Written by Randy304

4 Oct 2014

So Lisa had gone round to their house dressed for sex and given herself to two of her boyfriends mates

"So what did you do" I asked

"Well they both stripped off while we were groping and snogging, then I squatted down and took hold of their cocks, one in each hand, wanking them off until one pulled my head towards his cock and told me to suck it, then the other guy pulled me towards his and I swapped from one to the other

"Did they both fuck you"


"Did they spit roast you"

"Yeah they fucked me in lots of positions, bent over the settee, standing up, on the coffee table, on the floor"

"Did you let them D.P you"

"Well to be honest, they were getting a bit too excited and a little too rough, so I didn't try and stop them when one started pushing his cock against my bumhole, but he didn't last long and then the other guy wanted to finish off in my arse and that was my first time doing anal

"Wow, did you meet up again?"


"Anymore threesomes?"

"Well I started seeing a guy called Paul, a scouser he was in his 30's and worked in a bar where all the students went, he was into letting his friends watch us fucking, they would just watch and wank, sometimes he'd want me to suck them off or let them cum on me, but he was into kinky sex, he bought me rubber dresses and stockings, anal beads and handcuffs and suff, he used to like fucking outdoors or in pub toilets, he got me to suck him off under the table in a nightclub"

"Did anybody see?"

"Yeah, it turned me on being watched, we were just fuckbuddies, never really went out he was seeing other women and I was seeing other men"

Ther were several other stories too, but I couldn't believe she'd done stuff like that, it made me so fucking jealous and it was a long time before I stopped feeling that way.