Written by DeeJay12

30 Sep 2010

well it was a wedensday night and me and the wife decided it was dogging night, to cut a long story short we went to a famous dogging site in the north notts area and sat and waited.. and waited .. and waited, nothing happened so we decided to go some were else, again we waited .. and waited and again nothing, however on the way back to the original place i wanted to have some fun, (the wife was driving at the time)so she just pulled in to the side of the main road undid are seat belts and started kissing which quickly lead to me getting here tits out and tweeking her nipples, all this happening even as cars were passing us head lights blazzing.

now the mrs gets realy turned on when here nipples are played with and because i knew this it wasnt long before my cock was hard and she hand her hand around it slowly wanking me off with the odd suck in between, we were both horny as fuck and gagging to fuck to,the mrs then suggested we go some were and for me to fuck her good and hard, are journey took us down the A1 for a short while i continued to play with here tits and she wanked my cock as we weaved in and out of the traffic, tits and cock in full view to anyone that looked at us as we sped by, doing that turned us both on even more and i knew she would be getting wetter and wetter between the legs, oh boy i was right to, as i found out when we got to are favourite outdoor fucking spot, that,s another story though, and boy what a fuck it was.. love you babe xx