11 Sep 2016

Ok, before I begin, this is quite long and it does take a bit of time to get going; so if you're expecting graphic sexual descriptions in the first few sentences, it's probably not for you. I describe what happened as it happened and if I come across as too verbose, my apologies, but the way I've set it down is the way I remember it.

A couple of weeks back, I was invited to a barbecue by a work colleague. As it was a better option than anything else I had planned for that Saturday, I bought myself a few cans of beer and took a train to the suburb where she lived.

It was a warm sunny day (for once) and I arrived there at four o’clock. Jill, my colleague, answered the door and ushered me through to the back garden. Jill is in her early fifties (like myself) but could pass for ten years younger she’s a couple of inches shorter than me at 5’ 4”, very slim with long blonde hair. Although I have always got along with her she can come across as a bit snobbish and humourless at times; she usually isn’t into the nights out/Christmas party scene at work – which made the invite the more surprising. Her husband, Nev, I’d met once before and found him to be a nice enough guy; about 5’ 9” and stocky with an easy-going nature – something I thought he’d definitely need living with Jill.

There were a few people I knew from work there, but the only one from the team Jill and I worked on was Kim. Kim is in her late forties but, like Jill, could pass for younger and, like Jill, was quite slim built, but slightly curvier than Jill and has shoulder length light brown hair with highlights. Kim is quite a chirpy and outgoing lady, although she can be too chirpy at times! Kim introduced me to her husband, Mark, a tall, well-built guy about my age.

I opened one of my cans and chatted to Kim and Mark for a while. They lived about half a mile from Jill and Nev and had socialised with them a couple of times, but not often enough to consider them close friends. Kim mentioned that Jill was a little disappointed in the turn-out and had been expecting more people to come along. I saw that, on the patio, Jill had laid on a substantial buffet and had a large bowl of sangria. Still; I reckoned, more for the rest of us.

After an hour or so, I’d had a few drinks and, as the conversations around me were either about politics, soaps or football (subjects about which experience has taught me that it’s better that I keep my mouth shut) I took a plateful of food, my remaining cans, found a garden chair near to the side of the house, in the shade, sat down and – after half an hour, fell asleep; the sun and the alcohol doing their bit to make me drowsy.

When I woke up, it was nine o’clock and dusk was settling in. Slightly bewildered, I looked around the garden and discovered I was alone. Grateful that, at least, I hadn’t fallen asleep in the sun and turned bright red, I eased myself out of the chair and walked towards the French windows, figuring that I’d apologise to Jill and Nev and head off to the railway station. As I approached I could hear laughter, which I recognised as Kim; she has a distinct laugh. A second later I could hear her say

“Oh, I need to use the bathroom, where is it?”

“Come on,” I heard Jill say, “I’ll show you.”

I reached the French windows and looked into the dining room and through the arch to the Living Room where Nev and Mark were drinking and chatting in low voices. I could catch the odd word here and there – mainly the two of them noticing how much their wives had drunk and how giggly they’d become.

“What do you think?” Mark asked, a slightly anxious look on his face.

“Another drink and we’ll try it.” decided Nev.

“Ok, we’ve got to be home by half ten, my mother’s with the kids and I said we’d be back by then.” explained Mark, still looking nervous.

“Just relax and take it easy. They’ll suspect otherwise.” advised Nev, with a reassuring grin.

I had no idea what they were talking about and didn’t give it any thought – after all it was none of my business. I gave a cursory knock at the French window and they both almost shot out of their skins.

“Sorry,” I said, red-faced, “I kind of fell asleep and I’ve only just woken up.”

“Blimey, mate.” said Nev, “I thought everybody had left ages ago. You’ve almost given me a heart attack.”

“Sorry. I’ll just say ‘thanks for the food’ to Jill and I’ll be on my way.” I apologised.

Suddenly the girls voices could be heard along with their tread on the stairs.

“They’re coming back!” hissed Mark, his anxious look intensifying.

A similar look crossed Nev’s face for a minute before he turned to me.

“Look, mate, Jill says you’re a decent sort. Could you do us a favour?” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied, bewildered, “anything.”

“Good,” replied Nev, “could you duck under the Dining table and keep as quiet as you can?”

