Written by stickler

7 Jan 2010

If you’re of the type of people that like those supposed true stories in “I saw this woman walking down the street, she said hello so we fucked” then this isn’t for you. However if you like your stories with more detail then I hope your like this.

The final part of the following true story happened back in early June when we had what little summer there was.

I was able to recall a lot of the details of events and conversations that took place as I wrote it down on the day, on my return home.

I have only now just come across this while sorting though some files on my PC and decided to share these events with you.

I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is James; I’m medium build and 5’11” tall.

My story starts in April when I decided that my fitness levels were somewhat lacking so decided that a weekly swim at my local pool might help.

This was a bit boring for the first couple of weeks with the odd gimps of scantily clad female to help the lengths pass quicker.

On the third week a couple started going which was quite nice, as the wife was very nice to look at. She was slim I’d say early thirties about 5’5” tall with shoulder length brown hair and about a size B boob, she also had a very nice bellybutton piercing which I do like. She normally wore a dark blue bikini that accentuated her nipples quite nicely when wet.

From the first week we’d exchange pleasantries as we swam past each other. After a couple of weeks I got to know their names, which was Sally and Dave. Most of my conversations I had with them were with Dave, as Sally seemed a little shy. These chats involved talking about normal stuff like jobs, cars, relationships, or lack of in my case, and other normal bloke stuff. While these world righting conversation were going on Sally would ether be swimming off on her own and as she passed us would chip in with comments about men gossiping. Which met with comments like “Be quiet woman” and “What would you know” this was normally met with Sally chucking water at us.

The visits to the pool followed the same formats until this week. I arrived at the pool and I was in the shallow end of the pool waiting for my bollocks to return to normal after the shock of getting into the cold water. When Sally swam over, splashed me, and told me not to be a wimp.

After returning the splashes I quickly noticed that Sally had a white bikini on today and I also saw that the top was a bit see-through and I could make out her dark nipples. Dave soon arrived and we chatted about normal stuff as we started our swim. About an hour later Dave and I ended up chatting in the shallow end again when Sally swam up, and jumped up onto the side of the pool and sat with her feet in the water.

This gave me a perfect opportunity to have another sneaky peek at Sally’s body as I normally only get to see from the neck up when she’s in the water.

With her sat there I could clearly make out her nipples which were erect due to the cold water however when looking at her bottoms I could see no signs of dark areas as you’d expect with a dark haired girl which made me think that her bottoms were lined but it didn’t stop me from hoping it was due to her being shaved.

After a couple of minutes Dave said out of the blue “You look pleased to be here Sal’!” She looked down at her top as she knew what Dave was on about then looked up at me with a smile on her face and said “I don’t hear anyone complaining, any way it’s not like there’s anything else showing” I replied with “Absolutely no complaints here” At this point I wondered if she was coming on to me but then I told myself not to be silly as she’s shy and her husband is stood next to me and was most likely just harmless flirting.

A few more minutes went by with a bit of chit chat and I said that as I’m getting cold and I was going to get out of the pool, to which Dave and Sally both said they was getting out too and Dave suggested we should meet up in the café upstairs for a brew. I had no plans so I agreed. We then got out and made our way to the changing rooms. This gave me another chance to take a look at Sally as I followed her and I saw that I could make out her very nice bum through her bikini bottoms. When we got to the changing rooms Sally said “See you in a bit” then headed off into the female changing area and Dave and I headed off towards our lockers.

I started to get changed and was drying my hair when I heard Dave said “Fucking hell mate! Have you got a licence for that thing?” He then went on to say “That’s as big as mine when I’m hard even now!” I looked to see that he was looking at my cock. At this point I’ll say that I’m not going to bullshit like some and say I’m hung like a donkey but I am told that I’m above average. My cock is about 4” when soft and grows to 9 1/2 “ long by 5” around when hard. I’ve also got a couple of piercings on my scrotum which doesn’t make it bigger but it is a bit of a talking point.

