Written by Christine

25 Sep 2009

Me again, first thank you for the comments on my last posting, especially to rockhall for their advice, its been a great help, and at last I have been 'sucksessful',I must admit that I would have never thought about yawning while sucking cock would enable you to deep throat with such ease.

When I left you last, I had been having a rather eventful chat with Liz, which had cleared the air about her work and she had given me an extremely pleasant seeing too. When Allen returned from his trip to one of the local schools, it was after closing hours and we locked up and went home, on the way there I told him what had taken place and my promise to Liz over her work. At first Allen was a bit worried about her developing the 'private' stuff, until I reminded him that she had as much to lose as we did. I then told him about her questions about her and her girlfriend coming with us to one of Sid's parties. I had never previously known Allen to be speechless before, but he certainly was this time. On arrival, home Allen phoned Liz and chatted for about ten minutes or so, when he rang off, he informed me that we were invited round to their apartment later that evening to explain the 'hows and what's' of Sid's events. So after a quick shower and our evening meal we found ourselves at a rather nice block of 1930's flats, not far from the sea front at Chalkwell.

I rang the bell and after a few moments the door was opened by Liz's partner Ann. neither Allen nor myself had seen Ann before and we were quite surprised at her appearance. Liz was rather plain, about five foot nine or ten inches tall and of a decidedly masculine appearance, not helped by what she wore, always in jeans or trousers, with a plain shirt or top. Ann was in contrast, petite, under five feet tall, slim, ( no more than a size 8), and extremely pretty with a dazzling smile. She was dressed in a rather fetching dress, dark tights or stockings and very fashionable shoes with a small heel. We were invited in and lead through to the living room were Liz did the introductions, after being given a drink, Liz explain why they were curious about going to a 'swinging party'.

Liz and Ann, had been together for nearly ten years, as we had gathered already, Liz was a lesbian from puberty, she had never been with a man and had no desire to go with one. She loved what she was, and enjoyed being with women. Ann had been married before they met, in fact had been married at the time; she loved being with Liz, enjoyed their sex lives together, but at times still wanted the feel of a cock inside her. What she missed most was the feeling of spunk being pumped up her and how it felt as it dripped out of her cunt as she moved her body afterwards.

Ann explained that when Liz had found the photos by accident and had brought them home for her to see, it had occurred to them both that this could be the answer to their problem. they would arrive and leave together, both could see what the other was up too, and by not being secret would not put any strain on their lives together. She then surprise Allen by asking me if I had enjoyed Liz's love making, (I had forgotten to tell him about that lunch time). I replied, 'that she was very good, but then I had never to my knowledge been with a lesbian before, only bi-women, and that next time I would try to give as good as I got'.

Allen then asked Liz, 'how she would feel about her seeing a man or men fucking her lover, after all the swinging lifestyle does not work for everyone?' He was told that, 'If she can accept her fucking Christine, then she can accept her fucking another man.' Ann then asked if she (Ann) would be seen as a fuckable proposition at a party, of course was the answer. Liz then told Ann to stand up a remove her dress so that we could see what she had to offer. Ann, slowly stood up and unzipped her dress, and after easing it off her shoulders , let it fall to the floor, stepped out of it and slowly turned round so that we could see all of her. Apart from a pair of dark hold-ups and her shoes she was naked. Both Allen and myself gasped, she was gorgeous, smallish boobs about a 36b, with dark nipples, slim, flat tummy, and nice curvy hips, nice legs and a pert nicely trimmed pussy. The pair of us told her in no uncertain terms that the pair of us would give her a good seeing too, let alone anyone else who happened to be there. Both Liz and Ann then explained that,' She (Ann) would not be having sex with another woman, that was only between Liz and herself, Liz can have other women and I can have other men but not any other combination.' Allen then said that it was getting late, and that if they wanted to take it any further, they were more than welcome to visit us and if they were agreeable we would swap there and then. But he felt that it was much better for them to talk it over amongst themselves, sleep on it, and let us know at a later date. Ann got dressed, and after another drink we left.

The day after that Liz told us that they would indeed like to take us up on our kind offer, but under one condition. that we were all in the same room certainly for their first swap. We told her that was fine, and as Ann was about to start her period, would the following Tuesday be all right. This was fine with us, so it was agreed, next Tuesday would see the deed done.

Friday we were off to Brian's for one of his irregular gatherings, (usually we went to Sid's, but Brian had a smaller group of devotees). Brian and his wife Margaret had introduced Allen's first wife Sue and then myself to the delights of BDSM. I had been slightly worried at first, but after seeing Sue and Margaret being tied up and then being used, I had tried it myself and enjoyed it. A 'safe' word was used and as soon as it was uttered what ever was going on stopped.

We arrived at about 8.30 or so and found that we were not the only people there, apart from us there was obviously Brain and Margaret, but also Richard, Adele and Memmet, Del, (one of Sid's regulars) and a couple of Brian's friends, David and Jeremy. So it looked as if us girls were going to be put through it that night.

Richard, Memmet and Del, were asked to stay downstairs as the rest of us went up to the back room, they would be called up later. We undressed, and us girls were then lead over to the equipment. This for new readers consisted of, two pairs of wall rings, four above head height and about four feet apart, another pair at ankle height, between each pair, in the ceiling was a pair of pulleys. Margaret and myself have pierced nipples, so we were tied to the wall rings, arms above our heads, legs spread apart and secured. A length of cord was then passed through the nipple rings, over the pulley and tied off. This had the effect of pulling our tits up and away from the body, then a length of pyjama cord was tied off be hind our heads, down over the shoulder, looped tightly round one tit, then on to the next, a couple of more loops then tied back behind the neck. This had two side effects, it trapped blood in your tit making both them and your nipples, larger, and more sensitive. Adele had a truly massive pair of tits, but did not have any piercings, so she was tied to a Y shaped bench, her legs secured wide apart, and her head lay at an angle so that her throat was opened and her face could be fucked. her tits would need to have several separate layers of bounding other wise they would have flopped over her sides, some what defeating the object. As soon as all of us girls were secure ot the various pieces of equipment and our tits securely tied up, Richard, Memmet and del were told to remove their clothes and join every one else up stairs.

To be continued, BDSM party and Ann and Liz join the lifestyle.