I nodded, dumbly, dying to ask what was going on but figuring that New didn’t want to explain further and didn’t have time to if he’d wanted to. So I scrambled into the Dining Room and slid under the table. Nev drew the curtains on the French windows then crossed over and switched on the main light in the Living Room. He’d just closed the Living Room curtains as the girls returned.

Nev picked up the jug of sangria which was on the table under which I was now lying on my front, and poured out four large glasses which he handed out.

“Come on,” he said, enthusiastically. “It’ll just go to waste otherwise.”

“Are you trying to get us drunk?” Jill jokingly accused.

“I’m a bit too late for that.” he smiled.

They knocked back the sangria and Nev selected a CD from the stack on the wall until and put it on the Hi-Fi. It was a Love Song compilation and as the first track began, Nev took hold of his wife and they began to dance. Mark immediately did the same with Kim and the two couples shuffled around the Living Room clinging to each other. From my vantage point under the table I had an excellent view, whilst the darkness in the Dining room and the overhanging tablecloth meant I was well concealed from sight. I still wondered why I’d been hidden away – watching two couples dance wasn’t my idea of a good time.

A few seconds later I noticed that Nev and Jill were kissing quite passionately as they danced and as they did, his hands slid down to her bottom and began to fondle it. Jill moved closer to him and Nev’s hands went back to his wife’s waist, pulling up her short summer dress revealing her white knickers.

“Hey!” she reprimanded in a light-hearted way, “we’ve got guests you know.”

“It’s OK,” he replied, “they’re fine.”

He nodded over to where Mark and Kim were locked into a kiss, Mark following Nev’s lead and hitching Kim’s dress up to reveal her pink knickers. Kim didn’t seem to notice, or she did and just didn’t care.

“I might as well take this off, the way you’re mauling it.” Jill said sarcastically.

“Alright by me.” her husband replied. “It’s warm in here.”

“Have you heard this?” Jill called to Kim. “Wants me to strip off.”

“It would be like being in your bikini.” reasoned Nev.

“Yeah, right!” Jill snorted.

“Look,” Nev reasoned, “Mark and me will take our shirts and jeans off, so it would be like we were on the beach. You were ok with it in Corfu and there were dozens of people there.”

“I’m game.” Mark informed them and turned to Kim, a questioning look on his face.

“Well, it is very warm in here” she giggled.

Now this, I thought, was getting interesting! I knew that, after she’d had a few drinks, Kim would act a bit silly but I’d never have thought Jill would be similar. I was actually expecting her to give an icy rebuff to the suggestion, so I was astonished when she sighed and reached for the zip on her dress. Kicking off her shoes, Jill shed her dress to reveal a lacy white bra. With another giggle Kim followed suit and wiggled out of her dress, showing a pink bra to match her knickers.

Looking slightly stunned by what was happening, Mark almost ripped his own shirt off and nearly did himself an injury removing his jeans, Nev took off his jeans and hauled his T Shirt over his head. Although I found both Jill and Kim attractive, neither of the had been the subject of any fantasies I’d had about female workmates but I had to admit that they both looked good; Jill was a jogger and Kim played a lot of tennis, so they both had firm, toned bodies and Kim looked especially good for a woman who’d had two kids.

“Here,” Nev said, as his wife returned to him, “this isn’t fair! Mark and me are topless but you two aren’t.”

“Don’t push your luck, mate.” warned Jill.

The dancing continued and, as before both couples kissed and caressed as they danced. As the track ended Nev looked across and said,

“Come on, Kim, dance with me.”

Kim looked at Mark who nodded. His approval given she moved over to Nev and Jill crossed over to Mark. The next track began and the new pair began to dance to it. Under the table I squirmed a bit and adjusted to a slightly more comfortable position, scared that I might make a sound and alert the two girls to my presence. The new pairings had started off dancing with the partners holding one another at a respectable distance but, as the song progressed, they moved closer together and, about halfway through, Nev and Kim had their bodies pressed together and Nev’s hands had dropped to Kim’s bum, gently caressing it, as he’d been doing with his own wife. A second or so later they were locked in a kiss and Nev’s hands began to caress Kim’s bum a bit more vigorously, disappearing into her knickers. Kim’s hands clasped Nev’s bum, squeezing it tightly through his boxers.

