Written by stickler

22 Jan 2010

Continuing on from the after pool fun which I posted on here on the 7th Jan 10

During the following week I had a couple of texts from Dave, the first of which thanked me for helping raise his wife’s confidence which as far as I was concerned was no bother at all.

And another saying how both Sally and Dave were looking forward to the swim at the weekend.

I too was looking forward to it; however I was torn between going swimming to see Sally again or going to the beach if it was sunny which I love. But if it came to the crunch it would be swim and Sally.

On the Friday evening I had a call for Dave saying that the call was just a quick hello and thank me as he said Sally was like a different woman, a lot more confident. He also wanted to check that I was alright with everything after last week as Sally was concerned that they might have scared me off. And to check that I was is going for a swim the next day. I told him that I was ok after last week, it wasn’t a problem and I’d most likely be there, however if the weather was nice I was going to be tempted to go to the beach.

He then said that that was a good idea and would I mind company, however he’d have to check to see if Sally would be ok with it. I said, “You’re welcome to come but there might be a problem” Dave asked why and I told him that the beach I prefer was a naturist, one about 4 miles from my home. Dave said, “Ah, Right, Can I call you back?” I laughed at him, said, “Good luck” and hung up.

No more than 5 minutes later the phone went. “I’ve got a plan” said Dave, as I answered. “I’ve not told her we’re going to the beach; I’ve just told her we’re going out” “Is that wise?” I asked, “Yeah it’ll be ok”. He said, “Any way if she freaks at the prospect of going nude in public I’ll suddenly find her bikini that I’ll hide in the bottom of the bag.”

I said, “Ok mate, on your head be it, I’ll give you a call tomorrow morning and discuss the plan of action.

I woke to a glorious day without a cloud in the sky. Had a quick shower, dressed in t shirt and shorts and sunglasses and put on me desert wellies. (AKA flip flops) packed my bag with towel, soft drink and some food and I was ready to go.

I called Dave’s phone at about 9 and Sally answered “Hello Sexy!” I said, “Are you ready?” “Hello big boy” came the reply in a sexy voice then she started to giggle, “You ok James? I don’t know if we’re ready because he told me it’s a surprise as to where we’re going; Dave has packed a mysterious bag that he said would spoil the surprise if I looked in it. I mean, what should I wear?” “I suggest something cool; it’s going to be hotter than a bitch monkey today. All I’m wearing is flip flops, t shirt, shorts, and some shades.” I said. “So you’re nicely swinging free then?” Sally joked, then said, “Well if that’s what you have on I think I know what to put on.” “I’ll be around in 5 to inspect and collect you” I said, and hung up.

As arranged I arrived at their place and knocked on their door and heard Dave shout “Come in” as I went in I was met in the hall by Sally who came over for a quick hug and gave me a peck on the cheek, she then stood back held her arms out and as she looked down she said, “Will this do?” And gave me a twirl. She was wearing a thin, white summer dress with thin shoulder straps which was backless down to just above her bum except for a lace up affect that ensured the dress was nice a tight across her boobs. The skirt part of the dress was quite loose which flared out as she spun, it came to about mid thigh in length. “Wow!” I said, “You look fab” “Thank you” she said smiling, “Dave is in the kitchen, I’ve just got to get my sandals”

On getting to the kitchen I greeted Dave and we started talking about the normal stuff and after a couple of minutes he asked what I thought of what Sally had on, to which I told him she looked fucking hot. He agreed and said, “I got her that dress a couple of years ago, and she’s said she’s never been brave enough to wear it. So you can see what I mean on the phone about her self confidence.” I asked him why she didn’t like wearing it. He said that she felt it was to revealing at the back as she wouldn’t be able to wear a bra and thought the skirt was a bit short. I said “She wore a short skirt last week” to which he said, “Hell mate this is a bit shorter than that. Any way, I’ve not said anything about it as she’d only go and change” Within a few moments Sally came into the kitchen and asked if we were good to go. We were, so off we went.

