Written by Go Between

7 Dec 2017

I was out walking the dog in a park while the wife did some shopping. Having left the car in the adjacent car park, she went off for an hour or two while I did the walk, we were due to meet back at the tea room in the gardens later. It was a reasonable day, dry and warm but overcast and a wind had obviously reduced the numbers of leisure seekers in search of any relaxation. In short it was pretty deserted except for two other dog walkers and a lady with a pushchair using the park as a short cut. At a distance from the others I felt the urge and proceeded for a pee in the toilet block. Leaving the dog tethered outside I entered the rather dank and smelly (typical public toilet), the atmosphere seemed seedy and the scrawl on the walls has never changed from when I was younger. Those memories of crude drawings of women and spunking cocks were reminiscent of caveman drawings, normally the musings of the artists were accompanied with their innermost fantasies or desires, some with phone numbers or times to meet.

Normally I would pee and then having scanned the drawings, left for fresher air. However as I had time aplenty, decided to have a more leisurely look around the 'gallery'. On the backs of the doors there were a lot of scrawlings and pretty base descriptions of their offers to meet for fun. A few suggested threesomes with a wife or girlfriend which got my cock stirring. In particular a more mature and neat offer of a male satisfying a lady wearing stockings and suspenders (my all time favourite). I began to warm to the idea of trying the number written beneath in the same thickness of felt tip. The fact it was bold and not faded led me to think this was recently done.

I jotted the number down and went back to my patient dog who jumped up joyously as soon as I reappeared. The distant clock showed half past three, pretty soon the local school would be out and the park a noisy hubbub of noise and excitement. My wife rang me to say she was in the cafe and did I want a cup of tea, daft question. Five minutes later I was sitting with her in the warmth of the cafe and her loaded with bags, no great surprise there then. As the kids left with their sweeties and crisps just four people were left. I told Liz of the discovery in the toilets, reminding her of the late night fun we used to have when we lived closer to this particular park. Knowing she might be curious I asked if she was brave enough to read the dirty walls for herself. Her eyes flickered and a smile before she said 'You're having mucky ideas aren't you?'. I had no way or intention of denying it and soon we were on our way, dropping the dog off back at the car along with her bags before moving through the park to the toilets.

I entered first to ensure they were empty, then felt my cock stir once more as I said to her it was safe to come in. She came in and said how smelly it was, then added it was a sexy smell in a way. She read each wall as I did and commented on how untidy the writing was. Then I told her to read the bit where the guy wanted to meet with a lady in stockings and suspenders. She was silent for a while and then said 'Are you serious?', the tone had me thinking she was not too much against the idea, (thankfully our past has been littered with other guys having fun with her so not too difficult to suggest we try it). I waited until she came back out of the stall, in the dim light she was smiling. 'I bet you have the number already', I admitted my guilt on that part. 'Ok then but I want to speak to him and if he sounds odd, it's a no go' I agreed as it is useless if the chemistry is not there. 'Go on then, ring him now'

Standing outside the toilets I called the number and spoke to him, saying I had his number from the park where I was calling to see if he was genuine. He assured me he was and seemed a pleasant chap, widowed a few years ago and quite lonely after a few introductions as to what why where, I said my wife wanted a chat to him and gave her my phone. She chatted for a while as we walked back to the car and by the time we got in she had finished and handed me the phone back with a wicked grin on her face. 'We have a date for tonight at 1030' I knew the park gates were not locked any more as one of the economy measures by the council and right now I was very glad the old padlocks were gone from the toilets too so they would be open. The only danger was anyone coming in to spoil things, there might be late night shenanagins going on as well as us, who knows what might go off. We discussed the chances of this and rang Tony back and he agreed that if there were any spoilers around we would call it off for that night.

Early evening it began to drizzle which would probably put off any teenagers spoiling things. Liz went to prepare herself and banned me from the upstairs until she came down. I had showered and changed beforehand. I rang him as we left and he was already on his way and excited.

