Written by Naughty Wife

4 Apr 2016

I received his text one morning at work. My heart filled and I felt the familiar tingling in my nipples as my breasts became warm. He was back in town for his once or twice yearly meeting. He simply gave me the name of his hotel and the room number, and told me he would be in from 1 o'clock on. I replied with a simple 'see you at half one.' I then texted Brian with 'have an obstetrics appt this afternoon, see you when you get home', then told the office I was taking the afternoon off.

Promptly at half one I pushed the door to his room open, walked in and took off my coat, then kicked off my shoes as I made my way toward him. He sprang from the chair opposite and we met half way in a passionate hug, our hands all over each other. He looked deeply into my face for a few moments as we gave each other a silent greeting, then he kissed me. His mouth moved over mine, all desperation, taking , and claiming. He thrust hus tongue inside my mouth. I welcomed him with darting strokes as we teased, danced, relearning, and rediscovering.

He shifted closer, his body bumping mine, mine immediately responding by molding itself to his. I felt the hard and thick ridge of his manhood through his clothing, and it filled me with arousal, knowing he missed me and needed me as much as I did him. He continued our kiss, circling my tongue with his, as he quickly unbuttoned my blouse and pushed my bra up above my yearning breasts. My nipples were already hard pebbles which he nipped with his lips and teeth when he lowered his head. He cupped my breasts and kneaded them as he ministered to my nipples with his mouth. Electricity flowed from my breasts directly to my groin and I moaned as I felt moisture pooling along my slit.

I gasped, "Now, I need you now! Take me now!" he pulled back and started to rapidly undress. I flung off my blouse and bra, then pushed my skirt and panties together down my legs and off. He beat me to the bed. He lay back and told me to mount him. he wanted me on top. As I straddled his hips, he pushed several fingers into my wet, waiting heat to make sure I was ready for him. No need as I had been thinking about this since mid-morning and my insides were a swamp of aroused juices.

I slowly pushed down on his hardness with him guiding my hips with his hands. I moaned as he filled me, stretching me delightfully with his girth. When fully impaled on his magnificent cock, I paused to enjoy the delicious feel of him. After a few seconds of sexual reverie, I put my hands on his chest to steady myself and began a combined thrusting and rolling of my hips. After I had established my rhythm, he let me build up for a minute or two until my moans became louder and more urgent and he felt me squezzing his cock with my muscles. I was getting close and had rolled my head back a bit with my eyes closed in concentration,

At that point, he slipped a hand on my mound with his thumb pointed downward and rubbed my engorged nub with the pad of his thumb. The instant he began to rub, I felt myself losing control. It was too fast and too much, and incredibly perfect. I found myself speeding up to match the stroking of his thumb on my clit, but it was so perfect. He knew exactly how fast to do it to maximize my arousal and within seconds I came with several intense gasps, then rapid hip jerking as I wailed out my orgasm. He thrust hard up into me to prolong it. It grew too intense and I collapsed onto his chest, still whimpering out my come. He wrapped his arms around my back and hugged me to him as he slowly continued his short strokes up into me.

It was a perfect come and took me several minutes to recover, slowly whimpering with satisfaction until the end as I lay on him. He rolled us onto our sides facing each other and cuddled me, our arms and legs entangled as we moved in as close as two people could be. We talked, catching up since we last were together since we never call or text between visits, something we had agreed upon long ago to avoid discovery by our spouses and as a way of keeping up the 'mystery' of our unique relationship.

After exhausting our news, he rolled me onto my back and took me 'missionary'. I love the feel of him between my legs, especially after he slides all the way up and pauses to tease me. It never fails to heighten my arousal so much that I can't last more than a minute before humping my hips up into him and begging him to take me. It's a game we play and it never fails to please me when he starts stroking into me and it pleases him to know I can't resist his cock.

We fucked for a long time in a slow, relaxed way at first, then quickened our pace about 10 minutes into it. I tightened the grip of my arms and legs surrounding his body as my way of telling him it was time, and he stroked harder and deeper into me, urging me upward. We continued for a few minutes longer until my moans became gasps. At this sign of my terminal arousal, he pounded into me reaching for his orgasm, which pushed me over the edge. I cried out my climax and held him in a death grip as I shuddered out an intense orgasm.

He pounded for a few seconds longer, then bellowed as he came, jetting his cum up me. His climax thrusts slowed, then ceased as he collapsed onto me. We lay there panting in the afterglow of our mutual come, kissing and hugging each other in deep appreciation of the wonderful satisfaction we had just given to each other. I counted myself lucky to have such a fabulous lover as well as an understanding husband.

We spent the next several hours before the alarm I had set to make sure I got home on time went off talking and loving, talking some more, and loving some more. I glanced at the clock and saw we had about a half hour remaining and told him take me 'doggy'. It's his favorite position as a finale and he knows I don't care if I come or not as it's my gift to him for the pleasure he gives me during each of our liaisons.

I raised up onto my hands and knees, then lowered my chest onto a couple of stacked pillows. He slowly entered me with a rock hard cock. He penetrates further in this position so he gave me a few seconds to get used to it. When ready, I signaled him by thrusting my hips back into his groin. He then proceeded to fuck me hard and deep, gradually increasing the power of his thrusts until he was violently pounding into me. I was turned on, but I knew after him giving me so many comes I the preceding hours, I would not come. It was all for him and I loved it when he came in me, bellowing like a bull.

His cum leaked out around his cock even before he finished, and when he withdrew, it spilled down the inside of one thigh, slowly dribbling down to knee level. I collapsed sideways and lay there watching him as he recovered. We cuddled for a few minutes, then I had to get up and go. I didn't bother cleaning up, just slipped on my panties and the rest of my clothes, then lingered with him at the door, kissing and hugging, both of us reluctant to let go.

In the car on the way home, I felt the residual of his cum soaking the gusset of my panties as a reminder of the wonderful sex we had just shared and wondered when he would next be in town. I arrived home just after Brian. He met me in the lounge after I hung up my coat and, noting my somewhat disheveled appearance, said to me as he flicked his fingers over the bulge in his trousers, "I got your coded text about 'obstetrics' and knew you were going to meet him. Was it good?"

I gave him a wry grin and said it was. Forestalling his next questions, I told him we had each other too many times to count, I had come several times, and I was a bit sore but not so much that he couldn't enjoy me. He led me by the hand to our bedroom and slowly undressed me, inspecting my body along the way for bite marks, bruises, and any other signs I had been taken roughly since he loves the image of me being ravished by an ardent lover, however, there were none this time. He saved the piece de resistance for last.

When I was naked except for my panties, he sat on the edge of the bed and had me stand before him with my pussy at his eye level. He slowly lowered my panties down my legs and off, then felt the slimy gusset as he sniffed them several times to thoroughly enjoy the scent of my juices mixed with my lover's cum. This is always a tremendous turn on for him and I enjoy watching him doing it. He ran his fingers along my wet and slippery slit, then pushed them inside and pulled some globs of my lover's cum out with his fingertips.

His fingering was turning me on so I got on the bed as he quickly got rid of his clothing. He fucked me hard and fast the first time since he had all afternoon to imagine me with my lover and couldn't wait much longer to gain his own release. Then he had me long and slowly, enjoying the feel of my pussy wrapped around his cock, coming again. He had me several more times by morning as he worked off his arousal thinking of my lover having me.