13 Jan 2016

I was sat at my desk on a Monday morning just before Xmas doing my usual work preparing quotes for various Jobs, when one of our Rep's Jason came over to me to ask me if I would like to come on a Site visit with him , I said yes, I would love too ! , but I would have to clear it with my boss Dan who was on holiday that day.

I saw Dan when he came in the next morning and told him about the Site visit and he said yes of course you can go as you have been doing all the work on that Job, it will be good for you to see where this job is situated and to meet our Clients. I went over to see Jason in his office with a few of the other Rep's there , as I walked in to the office making my way over to Jason I received a few comments from the others, like when you coming out with us then, we can show you a thing or two, Sara ??? and Jason thinks your Hot and only wants to get in your nix , Sara !

Jason told them to belt up as I sat down opposite him at his desk, he told me all about the Job and who we would be meeting ,and he said we will stop off for lunch somewhere on the way back, he said for me to come into work as usual and we would leave from here . He also said the weather forecast is meant to be ok but if you have a rain coat I would bring it otherwise I have a couple of high- vis coats in my car , I said ok I would see him on Thursday and left, still getting remarks from one guy who is a right knob as I passed his desk, I told him to grow up as I left.

The Thursday came along I had dressed as normal for work I had put my dark Grey skirt suit on with a white blouse , a matching bra, suspender, g-string with some stockings and my 5" heels and picked up a waterproof coat arrived at work had a coffee as Jason came over a little later saying was I ready. I told him I was and we went down to his car and set off, we had a hour and a half drive if the traffic was Ok, we chatted about work and ourselves as he drove, he told me he was 28 , single and was looking for somewhere to go on holiday, as he knew I used to have 2-3 holidays a year.

He was very easy to chat to as this was the longest I had spoken to him before, he was polite ,well mannered unlike some of the other Rep's, he told me I looked very smart and joking I said don't I always , he said Yes of course we were saying that you always looked smart and fit in the office the other day. As he said I like that you always wear heels and you do have a fine pair of legs and bum, I said you are naughty and laughed.

We got near to the site , as we could see it as it was situated on top of a hill, we were looking for the road to get us up to the site , we looked at the sat nav and a map, we drove thru a village trying to see a road , when I saw a track that seemed to be going the right way and as we were getting near are rendezvous time we set up off this track .

We went through some trees to come out on the hill with the building about 1/2 a mile away as we got nearer there was a gate and I got out to find it was locked , as I went to tell Jason ,I said we better walk the last few hundred yards as we would be late if we tried to come up the right way ,as we could see their vehicles out side the building.

So Jason got out in his suit locked the car bringing his case , he said its a good job its a nice sunny and warm day today as I expect it could get rough up here as I held his case as he climbed over the gate, he took his case from me he said are you ok getting over there . Well ! , I said yes ! , hoping I was not about to make a fool of myself as I hitched my skirt up my legs and climbed onto the metal five bar gate, Jason grinned as he saw my stockings and undies saying not dressed for doing that are you ,smiling as he helped me down, those heels don't help either, we laughed as we walked on and finally got to the building.

The door was open and we went in to see our two clients and two contractors ,I was introduced to the four Men, who seemed more interested in me than what Jason had to tell them, as we were led around the building and shown where our equipment would be situated. The contractors seemed satisfied and said they were off now as we chatted with our clients as we walked outside , they asked where we parked and Jason pointed at our car in the distance, well you better go looking at the Sky , they said didn't you see the sign just before the village , we said No ! as they said maybe one of the local lads had moved it , we said our good byes as they said enjoy your walk before they locked up drove off .

As we began our walk the Sky got darker and darker, when it suddenly began absolutely tipping down we had only gone about 1/4 of the way and we were getting soaked , I couldn't run because of my heels and Jason held my hand as we made our way back both cursing that we had left our coats in his car as it had been so lovely a little while ago. We got to the gate I held Jason's case again as he climbed over ,this time I just rolled my soaked skirt up as I climbed over and Jason grabbed me lifting me up and carried me and his case the last few yards to his car.

We got in both soaked to the skin looked at each other and laughed he said we better get out of this lot , looking at out sodden we clothes, he said there was a pub with rooms just down the hill as Jason turned the car round and headed down. We arrived at the door 5 minutes later as Jason went in and came back saying we can have a room and something to eat and drink while they dry our clothes , I had never been so pleased to see a bedroom before as Jason had given me the room key to go up, I took my suit and blouse off when I heard Jason knock at the door.

