Written by Christine

19 Sep 2009

Hi, me again, Steve if you read my previous postings on here, (under 'older swingers', and 'gang bang parties', 'fisting' etc) you will know that I live in Essex and that I am now in mt 66th year.

Now back to my life story, we had finally returned to swinging at Sid's place and had, had a great time, as we drove home we chatted about our evening. I asked Allen what he thought about Jasmine, a mid twenties, Muslim girl, who fucked like there was no tomorrow. He was said that he was amazed that I had been able to fist her at her first attempt, while I stated that I personally was simply stunned that she could swallow all of Allen's eight inches down her throat. I have been an avid cock-sucker and cum swallower for almost 46 years now, and to my everlasting regret I have never been able to 'deep-throat' anyone, as soon as the end of the cock gets to my throat I start to reach and almost vomit. Its not for then want of trying but unfortunately that just the way it is. Allen said that it felt great as slowly he felt her lips and tongue work their way down his cock and then feel her throat envelope the end of his cock until he felt her lips on his stomach, he added that she was an excellent cock-sucker and that he hoped for plenty of repeat blow-jobs from her on other evenings.

I was then asked what was Memmet like, and how in hell had I managed to get his massive cock all the way up my cunt. I replied that it was not easy, I had been well fisted by Margaret earlier, and that had opened my cunt up, but Memmet's thick cock had been something else. Over the years I must have had scores of different cocks in my various holes but believe you me nothing, but nothing prepares you for a monster like Memmets. I had slowly eased its head into my cunt, but that was as big as a tangerine, and after about 3 or 4 inches had entered me i felt as if I was going to split in two, and had to stop for a while until I got used to the size. After a few minutes I started to relax and bob up and down on his erection, slowly inching my way down his cock until I reached bottom. I had finally taken the lot, Christ did I feel full, my poor little fanny had taken the lot, (we had measured it earlier, and found that it had been almost ten and three quarters of an inch long and almost three inches thick) and now it felt as if the end of if it was up between my tits and when I looked down my cunt lips were stretched like a red rubber band. Allen asked if I would be trying him out again, and I could only reply too right if I get the chance.I was then informed that both he and Sid had taken dozens of picture of me being fucked by Memmet, and that I would be amazed by them, both for the look on my face and at the state of my cunt.

Our business was doing well and as the guy who we employed as the processor and developer had decided to emigrate, we needed to replace him ASAP. Derek (my 1st husband and Allen used to do all of this but as we expanded there was far too much work for them to do so, so we had taken on a specialist). After interviewing several candidates and seeing how they performed in the darkroom we chose a rather plain, butch woman in her twenties called Elizabeth. later we would be introduced to her girlfriend Ann.

Allen still did our 'special photo' shoots, but after what happened to Derek, I now went on these as well. (For new readers, in the eighties, swingers needed photos for adds and their own collections, this was before digital cameras, and getting them developed could be a problem, so we took these for people we knew or had been recommended to us). Needless to say these were processed by either Allen or myself, we did not need the problems that could be caused by another knowing what we did in our private life. After a few months working for us one morning Elizabeth complained that someone had been using the materials in her lab, and she would have to get extra delivered to finish the current batch of wedding photos. Her main complaint was that this was her job, not anyone else's. Allen apologised and said that it was a special rush job and it would not happen again, if it did we would always have more than enough materials to cover it. Liz seemed satisfied and it was not until later that day that she asked me to see her on her own.

Allen had to go out and see a new headmaster to arrange the school photos for that year. I waited until lunch time, shut the shop and knocked on the darkroom door, and when called entered. Liz, then went to her bench and produced an envelope which she handed to me, saying 'I found these behind one of the benches when I was clearing up'. When I opened the envelope, I found that they were several of our 'private' photos, they must have been knocked to the floor. I explained that we did these for friends and did not want to cause any embarrassment to her, by asking her to develop them. She then stunned me by, pulling another photo out of her pocket and handing it to me, and asking, 'and this one?' It showed me, being fisted by another woman while I licked out the cunt of a third. I was speechless for a few moments and then started to explain. Liz cut me short by saying that she suspected that we were swingers by the number of phone calls that were 'private' and it did not bother her, but the developing was her job, no one else's and that meant all the developing. I said that that was no problem as far as I was concerned, and that I spoke for Allen on this as well. After a few moments silence Liz then asked me how long had I been 'bi', and I replied about four and a half years, ever since I had started swinging, I was then asked what a party was like and would her and her girlfriend like it? I explained that one of our friends had parties that lesbians went to, because a lot of the women at them were bi-sexual. Liz then explained that Ann had been married before they got together and missed being well fucked by a man, and experiencing the feeling of his cum dripping out of her. I said that if she wanted we would ask and they could come with us the next time we visited Sid's. Liz replied that she would ask Ann what she felt about it, that evening. As I stood up to leave, Liz, put her arms around me and before I could move pulled me close and started to kiss me, and then to fondle my breasts. All though I was well experienced with bi-sexual women, this was the first time I had had a pure lesbian kiss and fondle me. As I started to respond, Liz moved away, locked the door and put the warning light on. I was told not to move, and to pull my skirt up and open my legs. As usual I was wearing suspender tights without any panties, and before I could say a word her head was between by thighs and her mouth was covering my fanny lips and her tongue was beavering away. I was so suprised that I came in record time. As I started to cum down from my orgasm, I felt her fingers start to probe my fanny, I grabbed her wrist and told her, 'if you are going to do it, do it properly and fuck your whole hand up me, don't waste time with just a couple of fingers'. Instantly her fingers and thumb were bunched together and forced their way into and up me, so hard that I gasped and winced at the unexpected force of her hand as it hit my cervix, as her hand started to fuck me violently I started to orgasm again. When I had calmed down Liz removed her hand and offered it to me to lick clean, and pulled my skirt down, I wanted to go down on her but was told later, I want to introduce you to Ann first.

To be continued. Next time Ann and Liz visit, Brian's bondage party and we are shown Adele's partyroom