I then laughed at Dave’s comments and thanked him. I’m not sure what else you could say to a bloke taking about your cock! He then said that Sally would faint if she saw that. I then thought in for a penny, and said “Would you be happy with her seeing it?” he then took me aback by saying he has long had the fantasy of watching Sally with another man. But has never said anything to her as she is very insecure about her body and he felt that she would never go with anyone as she was very shy and he was the only one that she has seen naked. To this I joked, ”Well if you ever need help give me a call” He also said that he try’s to get her to dress sexily just to give her more self confidence and when she said about trying to get fit he had suggested swimming as this would get her use to going around in public with very little on. I then thanked him for that as I thought that she was stunning.

Once we’d finished changing we made our way to the café where we found Sally sat on a sofa next to a coffee table that overlooked to pool. As we approached I could see that she was not very happy so I asked her what was wrong. She replied with “Him! He’d forget his head if it wasn’t screwed on!” I asked her what she meant and she said, “I trusted Dave to pack everything for swimming while I put my cozzy on and got dressed and the silly shit forgot my bra and knicks!” She went on to say, “It wouldn’t have been a problem but the weather was nice which made me decide to wear this!” as she pointed to her clothes. She was wearing a white vest top and a mid thigh length denim skirt. This had ridden up some what, which showed her fantastic legs.

I then joked with her by saying, “Going commando isn’t that bad as I do most of the time” This made her cheer up with a smile and then she said “Don’t you catch your hairs in your zip?” I replied with “Not at all, I shave” she then said, “Really? Me too, I tried to get Dave to but he won’t”

She then said “Don’t you catch the end of your willy in the zip then?” and Dave chipped in with “No fucking chance, the end of his willy is nowhere near the zip!” Sally then dismissed this with a “Yeah right” and then took a sip of her tea which she nearly spat out when Dave said, “ No it’s true Sal, it’s fucking huge!” Sally then looked at me and said “Really” I then laughed and said “ I’ve had no complaints”

Sally then changed the subject by having a go at Dave again, saying, “How could you forget my knicks and bra Dave? I’ve got to be extra carful now in this skirt” with this she grabbed the hem and pulled it down as she wriggled on the seat. I then tried to cheer her up by saying, “It will be ok, it isn’t as if you had a big sign saying, “Sally’s got no knickers on!” We’ll not tell anyone. Anyway, underwear is over rated” I then went on to say, “You look stunning” which again brought a smile to her face. I then said with a smile and my hand over my eyes with a gap between my fingers, “I won’t look” To this she giggled and said, “It’s not you I’m worried about it’s everyone else”

I thought “You should worry as I do love catching sneaky looks down blouses and up skirts” I do try and be subtle about it, unlike some blokes I see that get told to fuck off by the women as they get caught. She then said, “Any way I may be able get away with the lack of knickers but the lack of bra isn’t something I can hide.” Both Dave and I then told her she had nothing to be ashamed of and she looked lovely. And also it is no more than was on show in the pool. Again this had the desired effect of bringing a smile to her face and she said, “Any way I’ve got two big strong men to protect me, well, one big and one not so big, if I should believe what I’m told” with a big grin on her face. I laughed and replied with, “Well I’m not going to flop it out here to prove anything” To this Sally said, “Shame” then burst out laughing which almost got me a peek up her skirt as she lifted her leg with laughing.

After finishing my drink I said that I’d better get on. Sally then asked if I had plans and if not I was more than welcome to follow them back to theirs for a bite to eat. And after a bit of persuasion from both of them I agreed. They then finished their drinks and made to go. At this point I found out that I was seated in the perfect position to catch a glimpse up Sally’s skirt as she got up and sure enough she was both without knickers and was indeed shaven. At this stage I thought it best to keep my discovery to myself as I didn’t want to make Sally any more unconformable than she already was but when I looked at Dave there was a knowing smile on his face so I assumed he’s seen me look.