After no more than a couple of minutes driving Dave and I heard Sally calling from the back seat, “Are we there yet?” I thought that there was a good bonus to me fitting a wide angle rear view mirror to my car as now I had an excellent view of a very fine pair of legs on show. And like Dave said the dress was a lot shorter. However she was doing a very good job at protecting her modesty much to my disappointment.

On the start of the trip Sally was taking guesses as to where we were going and then stopped when she said, “You’ve lost me now; I’ve never been here before”

To access the beach I drove through an army camp which really got Sally confused as I showed my pass at the guardroom that I use when I fish off the beach. As we drove through the camp Sally said, “We’re not getting out here are we? I don’t know if I could walk around an army camp in this dress”

I told her not to worry as we had a little way to go yet.

After a little further on we came to the back gate that lead out onto the training area and I found my usual parking spot next to the end of the path that lead to the beach. From is location there wasn’t any clue that you was with 200m of a beach which helped keep the mystery going for as long as possible.

We got out, collected our stuff from the boot and I asked Sally if she was ready. Frowning Sally said, “What’s up there, is it far cuz I’ve only got sandals on. “Wait and see and don’t panic, it’s not far.” I said.

As we walked along it I started to feel a bit warm and took my t shirt off. After a while we started to climb a sand dune that the beach backed onto and as we did I was walking behind Sally admiring he lovely long legs when a light breeze blew the hem on her dress up and showed that she was knickerless. “Wow” I thought, “I think I’ll keep that discovery to myself as it may make Sally un-comfortable knowing that the dress is prone to flashing”

A couple of minutes later we rounded a dune and there was 3 miles of beach stretched out before us. “Beach, we’re going to the beach,” Sally said in an excited tone. “Yep” I said.

Once on the beach we picked a spot. Dave then chucked her a towel and said, “There you go Sal” “Where’s my bikini?” she said as she looked at the towel. Dave faked a worried look and said, “Isn’t it in there Sal?”

“No it’s not! You’ve done it again haven’t you?” she snapped. “It’s ok Sal” I said, “Just wear your underwear.”

“Can’t do that!” she said, “And that’s all your fault” as she looked at me. “What?” I said, “What have done now?”

“You were the one who told that underwear was overrated and introduced me to going commando,” Sally said.

With a smile on my face I said, “Opps” I then dropped my shorts. Just as I stood back up Dave followed suit and we was both standing bullock naked in front of Sally. Her mouth fell open and she hissed at us “What the hell are you two doing?” as she looked around to see if anyone was near then looked back at us.

There then was a “Hold on a minute” type look on her face and her head snapped back around and the people about a hundred metres away. Then she looked back at me and said, “They’ve got nothing on!” I said, “I think your find that’s normal around here, it is a naturist beach”

Sally frowned, “Wot?” “That’s right.” I said, “Naturist”

“No, no, no, no, no” Sally said, “I can’t do that! Not in public. She then sat on her towel with her knees up under her chin as she held her legs while frowning.

Dave and I set our towels out either side of her and stretched out to catch some sun. After a couple of minutes Dave said, “Sal, do you want your bikini?” she said, “What?” so Dave said it again then went on, “I’ve got it in the bag if you want it” All I heard then was SLAP! As Sally hit Dave on the thigh. “You bastards! You’ve been winding me up since we got here”

He then passed her the bikini and she snatched it from him and held on to it as she still remained in the same position. Sally sat there sulking for a while and I decided to lay back and work on my tan after a couple of minutes I looked at her and she was looking around the beach at everyone walking around nude chatting. I said, “Everything ok?” which made her jump. “Not going to catch some sun?” I asked. She said,” If I put this on I’ll be the odd one out wont I?” I said, “Well don’t” to which, she said, “I can show everything to these strangers,” I said “Why would you care what strangers saw? Any way with your knees up like that they’ve seen most of it any way” “Oh my god I’d forgotten I didn’t have knickers on.” I started to laugh. I then found out it was my turn for a slap.

