Written by Jen

15 Sep 2011

As a married woman in my early fifties really good sexual encounters had become less frequent over the last few years. I have been married to the same man since we were in our late teens and although sex used to be good and regular these days it is a chore for him to get up the interest never mind anything else.

We recently changed our car for a new one as even though times are hard for a lot of people we are relatively well off and there are some good deals out there if you have the cash. Hubby had done nearly all the initial stuff with the dealer and only invited me to go look at the new vehicle near the end of the process. The sales guy was from my point of view a typical flash salesman big on talk and pushy with it.

One time when I was alone with him when my husband was looking over the paperwork in the office he had me sit in the car to see if I was going to like driving it. I was in the drivers seat and he got in the other side. He reached across to help with the seat belt and we were very close and I knew he was having a good look at my leg when my skirt rode up a bit. I found the attention flattering as he could only have been mid twenties I would guess and his attempts to get me comfortable involved him touching me around the waist and he did inadvertantly touch my thigh when changing the seat position.

When the time came to pick up the car one of us needed to go over to the dealership to sign the final papers and drive off, my husband had called late in the afternoon to say he would be tied up at work till late and could I go and take care of it, I said I could so off I went.

It was early evening by then and when I arrived there was only this on guy there, he made me a cup of tea and sat by me on the sofa in his office while I drank. We talked about the cars in the showroom and he said we have a new Beamer if you want to have a look as maybe next time you change perhaps you want to trade up.

As we left the office I could see in the glass door reflection that he was giving my legs and bum a good looking at as he followed me out. He led me down a passage into a seperate showroom towards the rear of the place, he said we use this place for the more well heeled customers who want privacy to do the deals etc.

He opend the car door so I could look inside, it was to be honest very nice and I commented on how good the car looked, he said that's not the only thing which looks good tonight and I felt his hand softly touch my bottom through my skirt. I jumped a little and my tummy began to churn, I turned to face him and before I could say anything he pulled me towards him and I felt his mouth on mine.

I have this feeling of wanting which I hadn't had for a while and he must have sensed something as he said something like I knew you were hot. I struggled weakly but we soon had our tongues in each others mouths.

He opend the back door of the car and pushed me a little roughly inside and climbed in after me. He pulled me towards him and continued to kiss me while reaching around and under my top to undo my bra strap. My boobs were free and his fingertips touched my very swollen nipples, I gasped out loud and he bent to suck my nipples making me cry out with pleasure.

He told me to get his dick out and I dutifully obeyed, I masturbated him for a while till he pushed my head down for me suck his huge erect penis while he told me what a horny bitch I was, he was loving being sucked off but he pulled me up and turned me around so I was kneeling on the back seat.

He told me to lift up my skirt whch I did till it was up around my waist. I felt his hands stroking the backs of my legs up over the tops of my dark brown stockings and pulling my by now sodden panties to the side so he could touch my clitty. He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me and I said yes, he made me say please before having me help him to slowly ease down the tiny lace pink panties till they were just below my stocking tops.

I reached back and took his penis and put it to my pussy lips, he pushed it in and he began to slowly fuck me while talking dirty to me. This just made me come even quicker and I soon felt him start to ejaculate inside my pussy but he quickly pulled out and shot his semen over the backs of my legs and stockings.

The orgasm had drained me and I almost staggered back to the office to get the car keys to drive home. The guy told me the job had given him plenty of opportunities to fuck the wives of buyers but he hadn't expected to be getting his dick sucked by an older woman as horny and dirty as I was.

I had calmed down by the time I got home and had a couple of drinks with my husband to welcome the new car. The poor dear had no idea that what was making me so happy was the feel of this other mans semen soaking into my panties and stockings tops and sticky in my pussy hairs.