Written by Christine

14 Jun 2009

Hi Christine here again, and now its time for me to tell you all about my first proper gang-bang. I had, had several mini gang-bangs (four or five men) but this time it was going to be well into double figures, and if I felt able to, I was going to go on the Margaret and Brian's afterwards and experience my first taste of bondage in Brian's back room. The two weeks between out last visit to Sid's and the fateful Friday seemed to drag. I had started my period on the first Monday and as usual I was as randy as fuck, unfortunately Derek for some reason would not fuck me when I was one, and so had to make do with my trusty vibro, strange but he never objected to me sucking him off at every opportunity, but that's men for you. I had spent a good deal of time talking to both Sue and Margaret about the procedure of a gang-bang at Sid's, who attended, was it the usual people,(males I mean), and would I have the say in what happened and when. I had been assured by both of them that, I was the one to have the pleasure, they, the men were in effect just a succession of cocks on legs, there to satisfy me and to give me pleasure.

We lived a bit further away from Sid's house than Allen and Sue, so on that Friday in question we picked them up. We usually took it in turns to use each others car, but that week Allen had a late booking at the studio, which left him short of time. After questioning Sue, I was wearing a white 1/4 cup basque, which would support but not hinder access, black lace hold ups, black court shoes and a simple button through dress. I had pondered the idea of matching knickers but thought that they would be a waste of time, I was going to a gang-bang not a garden party, they would soon be off, and anyway they would be soaked by the time I got there. My fanny always suffers from anticipatory wetness, even now. On the way there Sue reminded me that I would be in control of the men, not the other way round. They were there to give me enjoyment, not me giving them what they wanted, she reiterated that they were there to do what I wanted not what they wanted me to do to them. We arrived about 8.30, to find about nine or ten men already there, all known to us, and several others were expected later. Brian and Margaret were there so with Sid, Brian, Allen and Derek there even if the others failed to turn up I could expect to be fucked by at least fourteen different cocks that evening. Margaret had been passing the time by acting as a 'fluffer' for me by giving those present a little gentle BJ to stopped everyone from getting bored. As Allen and Derek stripped off, Margaret and Sue took me through to the kitchen, were I took off my dress and composed myself for the evening ahead.

I followed both women back into the living room and told the men present what I did and what I liked, it was on the lines of. 'I love sex, of all sorts, I loves being fisted, sucking cock and fucking, bot in my cunt and up the arse. I adore having all of my holes filled at once, but most of all I just love having two cocks up my cunt at once, while I suck on one or two others. I love cum in all of my holes, however tonight the only place I want any cum is in my mouth. I love the taste of spunk and I always swallow'. With my little speech out of the way I moved to the centre of the room and knelt down and glanced the many and varied cocks on offer. They were all shapes and sizes from about 41/2 inches to Del's massive 9 and a bit inches (and thick with it). I gave them all a nice little suck to get things started and was soon surrounded by a wall of hard cocks. now the real action would start.

A daybed was moved into the centre of the room, I was gently helped to my feet and then placed on the bed, the serious fucking was about to start. As I lay-ed back I felt what seemed to be a numberless amount of fingers and tongues start to run over my body. As fingers closed around my tits, two mouths descended onto my nipples and alternately sucked and nibbled them. Other fingers started to probed the moist depths of my cunt as another mouth started to tease my clitoris, as I started to respond and gasp for breath, a cock was pushed between my lips to suck on, and my hands were forced down onto two other hard cocks so I could gently wank them. I was in cock heaven. It seemed only a matter of moments before i felt the first orgasm of the evening wash over me. As I regained a bit of composure, I felt another start to build as a hand forced its way up into my cunt, tongues were still at my clit and nipples, I had cock between my tits and one in my mouth, my hands were full of cock and this was just the start. And so it went on, as one man felt himself on the verge of cumming he moved away and was replaced by another, after several orgasms, inflicted on me by hands fingers and tongues, I felt the first of what I hoped would be many cocks sliding into my soaking wet stretched hole, as I started to respond to its movement I was gently lifted and someone moved under me and a hard cock was placed at my bum hole and slowly but firmly pushed home, the first cock was returned to my cunt and I was then vigorously DPed to another orgasm. As I recovered from one orgasm, cocks were changed and others were placed in my mouth, cunt and arse, until I was not really aware of who, what or were I was. I was just one overwhelming orgasm. Now was the time for my reward, I was going to suck every man there off and would at last be able to swallow their cream.

