Written by Sjh172

9 Jan 2011

just me and a friend went, 2 straight single (good looking i think) males, total etiquette to all involved no names mentioned, 1st time so were taking it very easy, were approached by a female after about 2 hrs who introduced us to her husband, she beautiful no knickers, see through top xxl boobs, he, just a very nice guy interested in watching, had a few drinks and got to know each other for about an hour or so, we then went to a lockable room, rules on kissing etc etc were, there were none, so i sat back and watched my mate undress her then himself and then she told me i had to too, so i politely obliged, by this stage she was giving him a BJ her on her back legs open, so i proceeded to lick her for all i was worth, then my mate fucked her while she sucked me, then my mate sat back with her husband watching me 69 with her for forever, i couldnt get enough of her, before i started fucking her in all different a manner of positions, afterwards having another drink and exchanging numbers before they left, we were then called into a side room, that needed more males where another beautiful woman was flat on her back, with 3-4 guys wanking over her tits, i just sat and watched while my mate joined in, we then walked around some more, and were found by the couple with the female getting wanked over, so we had a few drinks with them, (red wine) they then invited us back to theirs, so off we went, got there, a few more drinks and talk, rules were, no mouth contact, so i licked her for all i was worth again she had her clit pierced so i was nibbling on that, i then fucked her me on top then her on top her husband behind her DPing her, me sucking her tits aswell, all taking it in turns to fuck her on their living room floor, then we all wanked over her while she was fingering herself, flat on her back, mine and her husbands all over her tits, and then my mate done his load all over her face, sexiest thing ive ever seen, she was covered in it,

amazing night,