Written by Studley

18 Sep 2008

After a crap day at work, I was pleased it was Friday night and I was ready to pay my usual visit to Jean

Wow, was she going to get it tonight!

Ringing the doorbell, I was full of anticipation of what was going to follow and as Jean opened the door she welcomed me in her usual way

As we kissed in the hallway, her hands were all over me, she seemed as pleased to see me as I was her!

Pushing my hand up inside her jumper, I felt her breast through her underwear

Jean guided me to the open lounge door as we continued kissing

As we entered the lounge I suddenly realised Jean had company and instantly pulled away from Jean!

Nel sat on the settee and smiling said "Hello"

Returning her greeting, I looked at Jean with a quizzing look?

"It's ok" said Nel, "Jean has told me all about you!"

"Make yourself comfortable and I'll get some drinks" said Jean

I had known Nel for some time as she visted several times a year because she lived away

she was about the same age as Jean and they were partly related

"I know you are married, but you make Jean so happy" said Nel, "It's all ok with me" she continued with a smile

Jean returned with the drinks and we began chatting as Jean cuddled up to me

Nel was so much like Jean, very easy to get on with and the night went well as we chatted away

They dressed so similar and had the same interests, Nel was also widowed

As the night drew on, Nel emptied her drink and said she was ready to retire to bed as the travelling that day had made her tired

It turned out Nel had only arrived today and was staying for about a week

I kissed Nel's cheek as she left us on our own.

I couldn't wait to ask Jean about Nel knowing about us

"It's ok" said Jean, "I can rely on her"

"But I'm the one married" I continued

She kissed me to calm me down and I was soon distracted from my worrying

After a while, Jean pulled away and said "Come on, let’s go to bed"

"What about Nel?" I asked

"Stop worrying" Jean continued as she pulled me to my feet

Nel was sleeping in the spare room and as we walked down the hallway, I noticed her door slightly open

As we entered Jean's bedroom, she put on the bedside lamp before returning into my arms as we kissed once more

Easing Jean's jumper over her head, I noticed she was wearing a pantycorsellette as usual which always turned me on

We were soon down to our underwear laying on the bed exploring each other and I couldn't wait to be inside Jean!

After going through the usual routine of opening her underwear and licking her pussy until she came, it was at last my turn

Knowing Nel was the other side of the wall excited me and I felt so big as I eased into Jean, her vagina gripping me all the way!

I was very gentle and slow as I eased in and out of Jean

"What's the matter?" Jean asked

"I don't want to disturb Nel" I replied

Jean smiled and said "Don't worry" and gripped my bottom encouraging me to fuck her harder!

She was soon moaning and the head of the bed began to bang against the wall!

Again the thought of Nel being able to hear in the next bedroom turned me on and I was soon coming inside Jean!

We lay together for some time before tidying up and Jean came to the door to see me out

I always found Jean sexy in her nightdress and feeling the outline of her panties encouraged me, but she'd had enough for one night!

I called round several days later during my lunchbreak and shared some interesting chat with Jean, but I was dying to ask her what Nel had said?

Jean smiled broadly and said that Nel had laid in her bed listening and had now admitted how lucky Jean was to have a young man about!

Nel had admitted to Jean that she was curious if her body could still excite her after nearly 10 years of inactivity and also admitting to fingering herself

for the first time in a long time while listening to us!

The next comment from Jean surprised and excited me as she asked if I would be interested in Nel

"It wouldn't be fair on you?" I asked

"If you make her as happy as you have made me, it will make me happy and it will only be when she visits" she replied

"Come round tomorrow lunchtime" she said

The next day arrived and I was excited and shy as I rung the doorbell knowing Nel would be viewing me in a different way!

To my surprise, Nel opened the door and invited me in

"Your Aunt has gone shopping", Nel said seeing my puzzled look

"Do you want some tea" she continued as she beckoned me in

As she made some tea, I took in her appearance wearing a pale green dress that buttoned all the way up the front

She had a very good figure for her age, but I thought the tan tights could have been replaced by something more appealing

I was wondering what the situation was with Nel, had Jean discussed me I wondered?

Nel put the teacups on the table and sat next to me, her perfume smelt nice

We chatted for a bit, I tempted to gauge the situation, did Nel want me I wondered

As we chatted she said how glad she was that I made Jean so happy

Turning to her, I placed my hand on her leg and said "I like Jean a lot"

Although I felt nervous, I said, "Would you like me to make you happy?"

Placing her head on my shoulder, she whispered "I don't know, maybe I'm too old?"

"Of course not" I replied as I moved my hand inside her dress and stroked her leg feeling the nylon of her tights!

