Written by Annon Wife

16 Feb 2018

I’m a married woman with a young child so no names but since I have had my child I have become sexually frustrated and have started to read your stories and reminisce on times come by. So I’m going to tell you something that I have kept secret for 8 years, no one except those involved know, not even my best friends.

I used ot go out with a lad who wasn’t the sort of lad you would take home to see mum. He was beautiful and well built but arrogant and swore all the time and looking back at the situation I am sure he just wanted me for the sex . He didn’t really care about anyone but himself but at the time I was obsessed. His parents were ok, well off and well dressed and a good-looking couple but like him very arrogant and self-opinionated.

One summer he offered and I agreed to move in with him at is parents home, it was a nice place, 5 bedrooms and modern. My parents weren’t so keen but like I said, I was obsessed. To begin with he was kind and caring and the sex was amazing, we would make love almost every night and most mornings before we got up. His parents were great, his mum fussed over me and made sure I was ok. I had left school and had a small part time job so didn’t have much money and so they insisted that I didn’t owe them anything so for me it was a great arrangement. Then something changed.

His mum would make any excuse to cuddle me and once in a while her hand would slide over my bum, when the BF and his dad went out to the pub we would have ‘girls nights in’ and watch a film and have a few glasses of wine and I would find myself laying with my head on her lap and she would rest her hand so the wrist was just over my chest, which my boyfriend openly admitted was my greatest asset.

Over time she would comment on how he and his dad where so alike, good looking and strong and as she put it ‘ mens men’. It sort of started with the ‘girls night’ in a guess but moved forward the Friday morning before ‘that weekend’. One weekend my BF had arranged to go to a football match and then out with his friends, I wasn’t into football so I was going to stay in. But the day before we had made love as usual and he showered and went to work. I’m going to sound lazy and I guess then I was but he left for work at 7am ish and I didn’t get up until around 8am and I would either go to look for a better job or go to a part time course I was on, but not on Fridays.

He leaves for work and his mum walks in telling that she will call me when breakfast is ready and for me to stay in bed. She goes to have a shower and start breakfast and after a while she walks in wearing a red silk satin dressing gown, she sits on the bed and tells me breakfast is ready and with that leans over and kisses me on the lips. She had given me a pack before but this was longer and her hand was on my face and as she moved it away it brushed against my breast.

I got up and we had breakfast, I couldn’t get out of my head what had just happened but she clearly didn’t think anything of it. We went out for lunch and to do some shopping and she bought me a red silk nighty just like hers.

The next morning by BF was up and ready to go out at 7am, ready for his day with the lads. I was wearing my new nighty which he thought was hot and hence more sex in the evening but he was in too much of a hurry in the morning. I got up to see him off and went for a shower, his mum calls in and tells me that we are, her, his dad and me, are going to have a lazy morning but go out later and said that I should call her when I’m out of the shower. I thought it was for breakfast but now it’s clear that this was all planned.

I got out and wrapped a towel around myself and sat at the mirror to dry my hair then she walks in still wearing her red silk nighty and stands behind me. She helps me with my hair and when we had finished she puts her arm round my shoulders and told me how pretty I was, ‘we both think so’ she said. I thanked her and she leans down so that her cheek was against mine. Its funny what you notice but I noticed that the right shoulder strap was hanging off the shoulder and the materiel was just covering her right breasts and that her nipples was pushing the material. She said that it was ‘nice that we were all friends’ and I agreed.

She saw me looking at her almost exposed breast and she lowers the strap even more and lets the breast slide out telling me that they aren’t as big as mine. She put she puts her hands on the towel wrapped around me and tugs it open, ‘let me see’ she says and the towel drops to the chair and I’m naked. She lowers her nighty so she is also naked before cups my breasts and gently squeezes whilst at the same time taken my face in her hand and turns it round so her mouth is on mine and we kiss. Her tongue flickers along my lips and I found my self responding, opening my mouth and letting her in. Her hands exploring my breasts and her fingers squeezing my nipple made me lose concentration. She took my head in both her hands and moved her breast to my mouth with one work ‘ suck’. So I did.

