Written by Neighbour15

1 Oct 2010

This should have been on here ages ago when it happened but I’ve had a holiday and some PC problems,all now solved.Hope you still enjoy it.

I made Amy a coffe,milk,no sugar just as she asked and passed it across to her.I nearly dropped the mug.She was still naked and for some reason I wasn’t looking at the mug.

“Why don’t you come and join me?”,she said.”Let youself in.”

I passed my coffee through,got my shirt and shorts back on and and went round.

For some reason,I had expected her to have dressed in the meantime but no,she was reclining naked when I made it through to the garden.She smiled at me and sipped her coffee as if it was the most natural thing to do.I could feel my cock stirring again.Amy knew the effect she was having and shifted herself slightly to face me as I sat down.

Now I had a close up of this new,sexy body of which she was so justifiably proud.

“Why don’t you get those clothes off.I’ve seen everything and besides,I’m naked,you should be.”

I wanted to enjoy more than the sunshine but it seemed she was dictating what happened so I went along with her.I took my shirt off then my shorts my semi-hard cock springing out.Amy looked and smiled.I smiled back.

There were no bikini white bits on Amy,just a golden brown tan.Her tits were a good size,probably a 34D ,full shaped with almost perfectly round nipples that were obviously erect.Her stomach smooth and soft looking but for me,that dark,hairy cunt was the best bit.I wanted to taste it and feel it wrapped around my cock but I was prepared to wait for Amy to make a move.I was enjoying this mutual body watching and a little more time would make the erection firmer.

Coffee finished,Amy lay back and parted her legs slightly and ran her left hand over her tits,stroking the nipples gently,breathing harder,her mouth open.Her right hand went between her legs stroking her cunt then slipping a finger inside.She finger fucked herself for a few minutes while I stroked my bone hard cock slowly.Suddenly she turned over.

“Put some cream on my back would you?”

Would I.

I put plenty on across her shoulders and began to slowly work it into her back,then her nice firm arse ,thighs and legs.I worked my way back to her arse and moved a finger between the cheeks.I found her little rose and eased my finger around it.She sighed and pushed and my well creamed finger slipped into her arse.I stroked her gently at first,then slipped a second into her tight hole.Amy was pushing harder and moaning louder so I positioned my cock between her arse cheeks then at the rim and pushed gently.She moved away.Then turned over onto her back.

“No.”She said.”I want you to fuck me properly first.”

She parted her legs and I moved between them.I sucked on her right tit,the hard nipple between my teeth and stroked her left tit,rolling the nipple in my fingers.Amy slipped her hand between us and started stroking my cock.I didn’t want to come off too soon so moved my self further down her body.I parted the dark hairs with my tongue and slipped it inside her cunt.She was so wet and tasted so sweet Icould have stayed there all day licking the engorged lips then her clit.She pushed hard against my mouth and came with a long,loud moan.I carried on sucking and licking her tasty cunt and slipped two fingers in and she came again almost straight away.

I positioned my cock at her cunt opening and pushed.I went in easily,she was soking wet and hot.I started thrusting and Amy pushed to meet my rhythm,gradually increasing.After some time of fucking,stroking,nipple sucking I could feel myself building ready to come but Amy came first thrusting hard at me,shouting “Fuck me,Fuck me” and as she held me hard to her I shot spurts of hot spunk deep into her cunt.

I collapsed beside her ,both wet with sweat from our efforts.

“Brilliant” she said smiling.”Wow.I’ve never been fucked like that before.Pity Mom and Dad are back tomorrow.I wish it was the start of their holiday.We could have two weeks of this.”

“That would have been great,”I agreed.

Amy went into the house and brought two cold beers.

“You deserve this at least.”She said.”But we still have the rest of today.Except I have to go out later.Can you come round about six?”

I just smiled and took a sip of my beer.

If you would like to hear what happened later then look for it under Adventures with Amy.The car service was two days ago.