I followed them back to their place which only took about 5 minutes; their house was a nice bungalow in a quiet cul-de-sac. We enter their home into the kitchen where Sally proceeded to make some sandwiches and asked if I’d like something stronger than tea as they was going to have a few. I said a coke would be fine as I’d have to drive later. We then sat at the dinning room table and chatted while eating. After a while Sally disappeared to the loo and on her return she was carrying a bra and a very lacy thong and proceeded to thrust them under Dave’s nose and say,” How did you miss these? They were on the bed next to where the bag was! I sometimes think you leave these things out on purpose” She then turned to me and said, “He’s done this before when he packed for a holiday. I had to go around in Spain for three days knickerless before we found a knicker shop”

I smiled at her and said, “I see there’s not much to them, hardly going to cover anything was they?” She then pouted her lips and said “That’s not the point” and crossed her arms in a fake sulk. I then continued to tease her by saying, “How come you’ve not put them on now you have them?”

Sally replied with, “I’m at home now, and I’ll wear or not wear what I like” which caused us all to laugh.

I then continued the teasing by saying, “As I said before underwear is overrated. If you wanted to go around with the bearded clam open to the elements then who’s business is it other than yours?” Sally then said, “I suppose your right, and as I also said before, it’s not bearded!” This again got us all laughing.

Again the conversation changed to more normal stuff for about an hour when Dave brought up the subject of how stunning Sally looks when they go out of an evening. This made Sally say that today’s embarrassment would be nothing if she wore some of the things that Dave has got for her. I asked “How so?” to which she told me to hang on and disappeared and returned carrying a short black dress with thin shoulder straps. I told her that the dress looks lovely and I asked her what was wrong with it. Sally then said not only is it about 3” shorter than the skirt she had on but it’s also see-through. I said “Never” and Dave said, “It’s not that bad Sal” Bravery I think fuelled by the few drinks Sally had had said, “Right, I’ll prove it!” and off she went.

At this point Dave said, “Wow! I never expected that” I asked him if he is ok with me seeing her in the dress and if not I’d go. He replied, “Hell no, this is fun, and I’m curious as to how far she will go. No, please stay”

After no more than a minute Sally was back and, WOW! She was right it was see-through. I told her it looked great. She lowered one eyebrow and said, “Really?” I said, “Hell yeah but there is one thing” “Wot” she said with a worried look on her face. I said, “You might want to put knickers on in public” as not only could I make out her nipples very clearly but I could also clearly see a very sweet shaven pussy. Sally looked down turned red with embarrassment and said, “Oops! Who’s forgetting underwear now?” which raised a laugh from us all. “Oh well, you’ve seen it now so no point changing” she said smiling. And sat at the table

After a while I asked to use their loo. On my return Sally was sat on Dave’s knee, which suited me, as this meant she was now only about 3 feet from me on my side of the table and as she was facing me I now have a nice unobstructed view up her dress of her pussy which I kept taking sneaky peeks at as we talked.

However the inevitable happened and Sally saw me looking and she shouted, “Hey, stop looking up my dress you pervert!” this made us all laugh and I asked her what did she expect.

“Any way” Sally said, “You can’t use the excuse that you’re in a public now for not proving what Dave said about your willy is true can you?

After all why should I be the only one with my bits on show?”

So grabbing the bottom of my t shirt and said, “Sure?” to which Sally said, “Yep” as she took a swig of wine. Once my shirt was off I put my fingers in the waistband of my shorts and said, “Positive?” Dave nodded and Sally said, “Just get on with it!” with a smile. I then leant forward in the chair enough to get my shorts past my bum then sat back, lifted my knees and took them off and dropped them on the floor once I lowered my knees Sally looked down to my cock and gasped, “Oh my god Dave, you wasn’t wrong”

