Written by Studley

18 Jul 2008

All that night I kept thinking about Jean, how good she was and made up my mind I had to see her as soon as possible

It was nine thirty when I rang the doorbell of my Aunt\'s and she warmly invited me in

\"You\'re early\" she said

\"I\'m sorry, but I couldn\'t wait\" I replied

She kissed me and told me that she was pleased to see me too

She said \"I was just getting dressed\" as I looked at her robe

\"Are you going out?\" I asked

\"No, I\'ve got nothing planned\" she replied

As I looked at her, she said \"What are you thinking?\"

\"Last night\" I smiled

I gave her a kiss and laughed as she led me into the kitchen.

The pale blue lace around the top of her breasts looked so invitingly sexy and as she bent over opening the cupboard door I could clearly see her underwear through her robe.

She had a very pale blue pantycorselette on and her figure looked fantastic, \"You look amazing\" I reassured her once more caressing her bottom.

Smiling at the compliment, she told me to sit down at the table.

We chatted over a cup of tea and she asked me why I was so interested in her?

I told her I had admired her for so long and that previous evening when I entered her felt so special.

\"But I\'m old enough to be your mother?\" she continued

With this, I leant forward and kissed her.

As we kissed, I eased my hand inside her robe and up her thigh!

I was soon between her legs rubbing the now familiar hooks pulling the material tight over her pussy!

Jean began moaning as my cock stirred!

Taking her hand, I led her to her bedroom and then stood in front of her before kissing her longingly, pushing my tongue into her mouth

Pulling away I undid her robe and let it fall to the floor

She looked fantastic in her pantycorselette before me

Pulling my shirt off and then my trousers down, I was soon easing the straps off her shoulders and led her to the bed.

\"Lay down\" I urged guiding her and I began to kiss and caress her body

I wanted her and caressed her breasts through her pantycorselette, before kissing and caressing her legs

Last evening was all about getting inside her, this was going to be different I was so slow and deliberate as I kissed me everywhere!

The anticipation as I kissed her inner thighs was too much and I just had to undo the hooks between her legs to get to her most intimate area!

Soon I was rubbing her panties into her entrance with my mouth before easing them to one side and pushing my tongue into her and finger-fucking her!

Next for my attention were her breasts as I freed them from her underwear, caressing them and playing with the nipples

As I finger-fucked her again, she went stiff and enjoyed her orgasm!

I needed her now and as she recovered I pulled her panties down her legs before pulling my own shorts down and climbed on top of her

She was nice and wet which meant with a couple of thrusts I was inside her!

I felt her vagina muscles tighten round my cock like a hand and then release, \"AARRHH\" I moaned, that felt great!

She was much more relaxed than the previous evening.

As I thrust into her, she met my cock by lifting herself up at my cock!

I smiled at how much she was enjoying herself and after a while she pulled my bottom to her and said \"Please come in me!\"

She needn\'t have worried, I couldn\'t last much longer and filled her up with my cum!

After some time I climbed off her and flopped beside her

As we cuddled, she told me of her surprise at what had happened between us, which I enjoyed

Then she became so matter of fact as she said \"I appreciate you are married and that is ok\"

\"I have my independence and enjoy it, but I hope you will visit me whenever you want?\"

I cuddled her and said I would, how much better could it get?