I went to the door to see him stood there with 2 towelling robes, he came in and began undressing ,I looked at him saying we only have one room , he said yes they are full , I said Oh right ! I grabbed a towel to dry my hair and turned round to see Jason stood naked taking his pants and socks off, I said Oh sorry Jason ! he looked at me as I stood there in my bra ,suspenders and g string . He said no need to be sorry you look fantastic , I went to say No ,I meant ? , when I saw his black cock move and start to rise.

He looked at me saying you better get those off and I will get these clothes dried , so I thought , I may as well join him and took the rest of my clothes off , he even took my shoes , by now his cock was stood up pointing at his belly, I suddenly realised I was staring at his black cock and his body taking in how fit he looked , he caught me looking as he put the robe on and went out the door , he came back a few minutes later.

He said do you want a shower and then go down for some food and drinks as I sat on the bed in the robe trying to warm up, I said sounds like a idea and I went off to the bathroom got in the shower washed my hair ,then realised I had left the towel on the bed . I called to Jason who bought it in and pulled back the shower curtain to give me the towel, I was still shaking with the cold and Jason pushed his robe off his shoulders and got in with me turned the hot tap on and pushed me under and held me to his body as he wrapped his arms around me .

I said is this what you get up to on the road is it ? , he smiled , saying you feeling any warmer now ! I had to admit I was starting to thaw out , I could feel his black cock pressing against my stomach as we stood there holding each other, I said can I turn round now so you can warm my back up now , he said , go for it , I turned to feel his arms wrap around me his hands on my stomach now.

Jason said well I hadn't expected to be doing this with you today, though I am not complaining as his cock twitched against my back , I put my right hand behind me feeling for his bum to squeeze, as I did he looked at me and grinned and moved his hands up to cup my boobs. He massaged them plucking at my nipples ,the effect he was having on me was enormous I just wanted him to lay me on that bed an fuck me.

I could hear myself tell him to take me to bed please ,Jason ! we stepped out the shower and he picked me up still wet and lay me on the bed , I had my head on the pillow watching him as he towel dried me ,his black cock bobbing around as he rubbed me dry. I then watched as he buried his face between my raised legs and his tongue lashed at my clit and pussy as my hands gripped his shoulders, then he stopped knelt up his shiny black cock seeping with his watery pre cum , I put a hand down to spread it over his dark head with my thumb.

Then he spoke saying Fuck ! don't do that unless you want me to finish with you, I smiled saying Oh Yes! Jason please do it ! , Put that hard black cock inside me and make me cum, he lifted my legs and moved forwards his cock spreading my pussy lips wide , opening me up for his cock to fill me up as he pressed more into me , I begged him to give me it all to fill how hot I felt now with his cock inside me . He put his hands either side of my head his mouth on mine his tongue filling my mouth as his cock filled me completely now, holding his head in both hands I kissed him hard , his cock doing small circles inside me as he rotated his hips.

I was so horny I was grabbing his bum urging him on to fuck me , then he got me to lay on my front lifting my bum in the air and fucked me even harder , he said you have a lovely arse and body, I love your tits as well while I kept lifting my bum up to meet his thrusts he said am going to cum in your sexy puss ,fill it with my black Jizm ! I told him to tell me when as I was going to cum soon , he gave a cry of Yes baby now !! as I began coming with him.

I lay with his cock pumping every drop inside me before turning over and telling him to move up my body so I could lick that black cock clean for him after the pleasure it had just given me , we got up I combed my hair and we put our robes on and went down to a quiet corner of the bar reserved for us to have some food and a drink, It was a good job I had that robe on otherwise I would have left a pool of Jason's cum on the seat as It leaked from me .

As we finished a Waitress came over with our clothes in a bag and on hangers, she smiled at me as she glanced at Jason as he stood there as his cock was pressing against the robe forming a bulge, we went back to our room to change , we came down to pay for the room and I left a good tip for them , we went back to the car to find it had brightened up again. All the way back we chatted as I had held Jason's cock for him and as it was now dark and the car park empty except for a handful of cars I ducked my head down into Jason's lap to lick and suck his black cock till he had spent his load down my throat.

I sat up licking my lips saying that was lovely Jason as we held and kissed each other , as I thanked him for a lovely day ,he said , I should be thanking you ! , I got out of his car to get into mine ,thinking I could still feel my pussy leaking as I drove home !

Hope you liked that , as ever since that day ,Jason has a huge smile whenever he see's me and has asked me when I want my next Site visit, Love Sara xxxx