Sue and Margaret helped me up and the day bed was removed, I returned to the centre of the room and knelt down and started to suck the first cock in line, gently at first, but soon my head was boobing up and down like an express lift as I could feel the cock stating to tremble and quiver in my mouth, and in o time a torrent of spunk hit the back of my throat and was greedily swallowed. No sooner had I licked it clean than it was replaced by another cock and the process started all over again. Eventually, I was left with no more cocks to suck and the girls helped me to my feet as a round of clapping started to ring round the room. As I became more aware of my surroundings, I was amazed at the number of people there, I was still not totally steady on my feet when Sue came up and put her arms around me and told me that I had broken all records at Sid's, there had been at one time twenty two men there and I had not only fucked them all, some more than once, but had sucked off all of them. She was proud of me. Personally I was knackered, and I still had Brian's to face. I went up and had a shower, dressed and returned ready to leave for Brian and Margaret's.

When we arrived, we all went up to Brian's special room, were for the second time that night we all undressed. Everything was ready, soft cord for tying us to the floor and wall rings, and a new piece of equipment a fucking bench, (more of this later). There were longer pieces of pyjama cord for tying tightly around our breasts and through our nipple rings and on a side table were laid out the soft leather whips and canes for use on our bound tits and wide open defenceless cunts and clitoris's. AS it was my first time, I had the choice of were I would be, so I chose one of the sets of wall rings, and Sue was to have the other. Sue and myself stood with our backs to the wall between the rings and within moments our arms and legs were secured to the rings. A length of cord was then passed through our nipple rings and up to a pulley in the ceiling and secured back to the wall rings. This had the effect of both lifting our tits and pulling them away from our bodies, so that another length of cord could then be tied around our tits. It started behind our necks, down over the shoulder and tightly around our right tits two or three times, then across to the left were the procedure was repeated then back up to behind our necks and tied off. This had several results

1) It trapped blood in the boob making it larger, in my case from a 38c to a 38d, Sue from a 42D to a 44DD or bigger.

2) It made them even more sensitive.

When we were securely tied to the wall Margaret, was tied to the bench and her tits were also bound. The bench was about two feet high, well padded, with ahead rest that hung down so that one head was supported at a downwards angle, so anyone on it would have their throat at a convenient angle for deep throating. The other end was Y shaped so that with your legs secured to the straps, your legs were wide open and your cunt open to any sort of treatment that was available. Allen and my husband were then told to start using the soft leather whips on Sue and myself whilst Sid and Brian would attend to Margaret. Allen picked up the whip, and i felt it slide across the underside of my tits, Derek did the same to Sue, the whips were then draw across our boobs until we were moaning and writhing in pure bliss. up to this moment both of the boys had been careful to avoid getting anywhere near our nipples, but as we became more worked up, they suddenly gave us both a sharp crack across our teats. As we reacted to this new move, I was asked if I wanted to feel the whip on my wide-open and defenceless pussy and pierced clitoris, the look on Sue's face told me all I needed to know, and I agreed. You might think that the pain would be unbearable, but it was not and soon I could feel an almighty orgasm building up in me, but before I could cum, both Allen and Derek were called over to help Sid and Brian finish off Margaret.

Margaret was tied to the bench with her head angled down, so you could fuck her face and get your cock all the way down her throat, whilst at the same time her legs were spread wide apart, so that one could do as they pleased with her cunt. Brian and Sid had taken turns to fuck her face and fist her whilst her bound breasts were being gently whipped until they glowed a warm cherry red. Now it was time to finish her off before they all returned to us. All four of the men face fucked her until they had cum down her throat, and when they had with-drawn their cock from her face they had slapped their hand down hard across her cunt, as the noise of the last slap reverberated across the room, she started to buck into one of the most violent orgasms I have ever witnessed. After she had recovered, the restraints were removed from her wrists and ankles and she sat up, but kept her breasts bound for the time being. Now it was our turn. Brian and Sid picked up the whips and started to apply them to our boobs and nipples as our husbands slowly started to fist us, matching the pace of the fisting to that of the whips, until with an almighty scream and a shudder we started to cum yet again. When we had calmed down the restraints were removed, we went down stairs, had some coffee, dressed and left, after arraigning to return as soon as we could.