She then looked around and said, “Oh to hell with it!” grabbed the hem of her dress and whipped it off in one go and sat as before with her knees up. I then said, “See, Not to bad is it?” to which Sally replied, “I suppose, but if I get perverts looking it’s going back on!” I laughed and said, “Well you’d better put it on now then because I plan to have a look.” Sally smiled and seemed to relax a little as she leaned and propped herself up on her hands and dropped her legs.

After about 10 minutes Sally seem to realise that there wouldn’t be a cue of dirty old men wanting to letch at her and after spraying on some sun cream she lay down with her eyes closed. Everything was quiet for about an hour with just the sound of the waves rolling in. I opened my eyes and sat up and could see a few couples near by all of which were minding their own business.

Dave then asked if everything was ok, as he had been having a kip I told him that I was fine but a little warm. At this point Sally still with her eye shut chimed in with “Yeah I’m hot too” in unison both Dave and I said, “Yeah I know” which made us all giggle.

I asked Sally if she fancied a dip. She sat up, said, “Yeah but I can’t go like this can I?”, “Why not? I am” I said. And both Dave an I got up, and as if we read each other’s mind we both grabbed Sally’s arms and dragged her to her feet which was met with lots of protesting we held her hands until we got about 30’ down the beach and when we’d let go she stood there for a moment with her arms folded as if hiding her boobs. I turned to her and said, “Are you coming with us or are you going back to the towels on your own?” “You bastards” she said, I’m not going to stay there on my own and started following us walking close behind Dave in hope of protecting her modesty. Dave then started to take steps sideways to stop her from hiding but she seemed to manage to keep up with him. Dave then looked at me with a smile then ran off towards the sea which met with a “You bastard!” from Sally.

She then came over grabbed my hand and said, “I hate you two, you’re both mean to me”. I said, “Look Sally we’re only having a bit of fun with you, and you know if you really didn’t want to be here we’d go” “Yeah I know, but your still mean” she said, with a smile on her face.

Once we got to the sea we swam for about 20 minutes to cool down then I suggested a walk along the beach towards some rocks, Dave said “Yeah lets go for it” whereas Sally wasn’t so keen, saying, “What if we meet someone?” to which I said, “Well they would most probably be nude too” so she started to follow us, then after a short distance she caught us up and before I knew it she was holding my hand again. When we arrived at the rocks there were some pools with water much warmer than the sea and Dave and myself started exploring them leaving Sally stood at the side of one of them with her arms folded with a “I’m not that happy with being alone” look as she said that she didn’t fancy paddling.

As Dave and myself explored the pools he said, “If you said to me a couple of weeks ago that Sally would be stood on a beach nude I would have told you to get lost” We left her on her own for a while but kept an eye on her just to make sure she wasn’t pounced on by some dirty old man that thinks just because there’s a naked woman on a naturist beach he would stand a chance. There was a few people that walked past and exchanged hellos with her, there was even a couple that stopped and chatted for a few minutes and by the end of their chat Sally seem much more relaxed and had stopped crossing her arms and was laughing and joking with them.

Dave and I headed back to Sally after about 5 or 10 minutes where she said that she’d thought we had gone off and left her to which I told her that there was no way I would leave a naked woman stranded on the beach.

We headed back to our towels and grabbed a bite to eat and drink then spent the next couple of hours catching some rays, sleeping at one point I woke to see Sally laying on her side facing Dave with her arm around him. They were talking but I couldn’t make out about what. “Sounds serious.” I said. Sally turned and sat up and said that they were just chatting. She then changed the subject by saying as she looked at Dave’s back, “I think you should put a shirt on as it looks like you might be starting to burn” and suggested we’d call it a day. Both Dave and I agreed and started to sort our stuff, dressed ad headed off towards the car.