As we chatted some more Sally couldn’t keep her eyes off it I then said, “Who’s the pervert now?” Sally blushed and said, “Sorry. It’s just I’ve never seen one that size before” I told her it wasn’t a problem and then said, “Am I going to be the only one nude here today?” Dave said, “Sorry mate, I’ll join you” and started to take his shirts off. Sally said, “Well, you’ve more or less seen everything any way” and stood, dropped the straps of her dress and shimmied it off. She was now stood right in front of my knees I lent forward and said, “Nice piercing” as I looked at her belly button. She asked if I liked it as she stepped forward between my knees. I cupped the silver tassels that hung from the piercing and said; “Very nice indeed” in fact I spent all of the time taking a closer look at her pussy. I could also see out the corner on my eye Dave grinning as he knew what I was doing.

As I leaned back I dropped my hand down sliding it across her tummy and down over her mound which made her gasp and made goose bumps appear around her nipples.

Once back in the chair I said, “It’s a nicer piercing than mine” Sally who was still stood between my knees as if rooted to the spot frowned and said, “Where, I can’t see any.” I looked into her eyes and said, “They are on my scrotum.” Her eyes darted down and in a split second had knelt to take a closer look. “I can’t see them.” I told her that they were under my cock. Sally asked if she could see them to which I told her to help herself. She then turned to Dave and asked, “Do you mind Dave?”

He said, “You do what you want Sal, I’m happy just sitting here with my glass of wine.” Sally then turned back smiling and lifted my cock with her right hand. “Wow.” She said, “Did they hurt? I know mine did.” She then lifted her other hand and started moving them around with her fingers. Now up until now I was very proud of my self control with keeping my cock from growing, however now I had a beautiful naked woman holding my cock. Very slowly it started to grow and it got to about ¾ of the way when Sally noticed she turned red and said, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” She then turned to Dave and said, “I didn’t do anything babe, I was only holding it out of the way. I didn’t play with it!” He replied with, “It’s ok Sal; I told you its fine. You do what you like” All of the time she was talking she never let go.

She then turned back to me and mouthed the word sorry and put her hand over her mouth to hide a smile. She then sat for a few moments looking at her hand around my cock. All of this time her face was no more that 6” from my cock and I could feel her breath on my cock which didn’t help with any self control that might have been left.

After taking another look at Dave who smiled at her, she turned back, smiled and said, “I would never thought in a million years when I got up this morning that I’d be playing with a big cock”

I said, “Like you said Sal, you’re not playing with it.” She looked me in the eye, smiled and said, “I am now” Then started to wank very slowly. This she did for a couple of minutes and then she turn to Dave and said, “Are you ok with this babe?” “Hell yeah!” came the reply, “I’m very happy watching my sexy wife play with a big cock” She then said, “Well I think your like this too” and without warning turned, and licked the base of my bell end which had me gasping. Dave said, “Wow Sal; go for it babe” with this she took the head in her mouth and started to suck.

She carried this on for a few minutes and I could see Dave slowly wanking his cock with a big grin on his face. He then looked up at me and nodded. I took this as a green light to take it to the next stage. I then took Sally’s arms and lifted her up saying, “Its no good Sally I’m going to have to taste that sweet pussy of yours.” I then slowly pushed her back until her bum touched the edge of the table. She then leaned back on her elbows, raised her knees and placed her feet in the table ether side of me.

I then pulled the chair forward, sat on the edge, leaned forward, and lightly lick her clit hood which made her jump. I then started licking for all I was worth and I also pushed a finger in and found her G spot which again made her jump. She was breathing very quickly and was holding the back of my head.