We reached the car park which was empty and set off through the park, just a few lights near the paths and one on the toilets. A lone figure stood near the entrance to the gents, a tall man than me, about five foot ten, he saw us and stepped out and shook my hand and kissed Liz on the cheek. He said he was Tony and very glad we turned up, adding that Liz looked lovely. She had a coat covering her clothing so he had no idea what she might look like naked. My cock was already erect as it had been since we set out. He asked if she would mind undoing her coat and revealing what she was wearing. She was standing to the side of a park lamp and in the glow of it undid the belt and drew it apart. She was in one of her summer dresses, one of my favourites which had not had an airing for one or two years but it had a strapless top and buttons down the front, the sight of her breasts in its cleavage got both of us going. He remarked how nice she looked in it and I added 'And out of it', grinning at him. 'Ooh yes, in good time, can we walk a little first, we need to talk and get to know each other first, or it seems so wrong and pointless' I was curious but thought it was better than coldly just doing it and leaving, this guy wanted company as well as sex so I was in agreement. I asked if they wanted to walk alone, I would wait for them to come back. Tony agreed and Liz took off her coat and handed it to me saying it felt too warm to keep it on. I took it and said she might have to take her dress off too if it got too hot. She laughed and he took her arm, I watched them walk more to the centre of the park, where tall hedging and formal flower borders were coming towards the end of their season. At five foot six and size twelve, her breasts were gorgeous orbs sitting high with her dress providing a mesmerising sight for Tony, I had seen him drawn to her breasts in a very obvious way.

They went out of sight and I could hear her footsteps as the high heels always make a distinct click. The sounds faded and stopped. The suspense was too much for me, my hard on ached and I needed to know what they might be doing. I followed their path and when I turned onto the pergola walk they went down, they were not to be seen. I quickly ran down the lawn edge to make no sound and got to a junction where a fountain lay silent and dark in the night, a reflection of the moon as it emerged from the clouds threw more light on the park in the stillness, then I heard her footsteps again and turned to follow them. I was closer and they were heading back to where I had left them, outside the toilets. I saw a shape on the floor as I followed them and saw her dress in a crumpled heap on the path along with the tiny thong she had put on. i picked them both up and felt the thong and sniffed it, it was very wet in the gusset and a lick told me it tasted of her gorgeous cunt. My mind's eye told me she was just in stockings and suspenders now and no doubt she had been allowing tony to play with her body. I assumed she had got his cock out too and had probably either wanked him or given him a suck.

I returned to the toilet block where indeed she was on her knees sucking his cock and looking like she was enjoying every second of it. Tony had a big grin on his face and he smiled even more as I arrived. 'Perfect, absolutely wonderful', he said to me. 'Liz said you would follow us' he remarked looking down at her head as she sucked lovingly on his generous cock. 'She has a lovely cunt for you to fill, you can fuck her when you like' I suggested. 'Yes, let's go inside although I am quite happy out here' Liz stopped sucking and stood up but kept a hand on his cock which looked around seven or so inches. I said I would take her clothes to the car and she would have to run the gauntlet for being a naughty girl after she had been fucked. I walked the two hundred yards to the car and put her clothes in the boot, then locked up and returned feeling very smug that my lovely wife was having sex with another guy in a really dangerous yet overwhelmingly sexy place.

I got back to find they were inside and I could hear her whimpering with lust, urging him to fuck her harder and give her his spunk. His heavy breathing was interspersed with platitudes about her body which seemed to glow in the dim light, her white suspender belt seeming almost luminous. His trousers were off and his pants round one ankle, shirt undone completely and his jacket beneath Liz as she lay on the concrete floor being fucked by Tony, who until half an hour ago, was an anonymous stranger with no form or face, just a disembodied voice over a telephone. He was getting close and shot his come deep inside her. The act was over, I had witnessed the fucking and tony coming inside her, I was going to get to,lick her out and add my spunk to her hot cunt afterwards. She was that excited that she undid me there and then and sucked on my cock and Tony watched as she mounted me as I lay on his jacket and she rode me. in this position with her iron hard nipples in my face and her hot cunt chewing my cock, I was in no state to hold back and I shot my load heavily into her to join tony's cum.

These days I am shattered after a shag and was close to falling asleep after coming so forcefully, but Liz climbed off me and I rolled away so tony could retrieve his jacket which had a trademark dribble of her juices and mixed cum nicely down the centre. We stood up and I handed her a handkerchief to bung herself up then Tony and i made ourselves respectable while the naughty liz had no clothes to put on. I looked outside and said it was clear to go and she stepped naked into the park. tony and i looked at each other and then at Liz and we agreed it had been an experience. I said I would get the car started and asked tony if he would escort my naked wife to the car. He smiled widely and said 'Yes and can we meet again sometime soon, you have made me very happy'. I set off and got to the car quickly, I put the headlights on them as they got to about one hundred yards away. It struck me then how absolutely lovely she looks naked outside, and knowing she had just had two cocks in her made me hard. When they reached the car she kissed Tony before getting in and asking for her clothes. I told her they were in the boot so she would have to go home naked. Tony said goodnight and set off back across the park for home. We left and Liz slept some of the way back.

In bed she had her cunt cleaned by me before i managed a second load which was remarkable for me these days. We agreed we would see Tony again or maybe she could see him alone if she preferred.