On our trip back Sally asked if I would like to stop have a bite to eat at theirs, as I’d be more than welcome. I accepted, as I had no other plans. On arriving Dave unloaded their stuff from as Sally went to unlock as she shouted back “I’ll put the kettle on” As Dave and I grabbed the stuff to carry in Dave said, “Thanks for today. I really enjoyed watching Sally running around nude” he then said, “I think I’m going to be busy later as she told me that being nude has made her horny” I said “You lucky bastard. Did you want a hand?” and then laughed. He laughed also and said, “I’d love you too but I’m not sure Sal would be up for that.” I told him that it wasn’t a problem and that I’d enjoyed last week and if it was just a one off. I was happy. We then went inside where Sally was in the kitchen. She said, “James, go and have a shower to get rid of that sand. Your find a towel in the bathroom” “That’s me told isn’t it?” I said with a smile and made my way to do as I was told.

After my shower I decide to just wrap the towel around me as I had found sand in the pockets of my shorts and didn’t want to leave a trail of sand throughout their home.

On returning to the kitchen I found a big mug of tea and a couple rounds of sandwiches waiting for me which I was told to tuck in.

By the time Sally had finished making Dave and her sandwiches Dave had returned from his shower also with a towel wrapped around, and was also ordered to sit and eat. Sally then dropped her food and drink on the table and said “Two seconds” and promptly disappeared to the shower. Returning shortly after, but unlike Dave and me she was nude, as she sat down Dave looked at her and as she picked up a sandwich she said, “What? I’ve been wearing this all day, what’s the problem?” Dave said, “No problem Sal, just enjoying the view” “Pervert. Any way, why are you two so shy all of a sudden?” she said as she looked at Dave’s towel and pointed using her chin. “Sorry Sal” Dave said and undid his towel and removed it. Sally then turned to me and frowned. “I’m not going to rock the boat.” I said and followed Dave’s lead. “Better” Sally said between mouthfuls as she ate her food.

After we had finished our food we chatted about the day, Sally said that we was both rotten to her for tricking her into going to a naturist beach which was something she would never have agreed too, but she did admit she did enjoy it and wouldn’t mind if she was asked to go again. Dave complemented her on her bravery and he also said that he’d like to go again. The conversation continued for a while and when Dave and me was again talking about bloke stuff Sally got up and walked out of the room after a couple of minutes she returned and stood between us and with her arms out gave us a twirl and said, “look, I’ve caught the sun” she then handed me a bottle of after sun and said, “Would you mind James?” she then promptly sat on my lap with her back towards me. I tried to concentrate on the task as when she sat down. She didn’t as you would expect sit on my knee or mid thigh but sat with her bum touching my lower stomach with her legs either side of mine and lent forward resting on her hands that she’d placed on my knees. She then started to talk to Dave as I rubbed the cream into her back.

With all of the willpower in the world I doubt I cold have stopped my cock from getting a semi on. The main reason for this was as Sally was lent forward her pussy was resting on my cock which rubbed up and down every time she moved as she spoke with Dave.

After I was doing Sally’s back for a few minutes Dave said to her, “Now who’s being rotten?” This confused her until she followed his eyes down to her pussy where you could see my semi erect cock just below her pussy. “Oop’s.” she said, then looked over her shoulder and mouthed the word, “Sorry” with a big grin on her face, and said as she stood up and turned, “Well seeing that you’ve enjoyed doing my back, you can do my front.” She then straddled me and sat at the same point on my lap. How ever as she had got up my cock was able to flop up against my stomach. I was a little disappointed that her pussy wasn’t resting against my cock but instead was a couple of inches from it. Still I wasn’t complaining as she was sat on my lap leaning back on her hands waiting for me to start rubbing cream into her front.

I lent over to one side and said, “I hope you don’t mind Dave” Sally interrupted before he could say anything by saying, “Of coarse he’s find with it!”

On this I squirted some cream on her chest just below her chin which made her gasp and say, “That’s a bit cold” I smiled and said, “I can see that” as I looked down at her nipples that were sticking out. To which she said, they’re nothing to do with the cold, more like the same reason for that as she looked down at my cock.” I then started to rub the cream in across her chest and over her shoulders. I then applied more cream this time to just below here boobs and started to rub her tummy making a point to avoid touching her boobs. This made her say, “Aren’t you forgetting somewhere?” To which I told her, “I’ll get to that part later” on this Dave got up and stood behind Sally and as he put his hands on her shoulders said, “Can I help?” “More the merrier” I said and squirted some cream on Sally’s chest just above her boobs and some on her tummy just below her bellybutton. As Dave started to rub the cream over her boobs I started to do the same across her tummy and over her shaven mound as I watched Dave. He was rubbing the cream in to her boobs for a little while then moved to her nipples and started to pinch them. At that moment I lowered my thumb down and stroked it across her chit hood which had the desired affect of making her gasp she also jumped a little and moved forward on my lap so now her pussy was resting against my cock whit her clit now in direct contact with the piercing at the base of my cock which by now was rock hard.

