Written by Chunkyandspunky

20 Apr 2010

Well I came home early and caught the wife with the alarm repair man.

We arranged for him to come today as it was her day off, I had to go into work just to finish a few things off. With it being a nice day it helped my work along and I finished sooner than expected, now I usually text to say I`m on my way back but as I wasn`t that far away I didnt bother.

When I arrived home the alarm guys van was still there, oh this is going to be expensive, he must have hit a problem, the cost per hour flashed through my mind. Anyway the door was off the catch so I walked in, I could see the sensor was disconnected and the guys tools were on the floor next to it.

I was just about to call out when I heard a grunting and a low moaning noise coming from the lounge, the door was pushed too but not closed, through the gap I saw her, bent forward, skirt up aroud her waist, ass pushed out and this guy banging her from behind.

They had there backs to me and were so involved that they didnt see or hear me, she had her stockings on and her knickers were around one ankle, she was moaning a little louder and I could just see his hand in her blouse squeezing her breasts.

Like most guys on here I had always wanted to see her with another man but on my terms not hers and besides she always said no way whenever I suggested it.

I was routed to the spot and could`nt say what I was feeling, he will be back soon hurry up and come I heard her say, he quickened the pace then he thrust forward into her, I saw his ass cheeks tighten, he gave out a loud grunt and his body went rigid, I presume he was doing as she asked, at that I moved back to the front door.

I`m back I shouted, want a cup of tea I walked straight past the living room door to the kitchen.

What should I do now, is this the start of something new, do I say nothing or do I try and talk her around to doing it again.