Written by Pete_anna

25 Jul 2015

So it had been weeks since my last meeting with him. And how I had been yearning for him. Never truly satisfied at home, he was all I dreamt about.

I met him off the train, my heart leaping as I caught the first glimpse of him and as he opened the car door to climb in the sweet sexy smell of his scent made me giddy with desire. I would have had him right there and then if I could but it was dinner first. Oh the anticipation, oh the build up. Over dinner we laughed and flirted and flirted some more. But it was getting late, I would be expected home, perhaps tonight it was not meant to be and I would have to hold back my urges for another time.

Of course I offered him a lift to the station, always keen to spend another minute, another second with him. We started driving, it was dark, it was late, the roads were quiet. As I pulled off down the road I felt his hand reach for my thigh, my insides instantly tightened, always reacting that way to his touch. I smiled and carried on. But so did his hand... Up it rose, higher and higher until it was rubbing me, surely he could feel the wetness already starting to seep through my silk panties and thin leggings. I moaned with desire but had to ignore it and push on with driving. Oh the distraction. But the distraction did not stop there... His hand rose and slipped down into the top of my leggings, his fingers reaching expertly down, smoothly pass my freshly waxed smooth skin to my clit and entering me, finding me wet and ready. Oh how was I to continue driving? I tried to block it out as his fingers rubbed and massaged my clit. My breath and pulse increasing as I could feel the pleasure rise. And rise further and further. Almost at the car park, almost at a climax, trying to hold off until I could stop the car and let myself go. On he continued and I let the car roll down the hill to the furthest corner of the station car park as I cried out in delicious climax.

As I parked he jumped into the back of the car, pulling me with him onto his lap as he unbuttoned his fly, pulled down my panties, almost ripping them with desire and sliding his thick hard cock into me. Oh the pleasure as I lowered myself onto him, filling me wholly and completely. His thrusts were strong and rhythmic full of desire. Feeling my desire rise I bring my hand down to touch myself greedy with desire to cum again and again as he climaxed deep within me. I slowly rise and draw myself off him, thick cum dripping slowly from me.

He gets out of the car, kisses me a passionate goodbye and disappears into the night. Until the next time...