Written by Jessica

15 Nov 2017

A few weeks ago I joined a yoga class. Since then every Wednesday night I kiss my boyfriend goodbye as I leave the house with my gym bag and head to the class. The only thing is that there was no such yoga class. It was just something I told my boyfriend so I could get Wednesday’s nights free to visit a new friend I have met in a coffee shop. His name is Marcus and within an hour of meeting him for the first time I had sucked his beautiful cock.

After sharing a coffee and a long flirty chat he had offered to drive me home. It was during that drive home that I gave him a blowjob. I just reached over and started rubbing his bulge through his pants and within moments I had slipped off my seatbelt and was leant over with my mouth on his cock.

He ended up having to pull over at the side of the road seconds before his cock erupted with tasty, warm and sticky cum in my mouth and lots of it. Ever since that drive I had been going to his place every Wednesday night to suck his balls dry. It is like his cum is a drug and I am completely addicted. I know I wouldn’t be kicking this addiction for a very long time.

I don’t fuck him and don’t need to. He has offered to return the favour to me but I haven’t felt the urge yet.

Before I get home I suck a few strong mints and my boyfriend gives me the fucking I need. He likes that yoga gets me so steamy.