Written by fanny

20 May 2009

A few days after the barbeque I had a visit from Barbie obviously to find out how I felt about the night, I assured her Bill and I had a great time and hoped for another invite. She started popping in on a regular basis aftr that and of course our conversation allways turned to sex,she more than happy to talk to me about her and Kens adventures. One night she asked how I coped sexually when Bill was away. I said my fingeres did the walking. Hesitateing slightly she said she had a friend Rosie who she went horse riding with and after an afternoon in the saddle they were so horny they helped each other to sexual release. If I was interested she would introduce me to Rosie. That night when Bill phoned I told him, his answer was as long as I can watch in fact the thought has given me a hard on so I talked dirty to him as he had a wank. I phoned Barbie and said bring Rosie over on Sunday for drinks and see how things develop.

Promptly at 2 o`clock they walked up our drive in their riding gear I was introduced to Rosie who was the most stunning oriental woman I have ever met. She kissed me hello such a sweet kiss the tip of her tongue just running along the edge of my lips. Barbie also kissed me but hers was full on tongue darting into my mouth. Bill brought the drinks in we made small talk but the sexual tension was building my panties were allready wet with anticipation.

Rosie and Barbie stood up took of there blouses and stood in their jodphurs and boots kissing and fondling each other tits, very erotic,shall we go to the bedroom I said.

We got to the bedroom Bill settled in a chair in the corner with his drink and we 3 started to undress and caress each other. We lay on the bed and rosie immediately pushed my legs open and started to lick me, Barbie whispered in my ear she is the best cunt licker I have ever had. She was not wrong she sucked, she lapped,she nibbled me pure extasy. I came so many times my juices were running down the inside of my thighs. Rosie lifted her head your turn Barbie and Barbie took her turn between my legs, Barbies tongue was rougher but she had a probing finger which went between my pussy hole and my bum hole. I looked to the side where Bill was to see his reaction to see Rosies head buried in his lap sucking his very hard cock.

It was then my turn to suck pussy and as it was a first for me tried to do it how Bill licked and sucked me. It must have been working because Barbie came with a gush covering my face in her cum and moaning loudly. Rosie joined us on the bed sat astride Barbies face and rubbed her pussy over Barbies raised toungue. I put my hands on Rosies very pert bum pulled her cheeks apart and thrust my finger in, again a first for me but she seemed to love it bouncing on my finger. We carried on for a few more minutes when Bill appeared at the side of the bed wanking away at his engorged cock here it comes ladies and with a final wank he shot his spunk over the 3 of us, we rubbed it in to our skins Rosie licking some of her fingers saying I love the taste of cum.

Barbie and Rose left soon after thanking me for a most enjoyable afernoon, we chorused `must do this again` and we all had a fit of the giggles.

After they left I was in such an aroused state all I wanted was to be fucked and Bill was more than happy to oblige we fucked in the shower where I was pressed hard against the shoer wall while Bill fucked me ver hard from behind. He said I loved watching them suck you 3 sets of tits and 3 fannys all so horny.

This sexual bliss with our friends and new friends went on for 10 years but one day it stopped