The Saturday was a busy one we had two Weddings to cover, and Sunday brought a Christening and a Conformation. Business was booming Allen was now an integral part of the firm, we had so much work that we now employed two other people as well as one full time on developing and processing. Wedding, Christenings,school photos, and Masonic functions all brought in the money and things were going fine. For the next fifteen months, that was our life, hard work then we would relax by swinging, either as we had started, just the four of us, or when we had the time at one of Sid's little gatherings. There were now four people in both our marriages, and spent not only our time to-gether at work but at play. The only one not to spend all her time with us was Sue, who worked else where.

In the days before digital photography and the widespread us of home PCs, the only way for a couple to get pictures for adds in swinging magazines or for their own 'special' albums, was to use the Polaroid camera or if they knew a keen amateur who developed their own films and could be trusted, but all in all it was difficult. As we became more well known in the swinging world, we were constantly being asked if we could provide a service for like minded couples. Naturally we had to be careful, we had a lot to lose if certain newspapers were to find out, nothing sold Sunday papers, like an expose of 'disgusting swingers in your town'. We insisted that we would only photograph people we knew or were known to those people. So eventually we would arraign to do the add photos 'after hours' at the studio if local or if they were prepared to pay we would visit them. If it was a set for their 'special' album then that was at their home.

It was to be one of those evenings that was to change things for ever. These photo shoots were on a basis of if Allen did the last one, then Derek did the next. We had known John and Pat since our first swinging party and they had known Allen and Sue for several years before that. They had always been 'straight' swingers, just ordinary swaps, but over the last year or so, Pat had become very keen on two men at once, either as a 'roasting' or double penetration and for her fiftieth birthday she not only wanted a gang-bang but wanted recorded on 9x5 glossies. So on the second Tuesday in October 1986, Derek left to go to Ardliegh in Suffolk, he arrived in good time, set up his equipment and had a drink with Pat and John while they waited for the others to arrive. There were to be five other men all known to John and Pat, and they were to have their wicked way with her, in a variety of combinations until they finished off with a five man facial. Her choice but struck me as a wicked waste of cum. Derek left about eleven o'clock after packing all of his equipment in their protective cases, and told the happy couple that the proofs would be posted to them in a few days. As he drove home down the A12, just outside Colchester, his car was struck by a lorry which had crossed the central strip and hit his car head on. Derek was killed instantly. He was my first and only boy-friend, literally the boy next door, and we had known each other for fully two thirds of my life.

I was out with a few of my non-swinging friends, and when I arrived home Allen and Sue were waiting there for me. The police had trace the registration number of the car to the business, I was not available so they contacted Allen. Allen took me to one side and explained what had happened as Sue packed a few things in a bag and they took me home to their house. I was told in no uncertain terms that we had been there for Sue when Allen had his accident, and now it was their turn to give all the help that they could. Sue arranged time off work and look after me for the next two weeks, after the funeral I went and spent a few days with my parents, but the business still needed me and I returned to work part time. The hardest bit was when the police returned Derek's equipment, all of it undamaged, the padded alloy cases had protected it so well, not even any of the lenses were harmed. John and Pat eventually got their photos. The events of Derek's death shook us all, none of us wanted to continue with our swinging lifestyle at that time. Allen was beside himself with guilt, blaming himself for involving us, if he had never replied to our add it would never have happened. I pointed out that IT WAS OUR ADVERT, if there was any blame it was ours. Eventually after about five or six months I asked them if I could join them in their bed, I was still living at their house, the one I shared with Derek held no attraction any more, it would be sold towards the end of 1987. When it went I had been back there twice.

Just after new year of 1987, Sue started to get very bad head aches, she would spend days crippled with pain, in a darkened room. Eventually the doctors sent her to a specialist hospital for some tests, the results were to be as devastating as Derek's accident. Sue gad an advanced Astrocytoma, it was inoperable, and the prognosis was between six months to a year. Sue was not yet thirty. Sue faced this as she always did, well I have six to twelve months of enjoying myself, but she didn't before the chemo could start she was rushed to hospital abd died two days later. Before she died she made me promise that I would stay with Allen, she felt it was ordained. After a reasonable time Allen and myself married, both house were sold and we started our new lived together in a new house. We have now been married for twenty years, twenty one in December, and have never regretted it. Derek and Sue are part of both our pasts, and are still remembered with love.

If some of you have found this part upsetting I'm sorry but it is the only way to tell an honest account of my life, the good bits and the bad.

Part ten; We return to the life style, and meet lots of old and new friends