Written by Dale

31 Jan 2016

It was my fantasy to share my wife with another guy. She didn’t think we needed anyone else. Our sex life was good, she is a fantastic fuck and will let me do anything to her that I could think of.

She had had quite a bit of sexual experiences before we met. All types of sex and multiple partners were on the list. She had lived with a guy named Brad on and off for a while. They got on well but split because he went overseas with his work while she continued her training to qualify in her profession.

We had been together and then married for 4 years when she got news that Brad was back in the country. We met him a few times and all got on well. She particularly enjoyed his company.

I took the opportunity to suggest that she might like to have some fun with him as she had told me some of what they had done.

He had been the first to fuck her ass. She and him had had threesomes with both other males and some girls.

She was receptive to the idea but only if I took part also. I could not believe I was going to get my wish. I was not jealous and could think of nothing but seeing her being drilled by another cock.

We both agreed that she would talk to him to see if he was interested. I thought, what man wouldn’t be. He was all for it and it was arranged that he come the next day for dinner and some drinks and see where the night led.

I was excited to say the least. I was travelling home from work in the city and as I was ready to step from the bus, a truck collided with the bus and I was jolted out the rear door and rolled under a car. I was pinned for a while and received a broken hip/leg as well as some other injuries.

I was in hospital for a week.

Brad was at our place when my wife got the call from the police that I was injured. I found out later that they were fooling around like touching and kissing. She would not let him get too serious until I arrived.

When they got to the hospital I was operated on and then returned to the room to rest for the night. They were sent home at about midnight. I found out later that Brad took her home and fucked her twice before morning.

My wife saw me the next day and then on the following day Brad brought her up. I told her that a nurse had sponged bathed me and it was embarrassing as my cock had got hard. It was Brad’s suggestion that she wank me while he watched the door. She did better than that. She blew me. It was fantastic. She sucked me while Brad watched.

She did that every day until I went home.

When at home she and Brad told me that they had fucked. They couldn’t wait. I was happy about it and invited them to do it with me there. I could not do much but for weeks she would suck or wank me while she laid or knelt beside me with his cock buried deep inside her.

When I recovered enough I got a chance to fuck my wife and it felt so good. Probably it is more truthful to say she fucked me as I couldn’t move that much. Brad fucked her straight after me. When the plaster came off it go even better.

Since then she has been happy to service both of us and we look forward to his visits. He is a really thoughtful as we see him often but not too much so it’s always special.

The best thing is that we have moved forward and she has had another guy as well. Brad does not know about this. It our little secret.