Written by old sharon

15 Jul 2009

Thank you for your kind comments, although Busman 2000 can not read he said something about an American State.

Anyway back to the story, Don and I had arranged to meet one of the young couples, our new found friends, at a local dogging site (Don had took his Viagra), Pete and Michelle wanted to take us because, as they explained there are some unsavory characters hang around some of the dogging sites. Michelle told us if you not careful you could easily do things against you will, it's a type of rape, but just think where you are, and the position you have put yourself in, when you have been a few times you will get to know who to trust.

They introduced us to another young couple, Alan he was very tall and you could see is manhood though his trousers, Alex was also tall and blond, Pete then said lets go just into the woods, so we can still be seen by those who want to see us, and far enough away so passes by can just turn and walk away. They where learning us the true art of dogging, never upset the general public and also try and asses the people your attracting.

As we lay on a cover Alan got is prick out, it was massive, I could not wait to play with it, and when I did I got both hand around it. By now Michelle and Alex had got Don's trousers off and they were giving him bath with their tongues, licking his prick, balls and nipples. Whilst Pete stood there wanking.

Alan started to undress me, kissing and caressing my breasts, I was beginning to get wet between my legs, after about 5 minute I was down to my new sexier knickers, not a thong though (how can anyone wear then something what's up your arse all the time) there not for me. Alan put his hand under my knickers and said that's nice and bushy and then finger fucked my for a while, before taking them off completely, He the got on top of me and started to fuck me, I had proper orgasm for the first time in years, Alan ask me if I did it doggy, I said I'll try but I am nearly 68 you know and not to good on my knees, Alan said no need to go on your knees just lean against that tree and if it hurts we will get back on the floor.

As I got up Don was fucking Alex who had straddled him, and Michelle had her cunt in his face. I leaned against the tree and Alan entered me from behind, and it was fine, and it did not take him long before he chucked his load up me, as he was drawing out Pete said wait there Sharon do you mind and he started to fuck me, he squeezed all of Alan's spunk out and a few minutes later filling me up with his. whilst I was being fuck by Alan and Pete I had, had least 4 big orgasms.

Whilst I was cleaning myself up Don who had been fucked by Alex, was now fucking Michelle, and Pete who had not long fucked me was now fucking Alex, Alan then asked me to suck him off whilst we waited for them to finish, I just grabbed his prick and started suck and stroke, and to my surprise I brought him to another orgasm and he chucked a load into my mouth which I swallowed.

We all cleaned ourselves up and went home Don and I had a bath together and talked dirty, we made love and Don chucked a load up me and said I saved it just for you, he said he'd spunked up Alex, but Michelle was to soon after even for Viagra but I did have fun trying. That chance meeting whilst out hiking as changed our lives and not in filthy way, yes we are having sex with others but most of all where now having good sex with each other and if we stopped seeing Michelle and her friends (which we will not) our sex life is 90% better then it was.

Next time I'll tell about Don's 69th birthday in barn, when 69s are the order of the day, and Michelle shows me how lick another woman's pussy. Until next time lol Sharon