A few minutes of my efforts had her gasping for breath and she was repeating “Oh god” she then looked at Dave and said, “I’m so sorry Dave, but he’s going to make me come”

“Just enjoy it Sal, I hope he’s going to do more of that for you” As Dave finished saying this it was if she’d just taken it as permission to climax and she screamed, lifted her ass and pushed her pussy harder against my mouth, and shouted three or four times, “OH fuck!” Once she came down a little I started to kiss my way up over her mound, across her flat tummy and up to one of her nipples. And again she held the back of my head. I then stood upright and in doing so the head of my cock pushed up along her pussy lips and up past her clit. This made her jump and gasp for air. I then continued to rub the base of my cock where one of my piercings are over her clit which had her looking into my eyes with little ooh’s and ahhs coming from her mouth while she held her hand over the top of my cock pushing it firmly down on it to ensure she got the maximum effect on her clit.

As I rocked back and forward on her clit I look Dave, who was by now wanking with his eyes glued on Sally’s pussy, when he saw me looking he smiled and nodded then he looked back down at what my cock was doing.

On this I rocked back further than I had been and with Sally’s hand pushing down on it my cock parted her lips and I stopped as I knew if I pushed forward now the only way my cock would go was into Sally.

Her eyes opened wide she looked at Dave and said, “He’s in me Dave, he’s in me!” He looked at her and said, “Enjoy it Sal” “Are you sure?” she asked. He nodded and at that points I push forward a little just so the head of my cock was now fully in her. She gasped; “Holly fuck Dave he’s fucking huge” I then pulled out and then went back in giving her a couple more inches. At this point she had her mouth open with no sound coming out and her hand that was pushing on my cock was now spreading her pussy lips. I repeated this a few more times each time pushing a bit more in each time to allow her time to get use to me, after a couple of minutes I was pushing the full length in and I then leant against her pussy and ground my pubic bone against her clit.

This had the desired effect as now, as a long, low growling noise came from her mouth her upper chest blushed red and her eyes rolled back so all you could see was the whites of her eyes. I also felt my cock getting wetter as by the looks of it she squirted a little.

I held this position for a while so she could enjoy the sensation. Then when her eyes focused back on me I pulled most of the way out and started to slam into her with long, slow, steady thrusts. This seemed to make her come every time I pushed in. I looked at Dave and said, “Your one lucky bloke mate, this is the hottest woman I’ve ever fucked” “Give it to her mate.” he said, “She’s not stopped coming yet”

Sally shouted, “Will you two shut the fuck up. James, please just fuck me with that fucking big cock!” What’s a man to do when a lady asks such things of you? I’ll not bull shit you by saying I kept going for an hour as you see in some so called true stories. There is no way, not with a woman as hot as this. At the most I think I lasted 5 minutes

As I approached I started to speed up, I looked into her eyes and asked, “Do you want me to pull out to come?” “Don’t you fucking dare, I’m on the pill.” She hissed at me through her teeth. “I’ve never had anything this big in me before and I want to feel the full affect”

I sped up some more and watched my cock slid in and out of her I grabbed her hips as Sally lifted her legs so her knees touched her tits. This allowed me to go deeper which made Sally scream, “Oh my fucking god I’m coming!” and again her chest blushed eyes rolled and this time I saw her squirt what seemed a fountain over my cock. This was all it took to send me over the edge as I pumped what felt like gallons of come into Sally.

After I caught my breath I pulled out and went to sit down. No sooner than there was room Dave stepped forward and took my place and started fucking Sally like a jack rabbit but only lasted a short while. I’m not sure if Sally came or not as she had her arm over her face the whole time.

Dave sat down to catch his breath, looked at me gave me the thumbs up and mouthed the words “Thank you” A couple of minutes later Sally seem to come to her senses, sat up and went and sat on Dave’s lap with her arms around him and with a sad face said, “Sorry Dave, I couldn’t help myself” Dave gave her a big kiss and said, “Don’t worry Sal, I loved it, and if you and James are up for it I wouldn’t mind a repeat” “Really, You liked watching your wife getting fucked?” “Fucking right” he said. Sally then said, “Well love to do it again but only if your sure. But, not now. I can hardly walk” this had us all laughing.

Soon after I got dressed and as I left Sally gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “See you at the pool next week. Which is another story on its own.