Written by Stan_the_Man

2 Oct 2007

After reading these stories regularly, I wondered when it would be my turn ... now I know.

I have been friends with a married woman for a few months (both in our 40's but she's gorgeous), we're friends not bed partners but conversation often gets around to sex and how neither of us have had a good fuck for too long. Last Saturday we met for a coffee in Manchester centre and I mentioned Sue's lacy top and how sexy it would look without a bra underneath - she leaned over and slapped my shoulder as she went to the loo and I just sniggered and continued with my drink. When she came back, the conversation was about shopping and other mundane stuff then suddenly she asked if I had room in my pocket for 'this'?

I looked at her and gulped as she put her small black bra in my hand and sat back letting her jacket fall open. Fuck me, the top was far more see through than I imagined and her beautiful nipples were clear for anybody walking past to see.

All I could manage was 'very nice' ... but then I got mischevious and asked if I should also hold her jacket while she went to get another coffee, she giggled, stood up, slipped off her jacket and walked back inside with her breast on show. A few minutes later she came back out laughing loudly and I'd watched the reactions of both men and women who'd noticed. I don't ever recall being that horny and was a little speechless when her foot came under the table and started rolling by balls around as she tweaked her nipples and said "come on, let's find somewhere a bit quieter".

Walking round Manchester trying to hide my hard on, she seemed so confident and told me to undo my jacket and stop hiding the bulge (I was sure that everyone was watching) but, feeling horny, I did as I was told and she took off her jacket again and draped it over her arm.

As we passed one of the multi storey car parks, Sue headed down the ramp, "I thought you'd got the train in" I asked innocently ... "I did" she said. At last the penny dropped (well I did say it had been a while) and I took the lead, up one floor and into the darkest corner behind a large 4x4. Within seconds we were kissing passionately and our hands were all over each other. Her nipples were hard and her small tits almost fitted completely into my mouth, my trousers were undone and falling round my thighs as I reached down to find the smoothest and wettest pussy. We just looked at each other for a second or two as if checking that we were sure but there was no turning back for either of us.

Sue took my dick into her mouth then pulled me out and said "I want you to cum" (as if I had a choice!!!) She swallowed most of it, let a little trickle down her chin, then stood up to kiss me - it was incredibly erotic, something I've never done before. As we kissed my fingers slid into her and she made no attempt to keep quiet, I turned her round and she grabbed the spare wheel on the back of the 4x4 as I ran my tongue down her back and then into her arse. I've never been with a woman who has screamed out before (I thought it only happened on porno films) but she was squealing as I sucked on her clit while pushing two fingers deep inside her. She reached behind her and scratched my arms, neck and anywhere else that she could reach as her hips rocked and she shouted "faster, faster". She came with a shudder and I could feel her juices running down my face so thought it only fair to return the compliment. She stood up, turned round, licked her own juices from my face and when we pulled apart from a long kiss she said "Well you were never going to make a move .... so I did, hope I didn't shock you too much?"

We both had jeans round our ankles, her blouse was completely undone and it was obvious what we had been doing as a young couple walked back to their car about 50 yards away, I got nervous, but Sue just shouted out .... "It was bloody fantastic" and started laughing again.

After straightening ourselves up and walking out, I noticed a splash of my cum on the front of her blouse and pointed it out, "leave it" she said "let's see if anybody else notices!" We held hands as we headed back to the station to carry on with our separate lives and I asked Sue if she had always been this horny ... "Oh, that's just the tip of the iceberg" she said as she grabbed by balls through my jeans "that is .... unless I've scared you off?"

No chance Sue, I can't wait to find out how much fun we can have with a little more privacy!!

If this gets published, I'm going to set the scene and let Sue read it because all I've thought of since is how great a full night with her would be - wish me luck!!

More as it happens.