load into her.

Every month now she is having sex with him, and he brings along a mate who like the older mature fuck.