My mouth dropped open at the sight; this was getting very interesting, very interesting indeed. I wondered what Jill and Mark would say if they saw them and slid my gaze to their right. Jill and Mark weren’t kissing, but, like their partners, were holding each other very close and, as I looked closer, I could see Mark was slowly grinding his crotch against Jill’s and not meeting any resistance from her at all. Jill had her head on his left shoulder, eyes closed and a smile on her face.

The next track came on and the dancers resumed their original pairings. Nev carried on where he’d left off with Kim and slipped his hands down Jill’s knickers and his tongue into his mouth. Mark and Kim danced close and Kim began to grind her own crotch into her husband’s, who ground back eagerly. After a minute, Nev looked over to Mark and winked at him, Mark nodded and winked back; then both of them reached around their wives’ backs and quickly unhooked their bras, whipping them off and chucking them to one side; neither of the girls seemed to mind and Kim gave another little giggle.

I looked at two women whom I’d worked with for years and thought of as being quite respectable and, well, ordinary – two women who I could never remember wearing as much as a semi-transparent blouse; I remembered a jokey comment another colleague had made about Jill; that she even showered fully dressed, Now, there they were, about five yards away, both topless. As I mentioned before Jill was of a very slim build and, as was to be expected I suppose, her tits were small but quite pert, with a pair of pink nipples sticking out proudly. Kim’s were slightly bigger, about a 32B I’d guess and sagging a touch. Like Jill her nipples were aroused, although they were a darker pink and slightly larger. Between my legs something stirred and I suppressed a sigh as I realised that there was nothing I could do about it.

Suddenly I recalled the snatches of conversation I’d heard standing outside and they began to make sense to me. It also explained why Mark and Nev had looked so panicky when they heard the girls returning and why I was in hiding; they’d wanted to see if they could talk or trick the girls into swapping partners. I wondered how long they’d planned it for, I didn’t think it was a spur of the moment thing.

The song ended and Nev steered Jill over to the couch, whilst Mark did the same to Kim. Nev walked over to the table and picked up the sangria jug. He looked down and winked at me, I grinned and winked back. He placed a finger over his lips and I nodded before slowly shuffling a few inches to my right to get a good view of the couch. Nev returned to the couch with the jug and re filled the glasses, despite a feeble protest from the girls.

“Come on,” he encouraged, “this is the last bit.”

Nodding slightly reluctantly, the girls took a mouthful of the drink – I noticed that Nev had poured them a much larger helping than he had for Mark and himself. Nev parked himself down next to Jill and draped his left arm around her shoulders. With both girls being on the petite side there was just enough room for all four of them. Mark, sitting at the other end of the couch had his right hand on his wife’s left thigh, gently caressing it.

“Come on you two.” Nev coaxed. “Down in one.” and both of them complied.

Nev took all four glasses and deposited them on the table before returning to the couch and pulling Jill to her feet again. Mark and Kim got back up and the four of them resumed their slow dancing. Nev slid his hand down into the waistband of Jill’s knickers again and slipped his right one inside. Jill sighed and stepped back.

“I’ll take them off, if you like.” she said, in a sarcastic tone, although she had a smile on her face.

“Go on then.” Nev challenged.

Jill sighed again and turned to Kim.

“Come on, Kim, get your knickers off, it’s what they’ve been wanting us to do since we started dancing. I saw him trying to get yours off before; he must think I’m either blind or stupid.”

Kim grinned and stepped back a pace before placing her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and slowly easing them down and flicking them away with her right foot to reveal a neatly trimmed triangle of light brown pubic hair. Jill followed suit and soon I had an eyeful of her blonde bush, also trimmed. I cursed inwardly as I now had the erection of all erections and I just had to lie there and let it throb away.

“There!” said Jill, hands on her hips. “Satisfied now?”

“Come on then.” Kim chipped in. “You two get yours off. Fair’s fair.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” grinned Nev and slipped his boxers down to reveal his cock standing to attention. It looked about 7 inches and the head was a dark pink, similar to Kim’s nipples. Encouraged by this Mark pulled down his trunks and his own cock sprang upright. An inch shorter than Nev’s. about the size of my own, but quite thick.

“Well, at least we know now that they weren’t guns in your pockets.” quipped Jill.

