Written by Lisa

7 May 2009

Hello all - glad some of you liked my first story, hope it turned you on!

So, to continue -

Jacques left early in the morning to get back to camp. He woke me up by brushing his cock against my lips until I opened my mouth. I took him all in and ran a fingernail up his sac whilst he wanked his long thick shaft, eventually filling my mouth with his hot French cum. As he left he pulled down the sheet and tweaked my nipple - "Au revoir", he whispered, and I never saw him again.

Kim's man left early too and we drove down to Devon, swapping stories and giggling about our naughtiness the night before. We kept saying how guilty we felt and then bursting into laughter - try as we might we couldn't quite mean it!

We got to the site by ten, put up our tent and were introduced to the instructors and the rest of the group. It was a real mix - from couples in their fifties, to single women, to young lads. We spent the day abseiling, climbing, sailing and doing archery, and finally were sent back to the campsite tired and hungry.

We cooked up our dinner on the stove and cracked some white wine. Eventually other people came over and as the sun set it turned into a proper drinking session. As teh night crept on people disappeared until eventually there was only me, Kim, an older couple and a couple of young lads left around. Everyone was yawning - I hadn't had much sleep! - and I said goodnight, picked up my toilet bag and went to brush my teeth and get changed.

I came back to the tent in the pitch black and was rather surprised to find someone occupying my sleeping bag.

"Hello Lisa - I didn't want to go back to my tent as yours looked much comfier". It was one of the young lads who we'd been sitting with - I didn't even know his name.

"You can get into the sleeping bag if you like," he said. "I've warmed it up".

I don't know if it was the drink or the memory of the night before, but I slid in next to him. As I moved down I felt something hot and hard brush my legs and come to rest near my pussy.

"Is that your cock?" I asked, dumbly.

"Yes...sorry, you seem to have had an affect on me!"

I reached down and wrapped my hand around it. It seemed lovely and thick, and I traced its length with my fingernails - long, too. I started to gently wank it as he began to kiss me and run his hands under my t-shirt and, inevitably, round to my breasts.

I was getting rather turned on as I wanked his cock and rubbed the end against my clit through my pyjamas. He lifted my t-shirt over my head and became the second man that day to suck my nipples. I knew Kim would come back to the tent soon and throw him out but I wanted to taste him first, so I moved my head down into the sleeping bag and took the end of his cock in my mouth. He tasted divine and I put both hands round his shaft as I slurped on the big helmet.

Just then the zip opened and from within the bag I heard Kim crawl in.

"What's going on here?" she asked. "Where's Lisa?" I was so embarrassed.

"Er, down here" came my muffled voice from within the bag. Kim snorted with laughter and crawled into her own sleeping bag.

"Well get it done with quick, I'm knackered" she said.

I don't know why I didn't just stop - ok, I DO know why, I was turned on - but I sucked his cock furiously, trying to make him cum so Kim could get to sleep. Unfortunately I'd forgotten he was only 19 (I'm 37) and therefore could last for hours...

I had a hand round his cock and a hand in my pyjamas rubbing my clit. Evidentally he could hear the squelching and he reached down, grabbed me under the arm and pulled me up. It was a relief as it was quite hot down there!

He whipped my pj's down and ran his strong young hand over my sopping pussy. I tried to straddle him to get his cock into me but it just wasn't working - sleeping bags aren't made for two! I heard the zip of the bag as he undid it all the way. Oh god, I hoped Kim was asleep or she'd see me fucking.

I kicked off my pj's - I was now totally naked - and went to ride him.

"No," he whispered. "I've been checking out your arse all day and I want you from behind"

Somehow, in that little tent, he flipped me over, knelt up and eased his lovely young cock into me from behind. I buried my head in the material of the sleeping bag and prayed Kim was asleep. Fat chance, as my sloppy cunt was making enough noise to wake the whole site.

After a few minutes of hard thrusting (oh! young men...) he slipped out of my pussy. I instinctively reached back to guide him in but he had other ideas and started to rub it on my arsehole. I have never even let my husband do that and it's always been strictly off limits, so I started bucking and swaying my hips so he'd get the message to put it back into my pussy. It didn't work.

He grabbed my hips and eased the end of his cock into my little bum. I couldn't help but let out an involuntary "oooooh" as the rest of it slipped in. Gradually the pain ceased and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I lifted my head up and opened my eyes.

Kim was wide awake and looking at my swinging tits as I was being fucked up the bum for the first time by a boy 18 years younger than me. In the half-light I could see her sleeping bag moving as her hand was clearly at her pussy. The lad reached round and was rubbing the juices from my streaming pussy into my clit as his balls banged against it. Kim moved her hand out from under the covers and, slippy with her juice, pinched my nipple. I couldn't help but let out a barely-suppresed howl as I came so hard and the lad grunted animalistically as he filled my arse with his spunk. Kim's breathing increased too as her other hand clearly had found its mark and she came fairly quietly (for her!) a few seconds after.

"Can I get some bloody sleep now?" she asked. We giggled and I found the lad's pants, although he had to come back in the morning for his t-shirt. It was rather embarrassing going to the shower block with all the other women saying "did you HEAR that couple at it last night? Wonder who it was?" whilst I washed his cum from my tender bum hole.

I got home that night and my husband asked if I'd had a good time.

"Yes," I said. "It was a physical release".

I think he thought I meant the daytime activities....