Written by Driver

16 May 2007

When Michael came back from the bar, he announced he'd had a call from his ex and he'd better und there, I could see Claire fumbling under the table, aww good luck she said, you are a really nice guy, she'd be mad not to take you back, she hugged him and i saw her slip something into his pocket, then he turned and left, what was that i said, my knickers she said,, to remember me, watching Michael walk away i saw him feel in his pocket and look back, then he went through the doors.

we finished the drinks and our Taxi came, when we got in the taxi Claire was telling me all excitedly about what it was like, having another mans cock in her, she didnt pay any attention to the fact the taxi driver was sitting there listening to the lot, I started kissing her to shut her up, she grabbed my hand and guided it towards her fanny, I couldnt believe shed got her legs spread open with her cunt on show, the taxi driver could hardly keep his eyes on the road. when we got back to the house we had the most amazing sex and i shot my load in her pussy to mix in with Michaels. We sat there on the pillows talking about the experience, and i said to Claire, how would you like to fuck Dave, the old guy from work, Dave is nearly 60 and he sees himself as a bit of a charmer, lets do it she said. I'll arrange something for friday night then i said.

I saw Dave at work on the monday and asked him if he could come round mine friday evening to do some welding work on the gates, there'll be a good drink in it for you i said, he agreed, and on friday he was round there repairing the gates that had been broken for years, he finished at nine o clock, and i called him in for a whisky, Claire went upstairs and got showered, then joined us in her nightie with a bottle of wine, we laughed and joked about things that had gone on over the years at work and gradually got through most of the whisky, Claire had finished her bottle of wine, she was sitting opposite Dave and every now and then she would reposition herself and he would get a glimpse of her shaven pussy, I got up and said i would go and find some more wine, I stood outside the door and watched as Claire carried on talking to Dave, gradually opening her legs so he had a full view, then Dave piped up "close your legs Claire my dinner will get cold" Claire closed them, "oh i didnt realise" she said, "you didnt see anything did you?", "enough", he said, at that point i came back into the room and said i'd have to go upto the off licence and get some more wine and whiskey and that i'd be a little while cause i had to walk, ok they said, and i went to the front door and opened it and closed it, then i went back outside the lounge door and watched "bet you havent seen one shaven like that before have you Dave she said, You'll have to show me again he said, i've seen a few in my time, she parted her legs. yes its certainly one of the nicest i've seen he said, why dont you come over here and lick it Dave she said, with that Dave got up and walked across the room he knelt in front of her, parted her legs further and began licking up the inside of her thighs, Claire gasped and put her hands on his head, he carried on and gradually worked his way onto her pussy, licking up and down the slit, oh thats good she said, keep going, he licked around and inside her pussy, then claire got up and positioned him onto the floor, she undid his trousers and pulled them and his underpant round his knees, then she straddled his face and took his cock in her mouth, he began tonging her cunt, and with his hands spreading her arse cheeks wide open he started to lick her arsehole, Claire lifted her head, oh thats nice she said, keep doing that, then she carried on sucking him and licking his balls. He started to stroke around her arsehole with his finger and eventually started to slide it in, while licking her pussy at the same time, Claire lifted her head and positioned herself as an animal would presenting herself to him, he slid his finger all the way in then another, and started finger fucking her arse gently, Claire was gently pushing back onto his fingers, oh thats amazing she said, i want your cock in my arse, she stood up and turned around then lowered her arse onto his standing cock, after it had gone all the way in she started to bounce up and down onto it, she was rubbing her clit at the same time, she started getting faster and faster, and shouting im gonna come, im gonna come, and she let out a big stream of come all over his shirt, then she collapsed on to him, i could see his cock still in her arse, and it began to go limp and flopped out, followed by a thick dribble of spunk. Oh fuck you've come in my virgin arse, you dirty bastard, never mind that he said, how will i explain this shirt, she picked up his half glass of whiskey and tipped it over his shirt, there she said, you spilled your drink. She unbuttoned it and took it off, then started to kiss his chest, going lower until she got to his limp cock, then she took it into her mouth and began to suck it, it wasnt getting harder so she started licking his balls, then she pulled his trousers and pants right off, she held his legs in the air, time for me to return the favour she said, and she lowered her head so she was licking the underside of his balls then she started tonging his arsehole, his cock started to rise and she put her hand round it and started to wank him off while she tongue fucked his arse, after about thirty seconds he bucked his hips and a few dribbles of come oozed out of his cock, Claire quickly sucked it clean, did you enjoy that, she said, Dave nodded speechless, who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks eh, she said, youd better get dressed quickly, im gonna go to the toilet, he got dressed, and put his wet shirt back on, then he sat back on the sofa, I went into the kitchen grabbed some wine and whiskey out of the cupboard, and went to the front door, i opened and closed it, then walked into the lounge, alright mate i said, whats happened to your shirt, oh i spilt whiskey on it he said,ah never mind i said ive got plenty more now, i'd better be getting off anyway now he said, i'll see you at work on monday eh, Then Claire came in, oh your going are you, did i bore you that much, she winked at him, he said bye and we watched him off, where the fuck did that come from i said to Claire, I dont know but i like it she said, so do i, i said.