Nev grinned and pulled his wife to him, She wound her arms around his neck and they kissed again, his hands clasping her bum and pushing her crotch into his. Jill began to move her hips slowly, causing Nev to give a little grunt of pleasure. He glanced over to his right and whispered into Jill’s ear, at which she turned her head to the right to see Kim sink to her knees, take Mark’s cock in her hands and flick her tongue across its tip before feeding it slowly into her mouth. Mark stroked the back of her head, his eyes closed and an almost ecstatic look on his face.

“No,” Jill informed her husband, a serious look on her face, “you can get that thought right out of your head. I might be drunk but there’s no way on earth that I’m doing that.”

“OK, love.” Nev replied, but the disappointment and envy on his face was unmissable.

Jill gave a little half-smile and her right hand reached for Nev’s cock, running her crimson-painted, well-manicured fingernails up and down the shaft and causing him to give an involuntary shiver. She closed her hand around it and began to gently massage the head with her thumb. Nev gave a little gasp and his own right hand found his wife’s pussy, letting his index finger rub at her clitoris.

Kim was now rubbing Mark’s shaft, the head still in her mouth. From the look on his face I guessed that Kim’s tongue was busy and I envied him even more than Nev did. In fact I would have given anything to have swapped paces with either of them at that moment. I knew that if either of the girls caught sight of me then this erotic experience was going to come to a swift end and the minute or so that followed it would not have been a pleasant experience for anybody in that room with a cock. So, I kept my trap well and truly shut and tried to persuade myself that just watching was all I really wanted to do.

Their eyes fixed firmly on Kim and Mark, Jill and Nev carried on their own rubbing for a few seconds before Nev’s index finger slipped inside his wife’s pussy and Jill increased her tempo on Nev’s cock. Kim also began to rub harder and faster on her husband’s tool and he began to push her head onto it, making her take more and more into her mouth. Just when I thought Mark was about to blow his stack, he muttered something and Kim pulled her head away, letting her husband’s still erect cock free from her mouth. Nev slipped his finger out of Jill’s pussy a second later and she stopped her rubbing.

The four returned to the couch and sat down, the two girls in the middle as before, with their husbands’ arms around their shoulders.

“I don’t know how you can do that.” Jill said to Kim, shuddering slightly. “The very idea makes me want to retch.”

“I used to feel the same,” confessed Kim, “then, about 15 years back, on holiday in Greece, I’d had a couple of sangrias more than normal and when Mark asked, I thought ‘why not?’ and I liked it.”

“Ugh, no, I don’t think there’s enough alcohol in the world to get me to do that.” said Jill.

“She’s brilliant at it.” smiled Mark proudly. “I’d had a couple of girlfriends who’d give blow-jobs before I met Kim, but she’s just something else.”

“I’ll have to take your word for it.” Nev said, a look of mock-disappointment on his face.

“Well, you do have a nice one, Nev,” Kim told him, a mischievous smile on her lips, “bigger than my Mark’s.”

“Not as thick though.” observed Jill, looking at the cock in question.

“If you’d like to try Nev’s one love, I don’t mind.” offered Mark and I could see a look of excitement flash over Nev’s face for a second.

“I’m not sure the girls would want that.” he replied, making it sound noble.

“I don’t think Jill would like the idea.” added Kim, making it obvious that she wasn’t against it.

Jill heaved another sigh, a resigned look on her face.

“Go on then.” she ceded and another excited look crossed Nev’s face.

Kim stood up and Jill shuffled into the space on the couch that she’d vacated allowing Kim to sit down in Jill’s previous spot. She took hold of Nev’s cock and slowly ran her hand down its length before leaning sideways and extending her tongue to let its tip tickle the head. Nev gave a sharp inhale of breath at the touch. Kim began to gently lick the dark pink head of Nev’s cock, still slowly stroking the shaft. After a few seconds of licking and then flicking her tongue tip around it, Kim took the head into her mouth and I thought that Nev was going to explode, judging by the look which formed on his face. Kim took a little more of Nev’s shaft into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down.

Meanwhile Mark had wound his right arm around Jill’s neck and was caressing her right breast; her eyes never leaving her husband and her friend, Jill’s right hand found Mark’s cock and, as she’d done with Nev, she ran her fingernails up and down his shaft. Mark’s left hand encircled Jill’s waist and began to rub against her pussy causing Jill to give a little whimper and close her grip on his cock.