Her breath was warm on my neck and increased as my hand inched up her inner thigh!

Then I rubbed her fully between the legs which drew a soft moan from her!

Yeah, you want this alright, I thought as I continued

Turning my head to her, I kissed her lips softly!

"Oh god" she whispered, "What a kiss you have!"

"I've never been told that before" I replied before kissing her again!

"It's like I'm melting into you!" she whispered as we continued

Withdrawing my hand from between her legs, I felt her breast outside her dress before undoing the first two buttons of her dress

This brought a light green lace bra into view and I slid my hand inside her dress to cup it and searched for her nipple through it

Again she moaned as we kissed again

After a few moments she stood up and said, "Not here, we may be seen!" and led me to her bedroom

Standing in front of me, we kissed as I felt her panties through her dress before I pulled away and undid all the buttons on her dress

She had matching panties to her bra, the panty girdle sort with the stomach firming material

I eased her dress off and took in her appearance in her underwear!

"I hope I don't put you off" she said

"Just the opposite", I replied and said "I could easily cum right now just looking at you!"

She smiled and to confirm the fact I placed her hand on my hard cock inside my trousers, but she soon moved it away to my disappointment!

Quickly undressing to my shorts I led her to her single bed and laid her down before kissing her

I kissed every part of her body, really taking my time, even though I wanted her so badly

I soon freed one of her breasts from it's holder and she enjoyed me playing with her nipple with my tongue!

Next I got her tights off and the feel of her panty girdle briefs was amazing as the tight edging around the legs kept drawing my attention before the full material between her legs!

After taking her bra off, I kissed her between the legs, rubbing the nylon material of her briefs into her most intimate region!

Pulling them off, I took in the black hair around her pussy in contrast to Jean's blondeness before I soon opened her up with my fingers!

She felt dry and I soon pushed my tongue into her!

As I worked on her, her hands held my head into her so at least she was enjoying it!

Her moans got louder as my jaw and tongue began aching, before she clamped her thighs around my head as she came!

I let her enjoy her climax while I pulled my shorts down

My cock stood out hard at the anticipation of what was going to happen next!

It was at this point that I realised why I enjoyed these older women!

These women didn't give themselves to just anyone and must have thought a great deal of me, which made me feel so good

But also the thought and feeling of sinking my cock into them for the first time was overwhelming!

"Are you ready?" I asked her as I moved between her legs

She nodded nervously!

Again opening her with my fingers I guided my cock to her entrance!

Easing the tip in, I thrust to complete my entry, but she was tight!

Out again and this time harder!

This made her moan, but I was still only half way in and slowly pulled out again before this time fully penetrating her!

I loved seeing the expression on their faces as they had their vagina stretched for the first time in a long time!

Fucking her slowly, I wanted her to fully enjoy it and anyway, I knew any quicker and I would soon come!

She had just begun to enjoy it when SUDDENLY!


I looked at her nervously!

I needn't have worried as she smiled at me and turned away again!

The thought of doing Nel while Jean was about didn't feel the same though and I began fucking her hard!

Nel moaned loudly unaware that Jean was about!

I didn't last much longer as I spurt deep inside her!

As we calmed down, I had to hold Nel close to me and whisper how good she was, but felt bad that Jean was so close

Nel too began to cry as the emotion of everything hit her!

After a while I got up and dressed and Jean made a point of letting us know she was about my making some noise

As I met Jean in the kitchen I said "I'm sorry!"

"Don't be silly" she said, I planned it for Nel!

"You had better go and see her" I said, "She feels she has let you down?"

With that Jean went to see Nel and I could hear them both crying, I decided to leave them to it and rang Jean later

She said all was ok and would I visit on Friday as usual, to which I of course agreed

Again on the Friday, I found myself nervously ringing the doorbell, but I needn't have worried as Jean beckoned me in and warmly kissed me

Nel also warmly greeted me and gave me a longing kiss

As we sat down with a glass of wine, Jean said how glad she was everything had turned out ok between Nel and myself

She went on to say that if Nel wanted, she could have sex with me whenever she stayed as she would be enjoying me nearly every week!

I suggested a threesome, but Jean said "Don't push your luck" before suggesting I take Nel to bed as she was leaving the following day!

I did and she was better than the first time!

As I mentioned before whenever I was leaving Jean's she turned me on, feeling her knickers through her nightdress!

This time she was gagging for it and although I hadn't much time to recover as soon as I pulled her knickers down to her knees as she stood against the hallway wall

I was ready to enter her and pulled her nightdress up, undid my trousers and fucked her standing up!

Sometime later I bid Jean and Nel goodbye and thought how perfect life was..