Written by Nick

13 Apr 2018

This is 100% true.

Just another day in my shop in a sleepy new forest town not to busy but the odd one or two clients. A lady came in can I help I say no thanks she replied just looking at your bits I laugh and say you must have good eyesight !! I also add well if your looking at my bits I'm going to keep an eye on yours the teasing starts and we both laugh. She's abit younger than me probably 40-45 I'm nearly 60. It's a rather cold day and she's wearing a leather jacket which I can see is concealing a fine pair of tits a pair of tight jeans that shows off a nice arse no panty line ? Gstring runs through my mind mmmmmm abit of a stir in my pants. She has short blonde hair is quite pretty but not miss world probably size 12 maybe abit more and a lot shorter than me I'm 6 ft.

She finds a chest of drawers she likes and enquires the price how much are these please £ 65 I say oh and free local delivery are they good quality they are very good I retort and there's plenty of drawers for your drawers oh my drawers arnt that big she laughs you sound like my type of girl oh I'd like to be she says the chatting continues with one liners and I can see a sparkle in her eye so fuck it think go for it don't even know her name but my cocks hard and visible in my tight jeans and no other customers coming through the door

Plucking up courage I say if you'd like time to think about the drawers I'd like to think of yours on my office floor. Silence then she turns with blushed face and says what now ? I havnt any on that's it like a cat that's found it's prey I pounce why not pop back at five when I'm closed and we might have to just have you in a pair to drop ? Five she says yep I answer ok see you then.

She leaves the shop it's 2 pm well I think that was fun probably never see her again still with a hard on in my pants. the winter sun is setting four o clock will this lady actually return five comes no sign so I close the door and flick the shop lights out I walk to my office and do paperwork it's ten past five and I'm ready to leave for home then I hear the front door open I call out who's there no answer so I leave my office and my eyes nearly pop out of my head I've come to look at the drawers and I've now some for you to look at !! She's wearing a fur coat on her small frame black ankle boots black stockings ( I hope ) the coat is done up tight when she says mine first I think. I'm gob smacked but somehow lead her to my office it's warmer in here I say let me hang your coat up for you she slowly unbuttons the coat and removes it to reveal just stockings suspenders black thong ( crotchless which I find out later) black lace see through bra fuck is the only word that passes my lip. I hope so she says what's your name I ask fuck me she says and sits on my desk opens her legs to reveal a perfect pussy lips that are as kissable as those on her face I kneel down parting her lips to reveal the pink wetness I dive in licking with a lust of almost starvation my cock rock hard I can feel the pre cum soaking my boxers but ladies first I lick for all my mite she bucks and raises her hips as her first orgasm shudders through her then another she pushes me off pulls me up tugging at my button flies my pants soaked in precum she pulls it out and dives sucking with all her mite and pulls my hand to her clit which I rub as she again cums I warn her I'm so close so she stands pulls her knickers throws them on the floor bends over my desk and begs fuck me hard don't ask twice I slide my cut cock of seven iron hard inches into what feels like a swimming pool I pound away like mad like a piston engine she's just mumbling fuck fuck fuck fuck constantly it's just too much as we both unload massive orgasms together. Still no conversation as I withdraw my semi hard cock and we both gasp for air as my cum drips from her soaked pussy. She pecks me on the cheek and puts her coat on then the words well you got your drawers bye.