She now started to grind her clit against my piercing and started to breathe faster and harder.

Dave moved around to her side, lent forward, and started to suck on her nipples. With this, Sally, while still leaning on one hand brought her left hand around and put her hand between my cock and stomach and pushed my cock harder against her clit, and with this she threw her head back and with shorter breathes and with her veins on her chest and neck sticking out came very hard .

With a big puff Sally said, “Wow” she then lent forward and moved her right hand to Dave’s already hard cock and while looking into his eyes started to slowly wank him while still rocking back and forward on my cock.

I lent forward to take one of Sally’s nipples in my mouth and as I did she was sliding forward along my cock and combined with my movements made my cock find the entrance of her very wet pussy. Sally gasped, held her position, and then slowly moved back making the head of my cock enter her. She then stopped again and looked up at Dave and said with a glassed look in her eyes, “He’s in me, Dave. Oh my god, he’s in me!” Dave replied, “ feel good Sal?” “Fuck Dave, it’s fucking huge” “Enjoy it Sal” Dave said. On this she started to lower herself down and as she did she threw her head back, closed her eyes, and let out a low growl.

After a little while she had managed to get my cock fully in and sat still for a few moments she opened her eyes to look at Dave, mouthed the words “I love you” then leaned forward, took his cock in her mouth and started to suck as she started to grind her pubic bone against mine. I was more than happy with her doing this as I felt that I could keep going for ages while Sally was getting the most from it, as the last thing I wanted was to shoot my load before Sally had had her enjoyment.

We continued like this for a few minutes and with the attention Dave’s cock was getting he informant her that he wasn’t going to last very long to which Sally seemed to re-double her efforts and the next thing I knew he shouted, “Oh fuck!” grabbed Sally’s head and shot his load down her throat. After a little while he couldn’t stand her sucking any more, pulled his cock from her mouth and said, “No more Sal” and sat down next to us with a big grin on his face.

Sally could now concentrate on what she was doing at the other end, she put both hands on my shoulders, lifted her feet and put them on the chair ether side of my hips then raised herself until just the head of my cock was left in her then dropped back down with a grunting sound. She continued doing this which wasn’t going to help me last long but I could see that her orgasm was very close so I aimed to keep going until she came. Within a couple of minutes she threw her head back with her mouth open in a silent cry, Rolled her eyes back and her chest and neck flashed dark red. I then felt my cock become very wet with what I assume was her squirting, which was all that was needed to send me over the edge as I shot my load deep into her. As soon as I did this Sally dug her nails into my shoulders and let out a load scream and slumped forward onto me with her head on my shoulder to catch her breath.

She stayed like that for a couple of minutes then looked up and said, “Holly shit guys. That was the hardest I’ve ever come. If you don’t mind I would love to do that again some time, but not now because I’m fucked!”

Both Dave and I laughed. I said, “By all means. Any time you guys want a replay give me a call” Dave leaned forward slapped my knee and said, “Thanks mate, we will”

Sally then as she got up off my cock grabbed it and bent down and took the end of my cock into her mouth and licked it clean. She then stood up and said, “Next time that is going to come in my mouth!” and laughed as she left the room.

Once she’d gone Dave said, “I hope you didn’t mind Sally jumping your bones, mate, it’s just ever since last week she has been going on about how much she enjoyed it”. As you would expect I told him that I didn’t mind at all.

We had another drink and all three of us chatted for a while then after arranging a time to meet for the swim the next week I got dressed and went home.