I could hardly believe my eyes. Here was I watching two of my colleagues whom I’d, until twenty minutes or so back, considered very “proper” and “ordinary”, both naked and giving a blowjob and a wank to the other’s husband. And I was under the dining table like a dropped sprout, feeling an equal mixture of excited, turned on, jealous and frustrated. I wasn’t even able to relive the throbbing erection I’d had for the past ten minutes as I knew that, with my luck, if I tried to, one or both of the girls would see me and the consequences would not be pleasant!

Kim was now getting into her stride and had increased her tempo, head bobbing away quicker than before, whilst Nev went through ever increasing stages of bliss at her attentions, his right hand caressing Kim’s shoulders and upper back. It seemed to spur both Jill and Mark on, as he slipped first his index, then his middle finger into her pussy, whilst she began to rub and tug more vigorously at his cock. She turned her head slightly and her lips met his in a lingering kiss. They unlocked lips and he whispered in her ear; Jill looked shocked for a second, then looked at Kim, taking all of Nev’s cock into her mouth by then and nodded.

Mark withdrew his fingers from Jill’s pussy and let her stand up. He shifted a few inches to his right before Jill turned to him and straddled him, sinking down onto his stiff cock with a groan of pleasure.

“Other way around, you selfish bastards! I can’t see!” I muttered under my breath.

The groan made Nev open his eyes and turn to his left.

“Come on Kim!” he said. “Let me give you a good shagging.”

Kim’s head jerked up, saw Jill bouncing on her husband’s prick and nodded.

“Take me from behind.” she informed Nev, who didn’t need to be asked twice.

With a quick look in my direction, Nev asked Kim to bend over and rest her arms on the arm of the sofa. Once she’d done so, he positioned himself behind her and guided his cock into her waiting pussy. I grinned and offered Nev a silent salute of approval, as I had an almost perfect view of them.

Nev began to slide in and out of Kim’s pussy very slowly, his hands holding on to her hips, half watching his wife ride Mark’s cock, hearing the little grunts she gave every time that she descended and felt it push deeper into her. It acted as a spur to Nev and he increased his tempo, which prompted Kim to push back as he thrust forward and, like Jill, make little pleasurable grunts as she did so.

“Fuck me, come on, fuck me!” she encouraged Nev. “Do me harder, come on, harder!”

Nev didn’t need any encouragement and did as Kim asked, causing her to moan softly as his thrusts became harder and faster. As if taking her cue, Jill began to increase her own movement, her blonde hair bouncing and flying about her shoulders. For a minute or two all that could be heard was the soft moans of the two girls and the rhythmic wet squelching and slapping as two willing cocks slammed into two eager moist pussies.

After a little while Mark raised himself up, his cock still inside Jill and turned around before lowering Jill onto the couch. Jill reached out and grabbed a scatter cushion which she put under her neck. That having been done she arched her back and managed to get her legs around Mark’s shoulders, letting him go deeper into her with a louder groan. Kim nodded to Nev and the two of them disengaged so that Kim could assume a similar position to Jill’s and let Nev put her legs over his own shoulders.

Both girls now lying on the couch, their heads almost touching, Nev and Mark began to fuck the girl he had as though their lives depended on it.

“That’s it, Nev, fuck me, fuck me harder!” grunted Kim. “You like watching my dirty bastard of a husband fucking your wife, don’t you? You love seeing his cock up her hot, wet cunt while your cock is up mine.”

At this point I was really struggling not to burst out laughing. In the two and a half years in which I’d sat next to Kim, the nearest I come to hearing her swear was the occasional semi-whisper of “bugger!” when the computer system we used had been acting up. Now she was using words I didn’t even think she knew in the throes of passion. It certainly did no harm to either couple as they increased their pace and Kim kept up the chat.

“Go on, Mark,” she said, “fuck her, fuck her cunt until she cums. “Do you like my husband’s lovely thick cock up you, Jilly?” she wanted to know.

“Yes, yes, it’s fucking lovely.” gasped Jill.

“I like having your Nev’s cock in my cunt.” sighed Kim. “I wish we could have done this earlier.”

“Now she tells us!” Nev gasped, “Liking my Jill’s fanny, Mark?”

“Too right, mate.” replied Mark. “Lovely and tight.”

