Written by Jon

6 Jul 2013

Having read some of the stories about Adult Theatre's I would like to tell you about how my wife found pleasure one warm summers evening.

Tracy hd always dressed for me for pleasure and this night was no exception, black semi transparent blouse, lace bra, button fastened skirt, black panties and of course silk stockings and suspenders.

After a nice meal in town, she asked if we could go on somewhere else, I suggested a drink but that was not what she was looking for. As we walked round the city we came across an adult theatre/bookshop. Let's have a look inside she giggle, so in we went.

After a while of looking at the dido's and lingerie, she came across to me as I was looking at the gentleman's magazines. I look better then they do she said, pointing to two girls giving head in an adult theatre.

Then with not so much as a pause, she said lets go in there, pointing to the door into the small cinema.

We bought 2 tickets and passed into the small lobby, where racy asked me to wait a moment before going in. Fine thought she has changed her mind. But no, she stood there and promptly reoved her panties, stating that tonight she wanted to enjoy herself.

I almost imeadiatly hd a hard on, as the thought of my wife walking into a theatre with no panties on.

We chose our seats roughly half way down the aisle, there were about 2 other couples and about 4 single men all watching a dubious blue movie. In the half light, we could just make out that the couples were semi exposed and enjoying each other.

We settled down to watch the film, and after a few minutes I let my hand wander up Tracy's leg till i got to her stocking tops where she let out a small shudder and opened her legs to allow access to a very wet pussy. Meantime her hands were busy undoing my trousers to relase my now very erect cock.

Out of the corner of my eye I notices on e of the couples move to the seats behind us. But who cared my fingers had found a willing pussy and the skirt buttons were fully undone to allow visual as well as physical pleasure. As we sat there a pair of hands came over the seat and started to undo her blouse, they were from the lady behind, wo was also not wearing a blouse or skirt.

By this time my cock was aching and tracy oblidged by giving me a long significant suck. This of course pushed her ares in the air much to the delight on the husband behind her, who sank his fingers into her pussy while the lady removed my wifes blouse and bra.

This was too much, I gesticulated that we all move to the front row, sod the film, we were now the entertainment.

Sitting on the front row I was treaed to a blow job by the other ady, who by now was naked as my wife sucked off her husband. The 4 other guys had joined us wit cocks out and were being given excellent hand jobs.

Tracy then with no warning got up and led Joy, the other wife, onto a small stage and adopted the famous 69 position with her. This getting unreal, my normally safe legal secretary wife was acting like a porn star.

Joy's husband joined them on stage and bekoned me over, no need to ask twice. Within seconds I was pounded the arse of Joy while Tracy was being pounded by her husband. Never did find out his name.

After we had both come the girls dressed leaving any underwear off and we left for home.

racy was very quiet in the car, but did ask if we could go back next year to try it again.