Written by NDW

4 Jan 2018

Hi. Not sure if this counts as swinging but I have to tell my story to someone who doesn’t know me so here goes.

I’m 33, married with a small family and definitely not a lesbian ( just want to get that out there). Since the kids came along my husband and I don’t get much action in the bedroom department. I try and look after myself and I still get chatted up when I’m out, which is very rare now so I think I’m told that I’m still attractive but I don’t go looking for attention so I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a girl who goes looking to be unfaithful because I’m not but this sort of ‘just happened’.

New years eve was spent at my best friend and her husbands house Kelly and Andrew. There were about 25 of us at the party but only my husband and I stayed over. My hubby is a kind guy and a great father but when he goes out he drinks way too much and this was no exception. By midnight he was pissed and had to be carried to bed by his mates. By 1:30 ish most of the guys had gone home and by 2am Kelly and Andrew were seeing the last of the guys out the door and that was that. For some reason the three of us were wide awake so stayed up chatting. I went to check on hubby a few times but he was out for the count which pissed me off because it’s always the same.

The three of us chatted and the subject came round to breast enlargements. Kelly has wanted one for some time but Andrew doesn’t see the point. Kelly says she wants boobs like mine, which are quite big I guess. I told her that big tits aren’t all they are cracked up to be, people tall to them rather than you and I do something get back ache but she was instant that she wanted an enlargement. We had a bit of a laugh about it and then decided it was time for bed.

I went to my room but hubby was snoring and was laying across the bed so Kelly suggests I stay with them. I said that wasn’t necessary but she had her wicked grin on her face and said that they had a queen sized bed and added ‘anyway, Andrew will love having those boobs pressing into his back’ which I laughed at. I sadi no but they insisted and to be honest I thought it was all innocent, after all we have been best friends for years.

We go to the bedroom and I said I would get changed and come back but Kelly insisted I get undressed there telling me that I didn’t have anything she hadn’t’ seen before ( all innocent I assure you). I said that she may have but Andrew hasn’t to which she replied ‘ then lets give him a thrill, anyway I want him to see how nice big boobs look’. At that point I was too tired and although not so drunk I wasn’t in control I had had enough drink not to care. Before I could say anything Kelly was pulling at my clothes and I was topless. This is when the mood changed.

A leaned against the bedroom cabinet with my tits hanging there, Andrew had stripped and was bollock naked as was Kelly. The two of them stood in front of me and I’m not going to deny that I was feeling more than a little horny. Andrew is well hung and has a fit body and so does Kelly. She has small firm breasts with really big dark red nipples and she shaved between her legs which I used to do when I had a sex life.

Kelly pushed Andrew so he was pressing against me, she stood at my side and lifted my left boob and gave it a squeeze ‘ I told you they were amazing’ she said but then she started to massage my nipple and it felt really good. She laughed and asked if he could ‘have a feel’. I think I just shrugged my shoulders which he took as a yes. He cupped my left breast and squeezed it, playing with my nipple between his fingers. I remember having a warn feeling of excitement as he did it bit then Kelly leaned down and took my right breast and put her lips over my left nipple and started to gently suck it.

Without stopping she took my hand and placed it round Andrews hard shaft and with her hand over mine I started slowly tossing him off. For a little while we all stayed like that. Andrew gently touching and squeezing my breast, Kelly sucking the other and me wanking her husband.

Then she stopped, put her arm round my shoulder and whispered ‘this is nice isn’t it’. I don’t remember saying anything but I did think that it was nice and erotic and naughty. Then Kelly told me to ‘sit back’ and pulled me so I was sitting on the draws. Then she kissed me on the lips and pushed my hand off his cock and took it in her own hand. Then he moved so he was pressing against me, my mouth on his chest, Kelly took his cock and lowered it so it was pressing against my pussys hole. I felt week and knew it was wrong but it was so erotic and I felt horny, more so than I had ever felt. I said that we shouldn’t and that it was wrong but I opened my legs and wrapped them round Andrews bum. Kelly kept whispering in my ear over and over again ‘ let him in, let him in, let him in. So I did.

His gently thrust himself forward and his hard thick shaft slid easily into my pussy and the feeling was amazing. I just lay back and let him have me and I felt every ripple of his shaft between my legs which made me cum in seconds. But it was that along with my best friend sucking hard on my breasts before wrapping her tongue round her husbands shaft as it slid in and out of my wet hole that sent me over the edge.

I had had my orgasm but they hadn’t finished with me yet. I was led to the bed and lowered onto my back. Andrew entered me again and I Was fucked hard. I couldn’t control the noise, for some reason I couldn’t stop screaming and groaning and I didn’t give a fuck if I did wake my husband up. I wanted him to come in and see Andrew boning me, his thick, long shaft deep inside his wife’s pussy with his hands and mouth grabbing, biting and sucking my tits. But I wanted him to see Kelly doing the same. Andrew started to grunt, I hadn’t about protection I quite frankly I didn’t give a fuck. Someone said something about Cumming but Kelly was ordering him to ‘ fill her cunt’ and so he did.

I had another of what were multiple orgasms but none more than when Andrew filled me with cum, that warm feeling when someone cums inside you was made all the more erotic knowing it was someone who shouldn’t have done so.

When he had finished he rolled off me but Kelly was only just starting, she replaced him on top of me and for the first time in my life I was shagged by a women and I fucking loved it. We fucked for ages, pussy on pussy, her tongue in my pussy and mine in hers and we climaxed together over and over until we were too exhausted to continue.

We slept well until about 9am when I woke and decided I had better go and see my husband. Kelly and I had a kiss and a cuddle and I left Andrew and her making love. They wanted me to join in and for a little while I knelt there with Andrews shaft inside me doggy style but I had to go. My husband was still snoring so I had a shower to get rid of the smell of sweat and cum and jumped in beside him. I have had lots of texts from Kelly and we have agreed that a repeat performance is needed. She says she has a surprise for me and I now find myself in the shower with my fingers between my legs thinking of what they are going to do to me and what her surprise is and I cum everything I shower to the point that I end up collapsed on my knees.