The chat stopped but the sex continued with both Nev and Mark pounding away at each other’s wife and both girls pushing into their men, groaning and gasping at each thrust. Before very long Nev shouted out.

“I’m going to cum!”

“Cum over my tits!” cried Kim.

Nev duly whipped out his cock and, after three or four tugs, shot a jet of cum which splattered over Kim’s tits. Kim reached out and milked the rest of his spunk onto her before leaning over and sucking the remainder from the head.

“I’ll get some napkins from the table.” Nev said and, still quite breathless, wandered over to the table and collected a handful of napkins.

The second he picked them up, Mark announced that his climax was upon him and pulled out his cock.

“Not on me! Not on me!” Jill squeaked.

“Here, love, on my tits.” offered Kim.

Mark nodded turned to his wife and another white spurt shot into the air and added to the small puddle of cum that already covered her tits. Kim smiled and beckoned her husband to her and, although he obscured my view, I could tell that she was licking the remainder of his spunk from the tip of his cock. Nev handed Kim the napkins and she mopped up the spunk. I noticed that Jill still looked slightly disgusted at the sight.

“Look at the time!” Kim said in a shocked tone as she noted the clock on the mantelpiece. “It’s twenty past ten!”

“Sorry to rush off but…” Mark began,

“That’s OK, you mentioned before that your mother’s babysitting and he’s expecting you back at half past.” Nev finished. Don’t worry.”

So boxers and T shirts and jeans and socks were pulled back on and dresses slipped back on over heads and underwear either slipped into a handbag or thrown onto an armchair. Mark and Kim thanked their hosts for a lovely evening and made a semi-jokey comment about doing it again sometime. Then, after exchanging last hugs, kisses and handshakes, Nev led them to the door and wished them a safe journey back home. Jill looked as though she didn’t quite believe what had happened and, as soon as Nev returned she announced that she was going to have a shower.

“OK, love.” he nodded. “I’m just going to bring a few things in from the garden.”

As soon as the sound of Jill’s footsteps had faded, Nev nodded to me and I crawled out from under the table and stretched to relieve the cramp that had been setting in. Nev opened the French windows and we walked out into the warm night air.

“Enjoy that?” he asked with a knowing grin.

“Yes,” I replied, “though not as much as you did!”

He gave a chuckle and nodded, before telling me that he and Mark had hit upon the idea a few months back. Both felt that their sex-lives were a bit stale after being married for so long and that they’d wanted to liven things up a bit. They both admitted to one another that they fancied each other’s wife. Then, for a few weeks, both had started mentioning the idea of sex with another couple into their wives’ ears during sex, as a bit of a turn on. Kim was quite eager by the idea but Jill less so. However, after a month of Nev’s persuasion she admitted that she might like to try it. It was good enough for Nev and he’d hit upon the barbecue as the perfect way of getting the four of them together.

He admitted that he’d been really turned on by seeing Jill fucking another man and had enjoyed shagging Kim and especially having her suck his cock.

“Mark’s not wrong,” he told me, “she’s brilliant at it, best one I’ve ever had, even though it didn’t go the whole way. Mark says that she usually swallows too, likes the taste of it. Before I met Jill, I’d had a couple of blowjobs off girlfriends and on holiday, or at parties, but Kim is really something else. No chance of getting one off Jill, though,” he added glumly, “you know what she’s like.”

“I thought I did, until about half an hour ago.” I replied and he laughed.

“Thanks for keeping doggo there. I don’t know about Mark, but knowing that we were being watched was the cherry on the cake.”

“Don’t mention it, it was fantastic.” I grinned.

“Pity you couldn’t join in, but I think it would have freaked the girls out.”

“Well, anytime you want anybody to watch you again, let me know.” I joked.

“You never know!” he grinned, shaking my hand and waving me on my way back to the train station.

The following Monday, it was hard to keep a straight face when seeing both Kim and Jill at work. They both seemed a bit tense with each other for an hour or so and Jill looked distinctly embarrassed when Kim came in. However they disappeared for ten minutes at half-past ten and returned looking as though nothing had happened. I managed to convince Jill that I’d left at eight o’clock with a bunch of other people and neither she or Kim realise that I’ve seen them both naked and screwing and I’d love the chance to see either of them that way