After a few moments so of that she leads me to the bed and I’m breathless. I’m not stupid, I know what’s going to happen and part of me thinks its wrong but the week part wants it to happen. I lay on the bed and she sit’s next to me. We kiss and she strokes my face, my shoulders and caresses my breasts and runs her hand on my tummy gently kissing me on the lips. The he walks in, her husband, my boyfriends father. I look up and him and she smiles at me and kisses me again, her tongue exploring my mouth.

I remember every last detail of what happened next and I relive it when I am alone pleasuring myself. She slides over and lays on to me, her breasts pressing against my chest and she runs her tongue over my breasts and nipples and down my tummy, her singers exploring between my legs. He undresses kneels to meets her and she slides her mouth and covers my pussy and tastes me. As she tastes me he tastes her before placing himself and entering her and as I rush to my first orgasm that morning thanks to her tongue I can feel her head pressing against me and moving away and he gets into his fucking rhythm.

I stare at him and he stairs at me, I feel my tits and wonder if he will be fucking me. She must have read my mind because she stops long enough to look up at me ‘ don’t ‘worry, he’ll be fucking you soon, let me have him for a while first’. I lay there in ecstasy, a woman’s mouth and fingers fucking me, a man watching me pleasure myself whilst he fucks his wife. I couldn’t help it and I climaxed, she looks up at me and tells me that threes more where that came from. Then pats her husband on the leg and moves over ‘I think she’s ready now’.

He crawls up my body, his thick, long wet cock bouncing with pre cum dripping from its thick red bulbous end. He takes in in his hand and eases it into me and I cum again. His mouth explores mine and his hand squeezed my breast hard and he gets into his rhythm and fucks me hard. I lay there wondering who was making all that moaning and grunting and realise it was me. He pulls my knees up to my chin and fucks me, my legs go over his shoulders and he fucks me and then his lays on me, his powerful body pressing on me with one hand holding onto my breast and he’s pounding me hard over and over for a long time.

His wife is laying by my side rubbing her clit making as much noise as me. She calls out ‘ don’t’ worry, she’s on the pill just fuck her ‘ Then he roars and I feel cum hosing inside me and I cum again.

With a few more grunts and more cum pouring into my pussy he’s finished and I’m more than satisfied but she’s not. As he rolls off she slides onto me, lifts my leg over her thigh and presses her pussy against mine and the fucking continues. This time she seems angry gripping my tits ‘do you like fucking, do you like pussy and cock’? I orgasm again with her and she stops.

None of us could move for what seemed like ages. Later we sat eating breakfast like old friends. When my BF came home he was too drunk to ask how my day went. The next day I wanted to tell him that my day was great, I fucked your mum and then your dad, oh , he came inside me by the way, and then I fucked you mum again… but I didn’t.

For the remainder of my relationship with him we fucked most evenings and VERY weekend he went to his football or out with his mates I would excitedly wait for his parents to drag me to the bedroom and take it in turns to fuck me every way they could with every toy they had. Once or twice I would fuck their son and whilst he lay in bed telling himself how amazing he was in bed I would go to get a drink and be taken my the had by his dad and bent over a washing machine in the utility room or a chair in the den and fucked doggy style. And then I would return to my BF, his son and fall asleep telling him how much I loved him and how mazing he was. Now and again we would fuck again and afterwards I would lay there thinking about how I had three lots of cum from two men inside me and how long that would carry on for.

In fact it went on for a year, most nights with my boyfriend, once in a while with his dad right afterwards and every weekend with his parents. Then I found out my BF was cheating on me and was going to leave. He went to work and I packed my stuff to go back to my parents, his parents were wonderful and told me that he was making a huge mistake. We fucked and I left.

I never met them again or even saw them except passing in a car. A few months later I met my husband and we got married and started a family. And no one, except you and his parents know anything about it.